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  1. post it please I'm starting to want an emkay thread where all the works appear with explanation, exploration, and theory behind it..... I would make a request of emkay to take the TRON movies and reconstruct the music and sound btw... I think emkay is singularly capable of reproducing what once was.... in the second example you clearly show how the drifting and convergences effect the qualities and distinctions within the produced sounds. These 'unintended' characteristics can be overcome, as you have shown, and they also can be used 'intentionally' to produce results and effects you see fit to as is the case when using them to your advantage...... Initializing or synchronizing periodically keeps things on track, letting it go can be fun as well
  2. not exactly, ports 3 and 4 were still possible depending on mode the led indicators would flicker like crazy... but that's another story back to Bosconian, I enjoy blowing things up.......
  3. I choose con 64 as a starting point since I may be using the Atari on any number of displays.... it allows me to see what I am doing no matter what someone puts in front of me.. I switch to 80 if the monitor has a decent dot pitch... you don't even need luma chroma (svid) if the display is what in the USA was called a monitor class television with a good dot pitch and decent convergance.... software 80 was perfectly readable on those... a nice NEC composite yielded the same excellent results even, no need to switch cords 80 was legible and artifacting still worked on games... a feat not easy for most monitors to do.... there was a thread about things you wish you hadn't gotten rid of..... there were three.. The NEC monitor was one, the RCA monitor/television was another, and last but not least was a stereo monitor class television from radio shack that had a SHARP cathode ray tube in it.. I loved it.... 80 columns easy to read and could still play Star Fleet from interstel with the ship still being proper color... But that is of course my going off on a tangent again.... The 64 column display with zero margin is my goto for all around simplicity and multipurpose game machine, 80 columns is on my dedicated LCA display machine. I never had low quality monitors till the current days... The first time I saw dot crawl moire patterns I made it a mission to never have crappy large dot pitch monitors ever... todays LCD's are a crap shoot you never know what they will do... and most people it would seem never understood dot pitch cause they have a zillion crappy ones out there... No one ever wanted to go back to a crappy commodore monitor after seeing the NEC or the Sharp that was in use when they visited.. They always bought one or the other within 6 months to a year. They even made the 130XE display look good.
  4. i have a flashair but can only download from the card to the pc please tell me how to send to the card!
  5. @Alan- Don't be hard on yourself... we had a lot of that back in the day. You were and still are an inspiration. Friends and common interests persist through years. I.C.D. became a mixed bag for a multitude of reasons, delivery of product became a problem as someone wanted a lifestyle and made a mess of a number of things.. Supra and Electrosmith, and a couple others produced most of their stuff anyway.... and there was really no way for you to know it....
  6. I keep seeing people say Atari memory was to be 64k and no more... but of course the XE and other planned machines had more.... the XE was a bit of compromise though... paired back from what it was to be... The 800 was designed to allow upgrades... the largest upgrade I had was 1 meg of mosaic type ram and it worked very well... it worked damn near transparently and had separate access... It cost a ridiculous sum of money but did not interfere with the joystick ports or anything else for that matter... there were other upgrades of varying degrees and compatibility... The Atari line should have continued down that path but Mr Cheapskate just used port b and that was that.... I would prefer the complete keyboard and the latched memory select methods to current port b hack of today any day.. As a purist I would have loved to see all four joystick ports stay with the memory and full keyboard the closest production being the 1200XL's keyboard and an addition of the PBI..... as we lament about such things... why didn't the Falcon fold in the TT030? That was easily doable and yet nope... we basically had to add on cards to restore the Falcon to what it was to be in the first place.... another Mr. Cheapskate move... ensuring Atari becoming the JTS hard drive farce.... yeah that may be out of left field but the Atari was originally a very flexible machine.... pushing i/o out of every port and slot... so if someone says the Atari should be limited to what it was originally... I think 1 meg not 48k or 64k! honestly where do they come up with this stuff?
  7. what's new... changelog since 24 dec 16?
  8. yep make sure it all clean... the metal catch that holds the disk by it's ends might be bent or have a piece of old label or write protect notch cover in it.... I have seen that malady many times as the stickers come off..
  9. ah the autorun.sys needs to be modified to load the 80.dat before it runs menu, binary load fails perhaps my brain has farted.. using a 130XE and the supplied disk only, I will disconnect the MIO just in case it's causing an issue... and that wasn't the issue.... hmmm
  10. this is not a stand alone disk correct? it must be used with the cartridge yes?
  11. You always brighten my day Paul! In this case I may need peril sensitive sun glasses! Holy Crap!
  12. never saw the original post or I would have ordered 15 of them...
  13. Atari was almost as odd as I am..... the left hand was often doing something that right hand had no idea about and to confuse the situation.. the Head often told the body what to do and forgot about it... the project could become autonomic at that point. You can read about how non-existent auditing controls were. An 815 with proprietary software could go out to a studio with no concern whatsoever as part of special projects. Dedicated machines went out around the country to show what Atari could do at schools and the like often showcasing voice-changing audio processing and the like... It had little to do with the computer they were trying to sell... This was one of the reasons for smaller school sales than anticipated. The presentations were very entertaining but didn't target the reason for the visit.
