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  1. yeah, 135 maybe 170 all day long..... but this looks exactly like an old ebay listing I have seen within the last year or so... be careful
  2. of course display would have to be properly calibrated first though..... ducks and runs as fast as he can....
  3. It wouldn't be the first time they've been either incorrect, mislabeled something, or didn't describe what they were doing correctly.. emkay is correct to a degree... the illusions are only truly on some of the examples.... on others it is an effect.... depending on the persons understanding and acuity. while watching I clearly saw a difference between those perceptions. True illusions take advantage of the optical interpreter of the brain and forces it to filter input incorrectly... for example disappearing items arise in the primary visual cortex, the part of the brain that processes information about static and moving objects. so a blinking dot in the center of a screen surrounded by static or non blinking dots usually equally spaced from that center dot will cause the static non blinking dots to disappear / fade in and fade out while you are staring at that central dot.... that is an illusion..... and very effective that being said I still would love to see more demos using all of these technics....
  4. would still love to have the switch be 3 position able to do this,,,, pos 1 slot 1 pos 2 slot 2 pos 3 slot 1 and 2
  5. Whatever happened to this project? 16mb atr's of the magazines for us to see and read on a real Atari? And what of the Actual Antic Magazine Disks? Or the TYPE-INS? or the ANTIC Software disks? You know the ones They actually sold. Like ANTIC EDUCATION: Games, Math Drills etc? Please don't get me wrong all the oh there are scans blah blah blah kind of defeats the purpose... the idea was to do it all on the Atari in some fashion, since the magazine was mostly text like all magazine are.... In fact between newsroom/printshop and other offerings even downconverted picture of a sort could have been had.... Such disappointment to see the project gone and the fine work thus far gone.... It was looking good then blam links gone and that was it... Wouldn't this be a worthy candidate as a community project? It would be nice not to have to run to another computer but rather use our Atari to for all of it!
  6. comes and goes wreaks of bad solder joints and the xf is notorious for this... you need to reflow the power, sio connectors, and anything that looks the slightest bit suspect... remember these are thin weak PCB traces. do clean careful work and don't be afraid of flux!
  7. sounds like he wanted some one to do it as he was currently to burnt out to do it himself....
  8. Can't hurt to try! .... it's worked with whatever cart I have thrown at it..... but I haven't had a Fort Apoc cart in years... it's possible the protection will slaughter the translator..... those translators in conjunction with the outlined method used should get the job done. and since we provided a complete set of roll your own solutions you may experiment and make a custom translate disk yourself. One last note.... I did run in to a cartridge that would access the sio and if it found a drive it crashed.... I turned off the drives after loading one of the translators and all was fine... That was not mentioned in the kit..... There may have been another thread where luckybuck and myself touched on more of this and posted some more software... hope it works for you
  9. Kyle should be able to read it and write it.... so it would be cool to let him do it... the resulting post should include not only the code but maybe a side note on what programmers/requirements that will write it for the future
  10. yep I personally won't touch anything below 4.85 and 5.25 is upper limit.... just not worth it to allow anything else especially if you intend to run sio or bus powered devices!
  11. http://www.blastr.com/2017-2-21/atari-swordquest check it out http://www.polygon.com/2017/2/20/14678122/atari-swordquest-comics-return-dynamite-entertainment has a better comment section on it....
  12. just another typical ebay crap-sandwich .... that sure does look like a track zero sensor issue..... a really crappy old cell phone camera or even household security camera can tell you if the infrared led is putting out..... just turn out the lights and look using the camera if you see a lightly illuminated slit or dot the led is good.... then it might be the sensor.... that can be tested by using an known good led and flooding the sensor with it.... I had and old television remote the worked for this pressing the volume up and holding it worked wonders but your mileage may vary... do both mechs exhibit the same behavior?
  13. make sure your power supply is putting out the proper 5 volts before proceeding and that the television/monitor works with other devices connected the same way ie composite or rf.... before proceeding... we don't wanna cook anything more than what might have been already... then only connect the powered up Atari to that display with nothing else connected... as for what might have blown.... feel for hot chips... what sio device was bad and in what way?
  14. I did not remember the issue in the past and hadn't tested everything like I used to so the behavior may have happened a number of versions/revisions back.... I don't mind that cp drops to dcar1: on $manpath attempt.. I like that I can stay in the car: rather than typing it all out for each request, in fact I prefer that as I test and mess about like I used to...I come and go with projects and as such I appear to be easily forgotten.. We have become accustomed to tossing in the cartridge and going about our work and not having drives on till we save or load something... we almost always have the mio and other ramdisks on, populated, and assigned as our last drives.... I will go thru the process remake the the configs and save it in the user area....
