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  1. Can’t wait for tonight’s show👍 Also, can’t wait for The AA Countdown to reach 0.
  2. Best Electronics still sells them: http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/lynx.htm#Lynx II See below (Large Carrying Case $36.95) Lynx Accessories Specials: Lynx I or II US External Power Supply $15.00 Lynx I or II Universal Auto / Cigarette adapter for use with 2 Lynx consoles at the same time $19.95 (no box) Lynx I or II Extra Battery Pack (6 D Cells) $9.95 Lynx II Carry Pouch Special no box $8.95 Lynx II boxed Carry Pouch $14.95 Lynx I Sun Screen $19.95 Lynx II Sun Screen $7.95 Lynx I or II Large Carrying case $36.95 Lynx I or II ComLynx Cable $7.95 Lynx I English Owners Manual $5.00 Lynx II English Owners Manual $5.00 Bests New Lynx II upgrade Internal Speaker $12.50
  3. Counting down...3 days left for the release of latest homebrews. My thanks to all of the developers/creatives that were involved.🙂
  4. Love the look on Santa's face when he jumps on a present!
  5. Hmm...looks like the buttons are different too. Their site states that the Color May Vary, which probably means that their trying to get through any remaining "old style" stock, so if you act now, you may just get one of the "Originals".
  6. Excellent patch. Nice going Eugenio. You guys rock. Going to pick this one up.
  7. I have a CX10 with Hex disc that’s been dying to find it’s mate.
  8. You should probably make this request in the Marketplace under Buy, Sell and Trade
  9. @RevEng Thanks for the reminder. Trebors ROM packs are excellent. I can't wait to finally have all of these games easily accessible on one cart. @Trebor-Thank you for providing the community with your ROM Packs👍
  10. A few people “watching”. Maybe no one will pay this price and it’ll have to be re-listed for a more reasonable price. Then again, this price is so high that I don’t see it coming down to a reasonable number.
  11. At least they waited two weeks. I thought it would happen after two days.
  12. I’m actually surprised that it took this long for someone to put a copy on eBay. I’m sure others will watch what this one sells for and follow suit.
  13. sramirez2008


    @TreborGuess I know what I’ll be playing later today, with my Edladdin Super Twin 78.👍
  14. That's neat! Thanks for sharing the ending👍
  15. Locking...but I've never "locked" it.
  16. I have an Atari Corp. CIB too. Here's my cart.
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