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  1. My Inty version is more playable than this .
  2. There are plenty of people from AA there. Its a small but friendly event and well worth the visit.
  3. Looking good. Some of those graphics wouldn't look out of place in a platformer.
  4. Currently, I have refunded around 70% of cart sales. As I have said numerous times in this thread there is no point asking for a refund because everybody will be getting a refund, NO EXCEPTION. Bitching and moaning about the time taken to get your refund will not get you refunded any quicker because there are people in my lists to be processed before you.
  5. I already stated publicly back in Feb 2016 that the graphics could not be used. I got that PM you mentioned from Willy nearly a year later in January 2017 and never replied. Even though I stated they couldn't be used back in 2016, Elektronite went ahead and used them with little/no modification . If Elektronite wanted to stop the animosity they could have redone the graphics 100% before shipping the game and then I wouldn't have cared less. So who is causing animosity to who again?
  6. Really? These are the A8 versions (the game mine was modelled on) of the title, house and the game in play :-
  7. I see that even after 5 years the game is using unauthorised graphics from my 2013 version . As I stated back in 2016 to Willy "You are not authorised to use any of the graphics from my version of the game" and that still stands 100%. As a comparison, check out the following images :- My 2013 version on the left, Elektronite's 2018 version on the right :- My 2013 version on the left, Elektronite's 2018 version on the right :- So lets put some facts out as to why my team still retains copyright :- There was no employer/employee relationship - Elektronite had no control over who, where and when the project was worked on, nor did they supply any tools to complete the project. Thus that makes me an independent contractor. It was not "Work for hire" (as Willy has retrospectively claimed) - To be a valid work for hire agreement with an independent contractor, it needs to state that it is "Work for Hire" in the agreement, as well as being a written and countersigned agreement. This was a loose agreement in PMs, so again, no change from hiring me as an independent contractor. No reassignment of copyright - At no point was copyright of the works (including code, graphics and music/FX) transferred to Elektronite, thus my team retains their copyright 100% as being the creators of the works. Apparently, Nonner and I have been given "SPECIAL THANKS" in the manual and offered a promotional copy. Thanks, but no thanks to that stupid gesture! That does not mitigate the fact that this game is using unauthorised graphics in any way, shape or form. Edit: For anybody interested, heres the development blog of my version :- http://atariage.com/forums/topic/212297-new-game-for-intellivision-hover-bovver/ And the link for the deal going sour with a blackmail attempt :- http://atariage.com/forums/topic/217049-elektronites-blackmail-attempt/
  8. The following options are missing :- What "platform" do you ultimately target with your games? Hardware (PCB) - Other Which of the following do you consider "standard" in modern Intellivision home-brew development? Cartridge acceleration features
  9. Given the limitations of the machine, its rendering of the game is entirely acceptable in my opinion.
  10. Definitely the potential for very good looking games in both Alp's and Rev's posts.
  11. Its probably closer to 99% with the millions of games sold on the big 3.
  12. Plus Wifi enabled with an app store and leader boards Includes 60 to 80 of the legacy games New version of Shark Shark ( I called it ) At least 30 games at launch (7 to 10 will be free and "part of the box") "Live or die by the amazing games available on day one launch" "Not going to compete with Sony, M$ or Nintendo" Not going to stream Netflix "Focused on fun, simple, amazing games that everyone can enjoy" "Every single game on the system will be exclusive in some way" No ports from other systems Internal 1st party developer team "Possible for 3 people in a dorm room to make a AAA game for the system" Graphics equivalent to mobile phones "Everything to be 2D ... no 3D worlds" Wants to welcome Intellivision homebrewers to the platform "Stricter quality control than any other system before us" "On a scale of 1 to 10, all games will be 7 or above" No in game purchases or DLC No physical media Games will cost under $10, closer to $5/$7 I stopped listening about half way through. Most of of it sounds very much like the Retro VGS spiel (especially the QC aspect) mixed with the online app store Ouya concept. Based on the game price point and the limitations listed above, I don't think there will be any of the big companies making games for the system. The user base will be way too small and every single owner will have to buy the title to make it a success. Thats made even worse by mandating that games should be "exclusive" to the system. Guys, learn from the Ouya and Retro VGS and don't make those system killer mistakes.
  13. At last! A console for those Gen 2 Astrosmash, Shark Shark and Night Stalker games that fell short of their kickstarter by... um... $93,000. I hope lessons were learned from that campaign about what people really want in a modern take on retro. Its certainly not feeble rehashes of old IP titles.
  14. ECS are still readily available on ebay, so I don't see a market for such an "emulation" device. However, when you add a whole lot more to a plug in expansion system then things become much more interesting.
  15. Any developers that go for the "pro" versions are much more likely to want to see a return on their investment, so my money is on them get a game out the door.
  16. Its coming along nicely. A few comments based on watching your video :- - There are a couple of bum notes in the tune that you might want to address, - Come up with a nice transition effect to put up between differing screens. The change is very abrupt as it is now and it would allow the player some time to get to grips with what the next screen challenges will be. - Don't let the baddies move around if they are in their death animation frames. - The time and bullet counters are a bit flickery.
  17. Seems to be some weird jitter/flickering going on with the red asteroids between 1:16 and 1:21 in that video.
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