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  1. port em all to 2600 basic.. runs and hides
  2. Remember to check under the rubber feet, not all of them were glued, but some were screwed... pull the feet out to reveal screws. I posted how to go about the glued ones AND a mention of the screwed ones.
  3. I would like to take the time to thank you for getting the titles presented for preservation. While some of the titles are indeed in the wild, it is a good Idea to submit all of them in any case. The reason is simple. Much of what has circulated is of different revision or has been distorted in some way over the year by upload and download protocols. Other titles may have been modified for other purpose. Another reason to just go for it is that what you find a copy at some site or another it may be bit-rotted,degraded or have some problem from storage of that copy. Your move to send us these images either confirms our copies or allows defects to be replaced or repaired. It is a wonderful service to do so. You are doing only what the community can hope that others will follow in doing. The preservation of this software is important, not only to history, but also to education of software engineering and programming efforts around the world. There is a computer software museum over seas far from the US with an Atari section that appeared small that I wish we could go through thoroughly, It's a big place.. The fact is they have Atari dispersed though out on flippy disks, dual disks, or multi disk sets and they did not catalog the titles and do not buy duplicates as the software is there. I forget the name of it but it looks like a castle stone building. There are way more titles in the building for the Atari than meets the naked eye, as you go about your travels fellow Atari User forum members, many of these places are more than willing to allow preservation of titles and you may point out to them an Idea to place Atari plaque or stickers on the dual offerings. You would be surprised how much it effects them, it shows people are indeed interested. After the normal rank and file are asked, a letter to the persons at that top can yield some pleasant results. You have my respect and gratitude. Thank you for being and showing what it is to be an active member of the 8 bit community. -T D__
  4. I have been to the fleets yards with these ships.... mss100 <_/ uds10 </ uds100 <_/ uds 2100 </ eds 1100 <_/ all worked perfectly, the universal translator must be finely tuned.... I wonder why so many other boards don't make a connection but if I sync term or straight up telnet most work... there's just a pesky few that don't want to co-operate
  5. Still not ready for prime time IMHO..... gave up... got rid of.... moved on... sorry Real hardware is still the only way to fly... I can't get decent play when doing a run against the death star on anything else... deal breaker...
  6. you may be bunching up your tapes with fast forward and rewind and not know it.... watch the spools and see what direction they are turning and which is spinning... I would believe the motor wires are reversed somewhere...the belts would have to be criss crossed if they were wrong..
  7. analmux's example .atr files appear to be missing... he had done a number of examples and I don't see them... am I blind?
  8. Sometimes people leave more in Vegas than they imagined they could... here's hoping you still remember your name, and what those glowing screens are in the lab.!
  9. Don't cha just love it when a plan comes together! Especially when it works better than you thought it would. That's a nice fix that deserves to be noted.
  10. The fact that it was released to the public domain makes the need to pay for registration a violation of pd release, but almost all pd releases allow for a stipend when real disks labels and labors are involved... as it is all public domain anybody can share it or post such things at will and with so many people who owned and used all of the Micromiser stuff you'd think we'd have tons of copies floating around all over the place. maybe it's time to look through the old piles of disks and dust of some copies..
  11. PCx with Emplant was indeed tolerable.... that's about all I have to say about it.. it would be too easy to see another pissing match develope. The Mac Emu was spot on. The price high and the 'protection' employed was like almost all protections... a hindrance to the product and was defeated as usual.. if that lead to lawsuits or not I couldn't say.. but I am sure someone can search for the briefs. The blurbs about fast ram, well of course fast ram helps, duh! All of the ins and outs being talked about would have helped back then as almost everybody felt like they were neglected, and to a large extent... were.
  12. not sure If the list is correct here... but Turboword Turboword+ Turboword 80 something about the driver different Turbobase possible 80 as well?