  15. Wavy Wavy my sunken Navy! omg didn't everyone play the crap out of this one.... The Atari version was the best imho.... Apple's never quite got the goods on much... the only reason people stuck with those machine was their basic wasn't crippled and slots for cards.. ah memories of a child and his games. life was good.
  16. I kid you not..... it's on the Television channel and the website..... What do you make of it? Atari's 80's Swordquest is making the some headlines
  17. nice to see the conversation get rolling so quickly! I am looking forward to some macro/script/success video postings.... one side note this is primarily to be done using dragon cart, lantronix uds, modem emulators, and yes even modems on dare I say dial up.... not sure about ape, but it's worth a try... ape resolves on it's own but you should be able to test your methods anyway as far as I can tell.
  18. DNS...... as little as 3 or 4 years ago... you had a handful of web sites showing how to get dns servers to resolve a registered domain name for you using telnet.... this absolutely was timing critical and either you were on the jazz to type it by hand and be successful or you had to use a macros / scripts to make it happen..... this was done by the emulation method to the sever and there was a specific no yielding method to the madness... none of what I have shown you will look pretty on your terminal.... but.... you can spot the useful stuff fairly well.... the methods to do this might be considered spoofing, faking, or emulating but none the less for our machines it's very useful..... I have set you in the direction to recover this messy and lost art... who will be the first find the site that had the procedure listed or who might look into the arcane and roll their own and re discover the method.... or like a number of us.... who will look at the network streams trying the different ports/methods, recording the results and posting their successful method first? you see this is how I used my uds-10 for years..... before they made the now impossible to find file to flash the resolver into the unit... Now that there is a resurgence in the BBS interest... which I harped on for an eternity... this could all be again useful..... I feel terrible to not remember nor having properly protected this stuff... but it should not be lost... it was all on the web so in theory it can be found again. Besides everyone is orders of magnitude more clever about this internet stuff currently
  19. telnet to ports 43 and 53..... why is that something to do? well...... whois and dns...... the whois format changed on me but it still works... http://serverfault.com/questions/537128/communicating-with-arin-whois-server http://www.binarytides.com/how-to-perform-ip-whois-from-terminal/ http://www.binarytides.com/domain-whois-telnet/ https://www.ripe.net/manage-ips-and-asns/db/support/querying-the-ripe-database arin says the old ways stays https://www.arin.net/resources/whoisrws/ it indeed still works.... with that being said...... using macros and scripts in your terminal program is sometimes needed to prevent time out's and prevent typo's I had text files to ascii send in some terminals on the Atari and macros on the likes of bobterm...... of course even if I found them again the format and such is slightly changed and would need to reflect the changes
  20. Did you know telnet has been used to emulate many other web functions? I ask this because I can't remember how to do it all and while I do see it should all still work.... as the registrars and other servers all say the legacy connection still remain and will continue to remain... I can no longer find the macros and scripts I used to do things.... For example pulling a web page.... yes you can do this on your Atari via telnet... how useful it can be is a matter for you to ponder... http://www.the-art-of-web.com/system/telnet-http11/ http://blog.tonycode.com/tech-stuff/http-notes/making-http-requests-via-telnet/ http://kalanir.blogspot.com/2008/10/how-to-telnet-to-web-server-http.html http://www.shellhacks.com/en/Sending-GET-HEAD-HTTP-Requests-via-Telnet this link gives a few examples.. https://www.ntu.edu.sg/home/ehchua/programming/webprogramming/HTTP_Basics.html TELNET can be used to performs querys and emulate other things as well......
  21. please show picture of the offending bit of trace repair.... and the model/ markings of the board for future repairs... if it happens once it happens again
  22. man man | less will go into endless loop if drive 1 is un-available... you get error 138 until reset or reboot. swap in another drive to the DA: slot such as my #8: ramdisk or DO: ramdisk in as D1: or put a real drive on #1 then it works just fine.... if drive 1 is write protected you get the 144 error followed by 170 followed by 138 followed by lock up or various other error only way out is a reset.... the same behavior exists for man man | more etc. but..... using direct method such as less car:man.man and it's all good works just fine! more car:man.man and again it works just fine.... If you are at D1: type $MANPATH all by itself and it will switch to DCAR1: and you can launch files and do dir commands etc while remaining inside CAR: of course if you use ? or /? on the prompt you will get the X help as you would expect while in a car device
  23. Our old users group had a cassette rescue listing that let you load dos from a listed format on the cassette... the whole concept was.... if you forgot to boot from a drive and had done a fair amount of typing (from a magazine or some other such project) you could use the enter command to get dos off the cassette and not wipe out your hours of labor... and then turn on you disk drive and save your work........ a much better idea than saving to cassette which might not be reliable or worse yet... take forever to do...
  24. that's pretty ugly, I have never seen it that nasty unless there were issues with the video cable.... incorrect impedance... bad connection etc...
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