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  1. Yes it would get much hotter as it dumps the extra off. I wouldn't suggest running the drive for long at all.
  2. you would not have to put a hole throught the pcb if you mounted a pot on the bottom side of the board where the hole in the case and shielding is... you can route the board to connect to the correct sides of the pot...
  3. Bobterm 1.21 on the real hardware works well too... just avoid the emulator friendly tweaked versions that came after
  4. yup we are 8 bitters, so you might try the ST folks or Amiga folks, that's not to say it isn't an 8 bit game... there are many still not found, archived, or preserved yet...
  5. over time there were a few different revisions, for this or that reason or perhaps a persons use case... are they all rounded up in this thread? all things yoomp! would be a good here Offering another run every so many years with holiday/christmas delivery dates in mind would be a wonderful thing!
  6. yes, but the word salad is to make sure we adjust the graphics to fit the mechanics of the Atari code... so it aesthetics don't require re coding stuff like the flags etc... they will all still appear where they do, only the art will be changed as the castle is constrained in how high up or down in the sky it can be placed so the flags either touch it's top or touches it's base making the flags appear as coming from a spire or the courtyard/grounds.
  7. the pillars are a bridge on the right hand picture for the that wuthering heights effect or they could become waterfalls?... they're fine it's quite nice but where are the level flags and such going to fit with the castle so high? the base of the castle mountain or hill needs to be less so the castle can come down a bit probably, that way the level indicator up flags can fit on top or some other arraignment where the flags can go next to it or something can be found or done.
  8. ah the lake of lava and fire.... or sewage... or water, is nasty what satan does best? just might be... It is true the game darken and lightens as time progresses as you work on building the bridge to the next screen... with another couple enemies, so we've got a triple or more batch of enemies to fight. This has always been a fun game, both in the arcade and on the Atari 8 bit. Nice to see you keeping at it and it looks like the demon head fire blast possibly can be improved after all... w00t!
  9. yep it's hard to find the right or correct item when it's named the same...
  10. I would not count on the colors matching up in the least... as stated... these were useable on more than one machine. so meter the pin out or trial and error... and label the leads. It almost always works out ok.
  11. have fun going back through your back library of software and fixing them all as to all of the 'bug finders' remember to use real hardware and if emulation is involved at some point, use firmware, roms, and full or precise emulation settings for all parts of the emu.
  12. I have rlisten, without it I wouldn't have my port set from a batch file on the Atari.
  13. might simply be the cf card is not compatible... there are quite a few that no longer support the correct modes any more
  14. I prefer them to be the absolute best they can be... but always like having the original look and feel as an easter egg/throw back version just because...
  15. looks like a number of people need to update their fujinets... I ask if it's updated and they say yes- with the latest... but the at? help screen may not agree... maybe the version number could be help screen or the ati command sooo....
  16. AT_AT = 0, AT_NET0, AT_NET1, AT_A, AT_IP, AT_HELP, AT_H, AT_H1, AT_DT, AT_DP, AT_DI, AT_WIFILIST, AT_WIFICONNECT, AT_GET, AT_PORT, AT_V0, AT_V1, AT_ANDF_ignored, AT&F... is what that's supposed to be (never spelled out like that) AT_S0E0, AT_S0E1, AT_S2E43_ignored, AT_S5E8_ignored, AT_S6E2_ignored, AT_S7E30_ignored, AT_S12E20_ignored, AT_E0, AT_E1, AT_M0_ignored, AT_M1_ignored, AT_X1_ignored, AT_AC1_ignored, AT_AD2_ignored, AT_AW_ignored, AT_OFFHOOK, AT_ZPPP_ignored, AT_BBSX_ignored, AT_SNIFF, AT_UNSNIFF, AT_TERMVT52, AT_TERMVT100, AT_TERMDUMB, AT_TERMANSI, AT_CPM, AT_PHONEBOOKLIST, AT_PHONEBOOKCLR, AT_PHONEBOOK, AT_O, AT_ENUMCOUNT}; uint modemBaud = 300; // Holds modem baud rate, Default 300 bool DTR = false; bool RTS = false; bool XMT = false; bool baudLock = false; // lock modem baud rate from further changes. didn't see register 128 at a quick glance
  17. interesting things in there like- The MODEM is currently serving another caller. Please try again later.... there certainly is lots of stuff written in there... but that's not how it's working... so is this something new and not in the current build or the old one with lot's of ideas but not actually completed/implemented/broken ?? I kind of expected fujinet would server such words to any device calling letting you know it's busy etc. even if it had to do the tcp connect response it could follow it with the payload. reading this in notepad at the moment so it's not exactly formatted I read that it disconnects if +++ comes across the line... this is why telecom packages break... +++ should either be ignored for almost all serving situation, or go to command mode.... some devices ignore it unless they see +++ (guardpause) ATH and then disconnect (hang up) or similar So this is what's listed to be but there a number that are broken / ignored / omitted... "AT", "ATNET0", "ATNET1", "ATA", "ATIP", "AT?", "ATH", "+++ATH", "ATDT", "ATDP", "ATDI", "ATWIFILIST", "ATWIFICONNECT", "ATGET", "ATPORT", "ATV0", "ATV1", "AT&F", "ATS0=0", "ATS0=1", "ATS2=43", "ATS5=8", "ATS6=2", "ATS7=30", "ATS12=20", "ATE0", "ATE1", "ATM0", "ATM1", "ATX1", "AT&C1", "AT&D2", "AT&W", "ATH2", "+++ATZ", "ATS2=128 X1 M0", "AT+SNIFF", "AT-SNIFF", "AT+TERM=VT52", "AT+TERM=VT100", "AT+TERM=ANSI", "AT+TERM=DUMB", "ATCPM", "ATPBLIST", "ATPBCLEAR", "ATPB", "ATO" what listed is a great idea but it's not in the current help screen or functioning that way (yet) so it's on to the second part of the beast... and seeing what's actually implemented and then maybe that can be shoved into the help screen for the time being. The Escape Sequence can be disabled using ATS2=128 on mostly any device so it's good to see it in the list. X1 is dont monitor for busy signal and M0 means be quiet and don't send the noise to the speaker...(which doesn't exist anyway in fujinet) at least we have a list of commands now... and something to probe with rather quickly just to see what's live.
  18. I use an eci to pbi with two cart slots so I still have one open... I can see the advantage for PBI slots though... I've heard good things about that adaptor there is also the kmk style IDE plus pbi drives...
  19. avg cart/myide/ and the SIDE carts should all get you what you need as well, either using the sofware SIDE drivers or in combination with either a u1m/ or incognito
  20. Your wire may be luma chroma audio, and one might even be composite... you either need to connect the composite line to video 1 yellow or combine Luma Chroma using y adapter to yellow or video 1. your inputs sadly lack luma chroma or svideo on the display device... so composite is all you have. the normal way of most tv's was to put the mono audio into the left channel (white in) and it would make sound out of both speakers but in mono not stereo You cord should have audio as well... happy metering to find the right ones, or just play plug and see labeling what you find...
  21. it was just fine til you added something in... then it went haywire. adding a bit more to an already large mega shouldn't cause those issues.... fixors not hackzors!
  22. just toss magna or similar 1 megabyte boards in them or and incognito and call it a day... or any of these https://www.atarimagazines.com/v6n3/productreviews.html https://www.atarimagazines.com/v7n7/AtariBrainTransplants.html ramcharger mosaic intec and on, the worlds your oyster... not to mention 8 or more DIY homebrews
  23. fujinet works best on an 800 with external power connected and an SD card inserted...
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