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  1. The fact I'm terrible at this game should in no way dissuade you from buying or playing it!
  2. When you get games this cheap, can any of them be any good?
  3. It never surprises me when I watch a video by Pat and Ian and a search for what they're talking about leads me back here.
  4. This game gives me panic attacks!
  5. Picked up this whole stack for a buck each locally before the pandemic got into swing.
  6. Now you're playing with Power! https://youtu.be/MVG86aazU_g


  7. There's no excuse for how bad these games are on a 16 bit generation console. They could and SHOULD have been done much better.
  8. Arcade Classics (done poorly). https://youtu.be/jiYmlt9Qh6Y


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