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  1. the only other improvements would be possible dark or even black spots/traces int trees/limbs, and maybe music/sfx
  2. This depends on whether the file is stored as listed basic and should have an .LST extender or as stored as tokenized basic and was saved with a .BAS extender... you should try to store it both ways and see which one works. These quick videos never seem to explain what REALLY is being used or done to create such files and if they were saved or listed, so it's left to the end user to experiment and figure it out. I think your program is not tokenized so it must be loaded using ENTER command, if you want you can then SAVE it... and then it should work in the way you wish.
  3. The bust is coming sooner than you think...
  4. with all the shoddy sh*t happening I hope at least version 2.2 is the image... and hopefully Atari SA does the right thing and pays people for their hard work! Furthermore, Curt's family should at least get something for he foray into this as well.
  5. use the pressure spring adjustment slots(depending on the mech)/or the rabbit fur pressure pad head spring tension-- rather than your finger and adjust rpm without finger assistance. You more than likely are over-pressuring the head and slowing the disk, your' 288 is more than likely an average of uneven pressure and sector readings, take away the uneven reading and disk drag by removing your finger and the rpms' will be too fast to read. If the head spring is weak or missing, replace it, or remove it, stretch it and put it back in... the other thing I've seen is people bending the flex metal on some mechs when using fat q tips to clean... you would have to take the pressure arm flex head off the top and bend it back (you can't do this still attached as it could compress the pressure spring or damage the actual head...
  6. I see it turn/tilt to the left and turn/tilt to the right... are you having an issue seeing shading change due to monitor issues? the video shows the tilt/turn as does the game in real life... look a little closer or adjust your gear and you will see it's fine.
  7. with the metal contact leaf and the metal rod variants I use deoxit to clean them.. ever so slight silicon lube on the outer stalks to get the travel nice and smooth... I never like to disturb the leafs if I can as just wetting them with deoxit and using the key seems to do the job, then a slight outer lube an a little use to give it smooth movement again. Not normally needed to do anything else. To many people bend the leafs etc when they got the rub and scrub route. You never want water or corrosive surficants like a dishwasher uses to touch the contacts in the keyboard ever!
  8. that looks like the winner right there.
  9. this nice work, it takes us back to a time when people programmed their synths and experimented... baked their own so to speak. Sounds refreshingly good on our dear pokey
  10. unclear, do you want whats in the firmware prom of the atr8000? the installed cpm variant, both?
  11. what am I doing wrong? I set up altira 3.91 on windows 8.1 and set up device 850 interface with raw connection I connect at 9600 just like my real 850... and then... I get darn near whole dropped lines of characters... on the real thing with a usr courrier, also with a trailblazer back in the day, and using a null modem between the 850 and an st or any other device... I might get a dropped character every blue moon, some 850's would be rock solid others might drop a character here and there... does this come down to my needing the actual 850 rom installed in altirra.... I have always used bobterm for the higher speed connections. I also noticed another issue. bobterm normally lets me link and unlink to the 850 loading the handler without issue, it's a feature of the way bobterm handles the 850 polling methods... in altirra it seems I must power cycle everything to get the polling done, it does a weird partial beep repeatedly until it fails. I can do a full cold reset of all in altirra then it works, but still never a stable 9600 connection. I understand that many people didn't have a properly wired and shielded cable back in the day and couldn't do 9600 because of that, but almost anyone using a proper cable didn't have such problems or would sync up with whatever device after a few tries with their issue going away as the device trained on the 850. Hopefully there is a simple answer, being set at 4800 seems a step backwards to me, 9600 and sometimes 4800 was the norm using my 850's and once I went with the blackbox/mio it was always 19.2k or 9600 depending on who was calling or what device was on the machine. Those seem to work properly in altirra so it's not likely a problem within those common shared points. I understand simulating a lost character here and there might be in order but whole line appear to be overkill... I will try again later with the hopes that there might be some reason or network connection issue but my reasoning was it would fail using other devices just the same if that were the case.
  12. Looks like a ram upgrade signal loopback card on the bottom, a sio passthru, and in another life possible serial and parallel printer mods that might have needed a second PIA... the solder is disturbed in different places that were used as pick off points. The standard SIO port looks like the wrong flux or solder was used (possibly acid based) I'd clean and protect that as soon as I could. The other thing that might have been would be another keyboard having been connected and the jacks in the back could have been for stereo gumby mod or patches etc..
  13. How about you name a thread- 'pokey music, clean development thread' exactly that sort of label and conversation, and work towards that goal instead of this kind of crap being spread through all the other threads? It's understood you aren't happy about stuff... does that mean everyone everywhere must now be unhappy too?
  14. I do this in the spartados x cartridges user space area of it's romdisk as well as on the disks themselves. In the event that something gets in the way of one or the other, it will always have my chosen base config.
  15. yes you need to turn off your ram disk edit the startup.bat, config.sys etc... take out or rem ; ramdisk lines I keep both types of sparta dos on the disks replicating them as closely as possible to my SDX environment is about the same as my SD3.x versions.
  16. either 1 of the bottom 2 will be fine.
  17. okay you proved a point, the sound was terrible, static filled, buzzy, and repetitive, and the game segments themselves were the same... this could be better by taking the segments in shorter length and stitching them together for and changing up the chasms so they aren't in the same place all of the time for starters.
  18. so a search of already made distinctive housings that could be repurposed as cartridge shells then?
  19. starting to think you do this on purpose.... out of tune and out of key may get you an original rating at online checking algorithms because it simply can't recognize what the song is anymore... we can make the association using our grey matter, but it just reminds of what it sounds like in the real world and how much it suffers when twisted in ways it never was meant to be. You simply have to be trolling everyone... correct?
  20. it shouldn't be... that's not how the preservation project operates...
  21. The cartridge shell could be a relief or embossed version across the entirety of the cart so It would still fit inside the 800 or 1200 tunnel and still be quite stylized... you don't need to tack a top on cart... just work in the cartridge dimensions and us some negative space...
  22. the 14xx combination remake with ALL the modz and all the old stuff brought up to the latest bestest greatest iteration of themselves... shotgun 33.6 modems w/ fax and voicemail, multidrives, etc etc etc...
  23. The XE remake made perfect sense in that the XE machines have power path issues as well as poor quality thin traces... XL's don't have these issues. If it's just something to do that's cool. Many people can handle working on the XL's just fine but destroy their XE as soon as they touch it with an iron.
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