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  1. don't let it get ya glurk, it happens all the time. I sometimes do it as well. (as in I am on either side of that fence/net at times). It can become a real mess and then no one knows what's happening. It takes time to go back and sort out or glean what is useful or not and you'd have to actively look at all code/rombin/car etc materials to know if something is mislabeled or not. I know what I meant or sent is correct but I put the wrong extender in the filename etc. The conversation turns on you quickly with all manner of rabbit holes opening around and under us. Been there done that and had it done to me... such is the life of real time communications where we all proceed at different speeds but the send of the that data is almost instantaneous. I try to edit my posts before the window to do so closes but that can lead to folks being upset about the correction as well
  2. now if we could just get the drivers and programs to realize that rts is cross connected to cts on modems and other devices... and to toggle it off when the sio or atari is too busy doing other things to receive the data... and back on when it's good to send again we'll be in business... an issue that seems to be confused at times. Generally cts isn't an issue coming from the Atari so many rverters only put out rts as most devices are never fed data quick enough to overflow their buffers... but that could be an issue if we send to super slow devices with little or no buffers. Though there was some rverter that provided that signal as well
  3. what's crazy wild is that people can and are finding and unscrambling the packed stuff in situ making all of the updates and enhancements... and they manage to do that and make it work... they need jobs helping the country with crypto... recognition of the patterns at work in real time or short time with the ability to affect changes is in demand.
  4. seems people are opening more than one tab at a time and don't get to reading and responding to them till later. My post was edited in moments and yet the old post is quoted. No one blames anyone in the situation, it's just something I'd suspect Atari should have done or we will have to do in terms of the demos... they really didn't take time consider normal usage and in turn it's a hodge podge when it's used... a best practices and default directive didn't seem to make the rounds. as to the graphics mode issue... the demos and slide shows of the past seemed to indicate the window of memory wrapped around so to speak and there was an offset to take into consideration, if that memory window is larger now it would have to adjust accordingly. Of course it could be something else completely, but if you're saying nothing else is different then it's where I'd look.... someone should set phaeron up with a XEP80II and see what he thinks and can do. You might just be amazed again with what this little bit banger can do.
  5. double check your components and work, make sure it's exactly correct and clean... if it's still dead- you might have scrambled it's brains- A reprogram of the xilynx chip and the flash chips may set it right. I'd do that in that order as well.
  6. the window demo really needs to conform to the default or preferred use of stick in 1 / XEP in port 2... with it was on the fly select-able as 1-4 with 2 being the default/preferred port.
  7. I have and it wasn't that difficult at the time, I went back to using the actual atarimax sio2pc and APE because of my XF551's high speed only works with APE and his SIO 2 PC... anything else just can't do it... ftdi without a micro controller can't switch baud rates fast enough for XF or iNdus speed negotiations. The only thing I use RespeQT for is PCLINK under SpartaDOS . You just can't beat divsior zero and transparent hard drive use under that combo!
  8. upgrading it allows it to server more purposes, like serving my 8 bits... I can still use it as a console and let it be a slave for all my other crap. speeding it up helps on those games we're not supposed to be playing on it.... like you see all over youtube.
  9. Yup and it looks like C9 ME6 (SAA1027) ME7 ab ME15 B C8 ME10 ab (74ls74) ME3 (8042) ME2 ME13 (UA7392) and some transistors. the passives (resistors) normally are visually borked if they're bad...
  10. What doesn't work? that's important. They work on the original?
  11. I don't see them... the jpeg is broken either as a result of the forum or the op's media/gallery/etc. section of the forum being muffed. @Albert, maybe this is the part that happens on old posts... pulling from different areas of the users areas on the forum software?
  12. Full version, devices and combo packs.... full version by itself is about 49 I think https://www.atarimax.com/sio2pc/documentation/ https://www.atarimax.com/ https://www.atarimax.com/sio2pc/documentation/usbchapter1.html Free trial download with speed limit etc. trial also comes with sio2pc device https://www.atarimax.com/ape/download/apetrial.exe Get device and full registered software pack with the extras (imagic/prosystem etc.) for 104. https://www.atarimax.com/order/order.htm wandering around the site can be rewarding... free shipping, sale, cheaper on one page or another. slowly over time these things get caught and go away... a few minutes and you'll get what's best for you. A DIY cable and APE is indeed an inexpensive route to go for printing and emulation of a large swath of Peripherals for the Atari. Another choice though, I am not sure where printer support stands with RespQT (which is another sio2pc peripheral emulation software package)
  13. APE and a SIO2PC (usb or rs232) cable... you can save directly to the PC or even print on your modern printer that is connected to the PC. You may even be able to use the print as function of Windows where you select the printer to save it as an importable format for Word... If all you want is to print to the PC's printer then APE will do it just fine. Otherwise you can still do the ascii save, move the file, translate... edit print from whatever in Windows. APE is seamless in it's printing for me.
  14. you need to roll this sort of thing out en masse, for all the government electronic data entry mere mortals need to access. We aren't getting any younger.
  15. check the nearest power control component is series from the motor, is the transistor ok, the low power control that silicon switch
  16. I will say that it's a few moving parts, you can change one and the other two things align, you can change 2 and one thing mis aligns, you change all three and all it no longer will line up... you change the CPU and and it's all good or the opposite... it's down to tolerance, age and fine tuning. The path of least resistance is a qualiy HC/HCT/F component, isn't always a bad choice but it was a terrible choice in this application, just to get the machines out the door. What a grab bag, never know which you will get. Propagation of the signal being delayed or acted on to quickly by the component used is such fun.
  17. You still don't check resistance, capacitance, or any number of other components in circuit... power on or off. Not all capacitors are in a state of discharge when a person gets to them either. A quick prod can show you shorts or opens, but anything else is normally affected by the rest of the circuit. Most of the advice here on AA is perfectly valid. I have always advocated people work on throw away cheap pcb junk that doesn't matter before working on anything of value, like the computer that run their car or their Atari. The best way to do a good job on most anything in life is to get some practice, and work your way up to the big stuff.
  18. heh, here's some AtariWriter fun stuff... https://www.atarimagazines.com/v3n11/atariwriter.html https://www.atarimagazines.com/v6n3/secretsofatariwriter.html https://www.atarimagazines.com/v7n2/AtariwriterPlus.html https://www.atariarchives.org/articles/cc1190.php and plenty of other publications...
  19. The original AtariWriter already saved in ASCII format. Strip off the print format line at the top. You may have to clean up embedded control codes etc... For the others variants- Save ASCII [CONTROL S] is used at the main menu, so you could still use it as an program editor, or edit mail merge database files more quickly. I think SAVE ASCII strips the Global formatting junk automatically. You might have to clean up the odd embedded command here or there. all may need eol translations. almost forgot, make sure justification is turned off or not used in the documents before the save ascii in either case.
  20. You can print to disk then import the file and edit maybe with line translation... you can print to r: device as well... you can do it in altira then copy cut paste... etc etc. or that fujinet pdf looks nice and then import the pdf....
  21. don't know, but I'd think the speech would pull from the screen device without issue.
  22. ACE80 etc, cartridge or hardware, and SDX also provides some nice 64 and 80 column drivers...
  23. The PAL/NTSC check should be used to either issue a warning or configure the system to be used, it should never be used to deny execution.
  24. Might want to offer the .ATR in a couple more formats... SSSD SSDD, the current DSDD image is very nice. Many SpartaDOS 3.xx users have USD1050's so SSDD is a natural fit.
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