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  1. you can set software flow control on the terminal software and the lantronix.... the mio doesn't use hardware flow control without a special driver and in my experience when a reset occurs from the mio or computer you need to reload the driver unless things have changed.... firmware for mio needs an update... an rverter works fine... but use a ramdisk with it for file transfers... that ensures no bottle-necking on the sio port, when you see how fast a disk drive or sio2sd can move data.. it seems silly the rs232 sio devices haven't been updated to those speeds yet
  2. wow, such tough and harsh debate.... do not let it get to you... maybe develop both in both ways. both have merit. I think there is brilliance in your thought and reasoning
  3. I was not able to find deathchase xe or runner engine infos on website.... am I doing something incorrect?
  4. some digging about and I found this extreme but cute example even using a paper tape book mark... lol
  5. Has this ever been ported to the Atari as it allowed for web navigation on dumb terminals and even teletype machines... CERN still has such pages available to view....
  6. if it's a single sided rana....it will read the first side fine but fail to read files on the opposing side..... Sparta is reading the directory which is correct but if the file is located where the drive mech can not go the read will fail as will a write... Sparta can build a directory to be for any valid drive config... it does not mean the drive is capable of that format though... This can be both a curse and a blessing...
  7. I like the cleaned up punch but prefer old popeye image.... the death image is an improvement though IMHO
  8. lol @savetz look what you got yourself into...
  9. here on Atari Age I uploaded a few translators and utils to not only use the translators but create your own... one such translator along with a procedure to hot swap in a cartridge and have it work on the XL XE provided the cartridge port is clean and the cartridge itself is clean it works like a charm... roll your own for the XEGS or perhaps someone will dig the old threads up and experiment.... making sure it will work on the XEGS... I am not a fan of the XEGS.... it was ill conceived and broke a number of conventions for no reason at all... save a quick and dirty way to get something to a market that really didn't exist... I think more was spent on the pastel colors and commercials than on the actual machines abilities.... some where I also uploaded config software to control the XEGS better as well...
  10. I have crt monitors, tube tV, and projection televisions, of course I have more modern LCD's as well.... I love me some gun fun..... to be honest I really don't care for long term lcd viewing it seems to bother me... even when using the 240 rate versions... it has a sort of after effect... a flicker of the real world to me.... I really would love for a race the scanline mode for LCD's, you would think it would be a firmware issue but it who knows....
  11. using the correct tariff/code method... not saying that's what they do or have done... although lots of stuff is in fact samples or gifts in most cases. I still feel like everyday is a birthday and there are so many holidays that just about anything could be a gift for any special date.. Just being silly here so just laugh with me.... since you can give a gift for any reason...... and don't need an excuse to do so.... HTS Heading/ Subheading Stat/Suffix Article Description Unit of Quantity General (column 1) Special (column 1) Column 2 9504 Articles for arcade, table or parlor games, including pinball machines, bagatelle, billiards and special tables for casino games; automatic bowling alley equipment; parts and accessories thereof: n/a n/a n/a n/a yeah I'm not reformatting the mess... and a link to some HTS stuff http://www.htscode.org/heading.php?code=9504 each country appears to have it's own mess.... put provisions seem to be in place for almost all of them so as not to make everyone pay the highest amount but the everyday folks aren't aware of it and pay it would seem sometimes dearly Fellow I know says his life in customs involved throwing lots of weird and food related stuffs away... people ship the craziest things. Not sure if your pushing paper or actually examining containers....
  12. 10... I still don't like having the whole put it in a header deal.... even thought that's what we have to do... 20... the plus three extender could list the type and then anybody could rename it and have it work... 30... and better yet they would know the banking scheme a glance... I said this when the whole thing was coming about.... 40... the files are all .rom .xex etc. why not .W64 or .R16 etc. but what is W64? williams 64k... it just made more sense to me 50... sure the header makes it so you can plink it in an emulator with ease and to some degree call it what you like... 60... but we are still all converting using this method/utility or that method/program/emu and saving it... 70... making more and more images of the the same game with crap preppended or appended to the image and then you are stuck stripping them off or putting it on a rom etc etc etc.... 80... I guess .car is a misnomer since you really can't use it as a car at all,,, 90... maybe I would have been happier if it were .CID for Cartridge IDentification format.... 100..then it would be a more correct extension name.... and not such a buggle... explaining over and over that .car is not really cartridge that can be used directly to a prom//eprom flash is driving me nuts, regular folks just don't get it... and with the simple reasons outlined it seem to all be in the extender name... 110..How comes I can use the cartridge file to make a cartridge, how comes the car file does work when I use......but but but ... then I am explaining it is the cartridge plus a header again.... then I get the whole that's stupid why name is car for cartridge crap again should I just point back to the first of this post and make it the endless loop that it is? 120.. GOTO 10 Exactly what I said would happen is happening..... grrr.... sometimes I hate it when I turn out to be correct
  13. isn't that insane... crap come from china and other countries to the United States and it's mere pennies.... Ship from the States to other countries and not only does the shipper pay thru the nose but the recipient gets fleeced also at delivery... It's unfair and downright unsettling...