  13. He did it on his own and was hawking his homebrew on usenet like so many others..(search usenet archives) He did it on his own until later.. when you came along and agreement to sell came along..later still,.given rights etc.....much later, yes, years later you made/sold the carts all by yourself and he pretty much says this in interviews as well as elsewhere... maybe we should take a wiki edit over what comes directly from Dodgsen himself... here is one such interview to back this up... MT> So, how EXACTLY did you manufacture the first cartridges? HD> I bought a "Hat Trick" cartridge, removed the ROM, changed the onboard jumpers, installed a socket and plugged in an EPROM which was programmed with the previously mentioned AIM-65 using a board I bought that did 3 types of EPROMs (1K, 2K, and 4K). A piece of blue self-adhesive shelf paper cut to size finished it off. MT> You and Lance at Video 61 seem to make a good team. How and why did the two of you meet and decide to work together concerning programming and manufacturing homebrew cartridges? HD> I really don't remember how that came to be. I know I did the initial runs of the monitor cartridge myself. It wasn't until many years later that Lance took over that task. http://www.gooddealgames.com/interviews/int_Harry%20Dodgson.html and there is more if you look and listen... it is great that you sold products from one person or another over time... you are always looking to obtain different rights for software or products any way you can that is cool... but once again we go to the sources find it's not exactly what you say it was.... that pesky internet... I do hope for more stuff though.... I am sure you know how to find old usenet posts and of interviews thru out time..... I think he was very gracious in that interview by the way.
  14. maybe I already did this long ago... my xp doesn't have that problem.. I remember doing something... and moving the terminal to vista or something also....
  15. So it was clearly on the way, and it's all good... 5 minute online response from who? I don't get that on amazon or ebay... In any event check spam folders and such, my internet provider once blocked spam at their mail server.... and it wasn't spam. no fun at all Another happy end is reached.... the site is in need of attention but if your willing to dig just like here... you will find just about everything... also there are really much worse sites selling Atari stuff.... just old plain text lists... links to no where... etc etc.. and they are selling new games on carts and such. Be careful because some of those distributors lose their minds over the slightest critical mention...and then you may get pages of flame material. Classics/Steve/Atarimax does not do that sort of thing at all.. thankfully. Now you can enjoy all kinds of Atari related materials online and offline.... it's a nice software set.
  16. weird it say expired in 2018... we're not there yet...
  17. telnet://irc.atarinet.com:800 and http://urql.com/[email protected] port 400 might still work as well
  18. ??? I missed a message ???? please relay to me as a PM... as you know the bot isn't working so I couldn't pull it from the past.
  19. Geee, he never mentioned you either.... I guess neither of us were a topic of each others discussions... what a farcical thing to say... Why would we discuss any person such as yourself randomly in general conversation or otherwise? What a stretch. On to things of a slightly more relevance.... Every one of those companies addressed their issues. Hot glue coming loose and rattling that affected almost nothing is totally different from cartridges that fall apart. You must like to set up straw men and knock them down. Things that happened once with this company or that... all of whom offered replacements of fixes. None of them attacking their customers... but offering solutions instead. No one asked for your source code, yet another straw man. I think patch Tuesday shows that other company supplies fixes for their software as well, and on an ongoing basis. We all knew Jack, some don't know Jack, that amounts to Jack. What does your knowing anybody have to do with anything, more subterfuge, it has no bearing on what you are saying or doing. Once again I hear an implication of how big a person is and then in the same blurbs claim they are small fry. Not sure what the ramifications of zip top bags are suppose to be either.. many items sold in and still are sold in clear plastic bags today. If you are trying to degrade the works of others and say that makes doing worse just fine, then you are showing we can expect even less in the future. No one expects perfection, just a little caring. It's not only my opinion, but the opinion of others. It is also the opinion of a number of individuals the offerings have been sub par, and I value their opinions. You are offering only arguments and not service. And you call it Atari Sales and Service? We all tried to support you, sadly you make us sorry we did. There will be no more comment in this regard, it's all been said. I am sure you will have more to say, if it isn't to make it right, then I doubt anybody will be listening... or responding for that matter.
  20. I am sure if contact is made they can explain what they believe is detected and can take a look to further assess the file.. Might be interesting to see what they dig up.
  21. bikerbob, sio2pc rs232 or usb version?
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