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  1. slight "Chord in Dur" , to get always a "good relation" in the musical/notation row, sounding a bit sour, which is an official "music style" , IS allowed on POKEY!!!!! but the key word is SLIGHT! You also might get away using the other chips to support your sounds... GTIA etc...
  2. Just make sure to get the 5 volt versions...
  3. I like that! USA's Top Model! nice, wrap, print!
  4. The theme always seems to be, go to flashjazzcat's site, download his latest, follow his instructions EXACTLY. after that it's normally ' wow that fixed everything JOY '
  5. One of each in true Atari fashion... So how about that? The time machines await Kheller2! -Doc Brown!
  6. I keep hearing... you will learn to type faster with nothing on the keys... he he he but no they're proto like in look. Blank keys are awesome!
  7. Yeah, but it was still fun to bump and old friends thread.... Nice to see/here you again! Thanks for the redirect to paperwork!
  8. spray the on off switch with contact cleaner check it with a multimeter repeatedly.... they do go bad and or get scratchy
  9. Your not reading the revision level like most engineers..... the revision level is for the assembly not the part.... I could spend years explaining why over time certain aspects don't jive on the sheet as it morphed over time. I hope this makes sense...... as a general rule the revision level is for an assembly, sub assembly or complete unit.. the part used in the unit may or may not show the revision of the part listed. The part is generally listed in it's generic form as it will work in many assemblies and usually the latest revision on hand. The specific different parts if there is a valid reason to do so will be shown with a hyphen and the difference may be noted in description area or technical service bulletin or field service manual... That's the gist of it ask any Atari engineer.
  10. I like the information the post directly above conveyed but wanted to clarify I didn't like what happened hence the like button by me on post is in that context
  11. Not to drive you further crazy... the emulator has it's own basic/os thing going on but you can use real rom images as well... a number of time I have found using the built in fails but adding your own works... and as you may also remember some software is osb 800 only (you can run using fixxl or other translator) or XL XE... only a couple titles need early rev. basic almost all run on Basic revision C.... lastly some real disks only run on the 810 or they run on a 1050 but not both.. the issue only come up these days when using original / old disks as most are now patched or fixed in some way or everyone knows what to do and is rarely discussed anymore.
  12. I'll stick with the Netherlands, the whole Holland thing is like a state trying to rename a country. Look we're so big and popular let's rename the world..... no thanks...
  13. my interest is still primarily what interleave gives the fastest load/write times across all drives... we already a pretty good idea what is fastest for each particular drive in their native high speed skews... This is why I like nezga/Ryans approach so much. I believe it has the best overall results across the spectrum of drives...
  14. glad you found the work around but ugh it should just be part of the install...maybe it's already there but perhaps and advanced button allowing this sort of thing...
  15. okay this happens all the time... to best of my 'membrance... batch-hyphen-part part hyphen rev and batch hypen part hyphen rev.... and in true Atari fashion..... technical note about the numbering when a certain manufacturer/supplier had their own way of doing it for whatever reason or confusion....both internal to Atari or external to whoever produces the chip... the best readily available way to know is the field service manuals and service bulletins...
  16. taking voice notes//recordings during work and discovery then putting them to text / word processor with edited notes is a way good numbers of people have found in keeping with a project. culminating in a final technical document at product finish... I highly recommend that method..
  17. You could also experience inductive kick, I would not route the cable following the length of the degaussing coil.... if after you re route the cable you still get shock.. there is a fault with either the tv, or one of the connected items.. a wound coil along or wrapped around an ac line can produce a similar effect... in essence you could be creating your own form of transformer...
  18. Faster the card the better, I use a toshiba fashair sd card on mine... just send it via wifi.... refresh the directory and off you go.... very convenient that way
  19. The Deluxe quintopus was the step in the correct direction, there was another solution out there that shared devices that went one step further...
  20. Trust me, Blade Runner 2049 is going to be very satisfying for you to experience... everything is for the most part as it should be..... That big Atari and other touches were no mistake.... An incredible amount of work went in to making the look, feel, music, and atmosphere of the cinematics take you back to where it started, Blade Runner and the continuation of the story just may hold some answers for you. Tired of watching movies were everything is already easily guessed... this continuation is going to make a good number of people very happy and feed the grey matter while giving you a nice fix just as the first movie did. Catch the Final Cut of Blade Runner and then head to the theatre for the rest of the story... and you can bet you bottom dollar it's worth an IMAX fee.. go all out on this viewing, it is worth it! October
  21. Did you ever finish taking this all the way to what you envisioned? as did you do those few things you wanted to do?
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