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    First generation Camaros, classic consoles, vintage stereos, Hess Toy Trucks, Texaco Die-cast Airplanes (Wings of Texaco), Star Wars (IV, V and VI), RUSH, Led Zep and Baseball.

    My all-time favorite arcade/home console game is Asteroids. If you’re a fan of Asteroids, check out Space Rocks (2600 - Darrell Spice, Jr.) and Asteroids Deluxe (7800 - Bob DeCrescenzo). Both are excellent IMHO!

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  1. Happy 19th Birthday CPUWIZ!😉

    1. Crazy Climber

      Crazy Climber

      haha, I saw that too

    2. DoctorSpuds


      My mans was an Atari fan from the womb!

    3. TrekMD


      He's just young at heart!  😜

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