  14. If memory serves it was indeed required.... Atari8bitCarts' observation is one few have realized..... There were a number of things that were to be only on the 815... a means to insure both protection of software but to sell 815's as well.... neither of which came to fruition.... but a number of things ended up on that medium only and are lost ?forever? unless people held on to those 'corrupt' or 'bad' disks and finally insert them into an 815 and realize that they are perfectly valid and good. Some of the sound software is lost because of this. Although it looks like thru the years most of the techniques have been rediscovered but not yet combined...
  15. I find crownland terrible since it was never fixed or even took a glance towards working on NTSC, re-ordering the code or taking advantage of the couple of scanlines ntsc doesn't use to make up the difference.... the fact is if a team wishes to they would realize that it all pretty much balances out in the 50/60 front and was done by design. This has been shown to be true and is the reason why there were often two versions put out or a detection was done and modification code executed.... I don't care for 60 hz software that plays too slow or distorted on 50hz and I care even less for 50hz coding that doesn't play at all on 60hz..... and before all the hate starts from both sides of the ponds.... fixing count down timers and the like so levels can be completed and the like isn't anything our super coding maniacs can't do in their sleep.... cramming as much code in before an update is good. but that update is and can be variable to some degree up to the hard limit....so why not adjust around it... the clocks are slightly different for a reason.. and it's not just to make a display problem go away....the unused line time can be used for other things. I have incredible respect for all people who create on our wonderful machines.... my time to do so may be passing or indeed already has passed... Please allow that I can still impart a modicum of insight here and there as that ability continues to fade away. so many wonderful works exist and are colorful fluid and fantastic....the constraints make you uniquely qualified to go out into the world and work in fields others would find hard or nearly impossible to work in as they are used to only work in a large seemingly unlimited pool or memory and wasted space. You have the skills and can work on chip/device micro code that others would lose their heads over.... the art of cycle counting......That is why so many had migrated from the vcs and 800 lines to some of the most demanding, challenging, and rewarding careers in the electronic wonders we have today. I am grateful to see old coders come back and the new coders, graphists and musicians coming in. I know that's a bit of a ramble...and perhaps it's out of place.... but it is what it is... I'm off to play a few rounds of Atari Blast as it satisfies me on a large number of levels!
  16. Critical connection has always run albeit the cord is flakey and has to be held a certain way.... I use modified OS A+ for floppy drive access of which I finally have one drive working that needs complete alignment but does read and is bad news if it writes!.... original hard drive is still dead but a replacement drive is working.... I was using Sparta but now it's acting strange now and since I can't be sure what's going on it's best not to cause any more synchronization errors.... back to the thread... as I understand it, there are slight differences between each of the hardware choices available, a custom scheme with appropriate configs etc etc is made for each one... The end user just picks, flashes/saves, and is good to go.
  17. they move stuff from time to time to the utility disk making it so you have to use the the sdx imager utility and put the stuff you want in the 'user area' of a rom image this is where you can put custom configs and environment etc.. then copy that resulting file alongside your favorite flasher and make your cartridge or ultimate / side use... Many people are surprised to find all the things Sparta has available to it.. When an 8 bit friend comes around these parts they almost always become a Sparta user... the 64 column mode is one of the selling points.... but I have been Sparta entrenched since it first came about.... I still use OS A+, DOS XL, and Sparta as my disk os, sometimes MyDOS and lately a bit of REALDOS.... SPARTAX is always in the slot and ready to go..... I couldn't have imagined running a BBS without sparta batch and configs selection all those years ago... such a convenience all set up and ready to go... I may have another difficulty now, accessing the hard drive on the S-100 through the critical connection and sparta x..... the hard drive appears as pseudo Atari disk but I will have to test further before I certain what is going on.
  18. funny how data set ready has always worked better as it is indeed a flow control line... where as ring indicate has historically had mixed success being used in that fashion.... but it does make sense if you think about their designed purpose and how virtual serial ports software simulates those lines
  19. correct! also if you load jingle disk and the colors are reversed you need to change a capacitor to correct the artifact and re adjust the colors....
  20. with careful programming maybe those added lines are reclaimed on the ntsc machines the other thing I was aware of is that the ntsc standards changed over the years..... this affected the color situation and of course we all either adjusted our Atari or the tint control on our tv and sometimes both to get the desired results.... this was not the case for pal.... many programmers selected colors based on what they saw or stuck with what they always used.... that's one of the reasons for calibration of the television/crt etc before adjusting the Atari. To make matters even more crazy books documented the colors based on what people saw rather than what was supposed to be.. that is why it seems there are two different color keys depending on what reference material you used.... to continue further the colors for artifacting and programs like jingle disk etc.... were only adjustable on some programs... who wants a purple or red christmas tree..... I changed the capacitor that effect the artifact in most of my XL's.....
  21. I am very glad you added the saving notice... most people don't realize a save into flash takes a small amount of time.... the notice is something that might need to be added to the tempest and honestly space harrier lines.... while I have not turned off the games during a save, my friends have almost done so..... that might explain why people like kjmann and peteym scorn the carts... it didn't occur to either of them to add a notice or check to make sure writes were successful or that a user should be notified to wait for the save to happen.... once again you common sense approach to things wins the day TEP392
  22. that's not a big leap at all I have seen contacts bent and touch each other and also contacts that don't press against inserted cartridges... one thing you learn... anything is possible!
  23. I would love the music as an incidental just not full blast all the time like on the 68k based versions that are out there... it can be done tastefully and polished.... the game is the showcase. I have nothing but praise for what's been done so far... Just getting fearful I guess
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