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  1. please consider why different caps are used in different applications
  2. I think I will give my stuff to people with the right to first refusal... ranked order... if person 1 doesn't want it then it goes to person 2 etc.. that way if family doesn't want it, it would continue on to person 3 who might be AtariAge member etc... they pay shipping it they can't afford the shipping or don't want it then it will fall into the auction method
  3. the links and page only ever showed links to other businesses... I'd suspect he'd done the work and it exists but we never really got to see it through the provided link might have been renamed or released under another name though
  4. Yes two different rev.s for key caps and two different mylar sheets versions as well.
  5. at least a replacement duino can be dirt cheap...
  6. https://github.com/kbr-net/sdrive-max https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=SDrive-MAX https://atari8bit.net/tutorials/de-re-sdrive-max/ below is the historical site http://www.kbrnet.de/projekte/sdrive-max/index.html
  7. https://ataritools.fr.gd/1-_-PHOENIX-PROJECT.htm https://ataritools.fr.gd/ATARITOOLS_800--k1-8_BIT-k2-.htm 1/9/2020 was the last time I see he did anything related to Phoenix.... as a test in AtariTools
  8. a good first push into it... 30 seconds to gametime
  9. thought he was doing 5200 and A8 in parallel. as was normally the case
  10. Reflash it, make sure everything is seated properly?
  11. It would hurt to try to read that again some other time or with a different reader or method... it wouldn't be the first time something was thought to be empty and wasn't... Don't sweat it.
  12. lol, oven, only if it went super low temp, my current oven might melt stuff, I used a ceramic heater and a cardboard box, slow even heat. Other stuff hair dryer and heat gun.
  13. Practice on cheep chinese throw away electronic/printed circuit boards first...etc.
  14. It was whispered to me that many an Atari item walked from factory floors to homes in Japan, there may be more Atari's floating around Tokyo than one might think. It is rumored that there could be much hardware stowed in different places and resting, to be found or awoken when such people and places rediscover their Atari nests. Maybe asking around could start such things to be uncovered/rediscovered. I'd suggest a syscheck from tf hh I'd check delay line, clock, and the 4050. can't hurt to check the electrolytic caps either. Make sure the Atari is the correct one for your video system in use.
  15. This sounds like something was stacked on top of it and heat plus pressure over time deformed it causing it to bind and stick.. The solution I've use on other projects (including clear percom disk drive doors) was to gently apply pressure from the opposite directions of deformity and utilizing uniform gentle heating to let it return to original shape... then I used plastic safe lubricants/drawer wax depending on the binding situation to allow the parts to slide by each other and move freely. That includes hinges and latches.
  16. PBI Card and SIO cart may require some nifty productivity and entertainment/game software to fully show off and utilize the capabilities of these wonderful devices, that would also serve to show everyone how to use/program more for them - setting the bar for quality and what to expect!
  17. insanely fast and hectic on NTSC.... played the living **** out of this one too!
  18. Or best offer, is a point... 12.75 is ridiculous... that's another point. You can also explore the others routes outlined among the threads, such as 3D prints, other sources, possible crossover use of switches and keys used on other systems. Best of luck Swapping out to a different keyboard is also a viable suggestion.
  19. I'd suggest ACTION! as a step into programming and Assembly language. Learn them at the same time.
  20. cleared the cash, tried repeatedly... it was timing out but finally got a picture... must be a serving issue. continues with network errors
  21. I am sure about this, I've outlined the process repeatedly in the past and I still do it to this day. It works on both the XE and XL. If you are locking up, make sure the cart connector and cart fingers are clean, start the cartridge ahead of time so power fingers are the only ones not connected. Then once the transl8ter is run, set it up how you'd like, start it and push the cartridge in deftly. Enjoy Not all carts have the fingers at different heights so setting the cart up ahead of time sometimes is needed as described. I really don't keep in my mind which do or don't so I use the method for all of carts that need translator. Sometimes a problematic Atarimax cart gets this same treatment so I can reprogram it. Works fine with the flashing program.. the machine doesn't cold start at all.
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