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  1. Curt, You're missed more than you will know, Admired how you always treated people like family and how you wanted to be treated... You always thought of your daughter and included her in conversation and projects you wished you could have her work with you on... Curt Vendel ... Replied: March 14, 2019 I'm hoping she will. Her free time is rare, she's always at dance practice so getting in some daddy time is few and far between but when we do have time we have a lot of fun.... At the time we were talking about a pinball machine being restored... amongst other projects like getting the 1090 boards all up and running and maybe a future release of a stable 1090 with buffering... it just seamed as if there would be time for everything... and was doing so much better at the time, so much energy... Still having a hard time coming to grips with it, but thought ... just to give some context Curt- I bought a Space Riders pinball, going to do a full tear down of it, putty fill, sand and re-spray the whole body with a nice fresh coat of paint, then rebuild all of the mechanicals and get it back up to factory condition. My daughter is all excited about having a pinball game and I am too, so it'll be a really fun project. Please consider lending some support as he was for certain and foremost a family man, I know it's a tough time all around the world... but please consider revisiting this from time to time and checking in on how the family is, and tossing some support their way. There are many ways to be there. https://www.gofundme.com/f/24lkoij26o?utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet&utm_medium=copy_link_all http://atari1090.com/ If you haven't, check out all the work Curt has done, not only for the Atari community, but for the people around him... He was and always will be a bright, highly intelligent, kind and courteous person and will be frozen in memory as such... we need more Curt, and we didn't say goodbye there is so much unfinished and so much more to do... maybe you can still can, if we just remember you and accomplish one more thing... and another If you can, consider ways to help his work continue, his completed work to be preserved (both online presence and physical real world endeavors) Goodbye my friend...
  2. Hopefully work continues on the title and they'll be able to get parts to make more.
  3. first line of the trouble list I made. Glad you nailed it! COngrats!
  4. The point is a direct utility to handle conversions between all, and why not? There are plenty of people using all manor of DOS out there... MyDOS still has quite a following as does DOS XL and OSS A+ etc etc... DOS 3 is rarely used but DOS 4 has been used a bit over the years. DOS XE not as much but still got some use. Part of the journey that someone programming such utilities would get is a deep dive into what each DOS does best... who knows it might lead to some other DOS being born down the line. I don't understand why folks argue against useful utilities... AtariDOS.SYS is not the answer that's pretty evident. The utility will need to be able to reset SIO and the XF to get some of the more problematic DOS types to be read by the XF551. Should prove a fun challenge or diversion for the project.
  5. Perhaps a long stay in the USA or some other territory would help....
  6. might be cool to have a util to handle ALL DOS variants directly rather than the current methods of loading this driver or that and then loading whatever DOS as a stepping stone to finally get something to your target DOS....
  7. encoding and bits per cm are upped with the turbo mods not the speed of the tape in the transport
  8. 1) Make an Indus RAM Charger 40/80 Col. Terminal disk www.retrobits.net/atari/indus.shtml 2) Boot your Atari with the terminal diskette in the drive 3) After DOS XL has booted, run E.COM for 80-column terminal or F.COM for a 40-column terminal a) Insert the CP/M system diskette into the drive b) While holding down the Drive type button on the indus, press Error button c) A message of Indus CP/M and a request for pressing Return will appear on the screen. If nothing happens, there is probably bad memory or the system disk is not correct and will need to either be fixed (boot fix util) or replaced. d) After pressing Return, the CP/M command prompt should appear (A>) Now you can issue DIR to obtain a list of files on the disk or any other cp/m commands you wish to execute on a given disk... pretty much the same using trub term
  9. oh my 😮 would anyone really expose their machines to the world with Administrator credentials or leave Root open to all? say it ain't so Joe! hmmm Format drive C:? Y/N N Now formatting drive C looks like ansii sys has had N re-assigned as Y sorry but it's all gone now... DERP! seriously though, it's not like cookie monster is coming to the 8 bit... or is it... gimme a cookie!
  10. it's not that hard to desolder this stuff... I don't get it.
  11. which why the d*mn thread should have it edited to say... What's the latest Atari related thing(s) you've bought? or What's the latest Atari related thing(s) you've bought anywhere?
  12. The flicker people see is usually because of mixed pixel size modes and intensity differentials, if the mode doesn't change but dithering is alternated flickering is way less noticed even at higher intensity. There is less chance of a dropped field/frame as well. hard to do properly years ago but a modern tool on win86/64 or lin86/64 etc. could make the method childs' play
  13. Name(userid) and Password has worked forever... fail shared password 2 times and only local network access should be permitted, local network access should allow user to re-enable... please don't go the annoying route of making everything read only until overridden by the user... a real hack or person attempting to do something malicious would simply change the flag/access and have their way with it in any case... it was stated this is a key/encrypted capable device and could do secure connections... so packet sniffing script kiddies shouldn't be able to get or see the name(userid)/password I despise default lock-down conditions, they are all simply tissue paper, hmmm back your data up, that's what I've heard since carbon copy paper came into existance...
  14. PDM files used to play just fine on my NTSC 130XE (unmodded) with AVG cart... don't know why that would break... must be encoding or memory not cleared etc...
  15. If the device works on the 800 all by itself and with other Atari peripherals... but will not with that particular splitter... I'd blame the splitter... it's modifying something not according to standard... People have reported that the splitter helped them achieve divisor zero on machines that still have filter caps on them (XL/XE) when it won't reach that divisor without the splitter... that indicates slew/rise/fall are modified in some way... anyone looked at the splitter and see what it's made of?
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