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  1. I’ve got Pac-Man fever AGAIN!
  2. Pac-Man tabletop in 30 minutes!


  3. Perfect for Halloween! 


    1. adam242


      The weather? Don't know where you are, but it's perfect tonight in Michigan.. If I had my way, we'd have 12 months of October.

  4. The title says it all!
  5. Drill Dozer! 


    1. x=usr(1536)


      Only on Monday Night Rehabilitation!

  6. I think they were pricing it like it was loose, not complete!
  7. Monopoly at the Tradepost!



  8. One of the weirdest games to ever be featured on Genesis Does... and not because of the game itself!
  9. I passed 1K today so it's a good time to share this!


  10. Testing the C64 Mini!


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. SS


      I gave the mini serious consideration but in the end I decided that the VICE emulator meets all of the needs that I really have for C64 stuff.  The mini's mostly just a pretty shell for VICE anyway.  

    3. Flojomojo


      I got one from eBay or Amazon (can't remember) when it was being blown out for like $20. I never had an old school C64 of my own but I remember the games. It's nice as a readymade thing for someone with very minor nostalgia and no interest in taking the effort to load up alternative games, like me. 

    4. MegaManFan


      Fair points all around. It's definitely not the be all/end all of Commodore 64 emulation, let alone a substitute for the original hardware, but since I still have my 128 a "Mini 64" is the right kind of nostalgia kick for a quick fix.

  11. A shrinkydink C64! https://youtu.be/sDoEAI8WGPI
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