  14. It sure looks like a work in progress, it would be interesting to see it given a proper clean up... and as you suspect in the lack of ram is a big part of it..
  15. it was also released as an .atr with builtin flasher for all atarimax maxflash8 cart owners
  16. played this game for years... then lost it bought another copy and noticed they changed some things and the dos they were using... played it again for about a year and a half... moved and sure enough turned up 'lost' again... love the game but it sure can consume some massive amounts of your time
  17. the gucio.pl page is gone that has all the information on the devices... please take the time to grab it from the wayback and pigwa sites... the devices are nice but need some tiny changes to make them awesome.... the little things do become cumulative. confirmation of the above posts I had a bad connection at the dupont connector and bad connections at the sio connector on more than one of these failed pieces of hardware... not always detectable using a meter.. ever so slight dimming of the back light prompted me to put a scope on the verify all the suspicions.... scratchy or current limited power... then I tried flashjazzcat finding about 5v connect before ground and got the same result... then I tried a smaller power supply with a 320XE and same result.... then I tried Pal vs ntsc... If you wish to recreate the conditions you can triple blind verify what we have found.... biggest issues power and cords followed by fuse bits and finally firmware timing... if these are addressed the sio2sd is a rock solid device... anybody who sells or makes these really should make certain to include the best sio to dupont cord they can... I sacrificed two atmega's to confim this all, condolences welcome and flowers/donations for replacements will be accepted they gave their lives so that others may survive....
  18. yep it is touchy about power and and timing... the cord may look fine but under load and under a scope you will see it, I can verify now that @flashjazzcat is correct in that a bad ground or 5v applied before ground scambles these suckers even on version 2 1.make sure to have a strong power supply... 2.make sure the sio cord has the 5 volt pin recessed so it contacts after the other pins... (plugging it in with the computer off also helps here) 3.make sure the sio2sd cord is solidly made and tightly grasps pins.. marginal cords mess the sio2sd up 4.make sure the fuse bits are set correctly the failures above are correctable by almost everyone except ... a)not everyone can reflash their atmega someone may have to help with that b)the slight timing issues with ntsc machines requires a firmware tweak... this manifests itself with loss of menu config via the computer freezing up requiring a power cycle and sometimes scambles the save data requiring a delete of the data to restore full function... it will save its config after you set up again and in the menu so no need to make back up..
  19. I here those keys clicking whens that posting?
  20. most of the time I just click 'view new content' and it usually finds what hasn't been looked at for me... but the site does have plenty of search options... I don't moderate here so there is no dog in the race... but I have been doing the 'op/mod/sig/admin thing since before the booming modem days. Just kind of an etiquette thing. As my post eludes it's kind of happening with frequency and the post is not directed squarely or solely at you Starfighter... Making my way around the forums, I know what to expect from each. It's kind of like those ads all over the internet now, inserted in the page, looks like the page, but it's meant to send you somewhere else. I need protection from the XUR and the Ko-Dan armada. Centauri it's okay... we're all helping to support our Gunstars.
  21. to rename I just drop to a dos prompt in windows and do the ole rename *.exe to *.xex in the directory full of Atari stuff... works like a charm since forever
  22. Never had an AtariMax flash cartridged erase itself on me since he first started producing them. Sounds mighty strange that it happens to you...If it will break I usually am the one to make it happen.... that goes for software... firmware and hardware.... I'm just that lucky! Just sticking with mostly the 1 mb size though.. as the 8mbit one hates my realtime clocks
  23. vaporware, real soon now light gun games...... I for one would love a game where you compete at the same time with someone.... should I put the light pen in port one or port 2 or the light gun in port one or port two... and how about those apps that use a drawing pad and a pen at the same time..... yeah I think we should keep support for at least two.. although I still love the 800 and 5200 for the 4 ports they offer and is one of the reason the family and some friends still find the old machines pretty cool. My one daughter thought it would be cool if the software allowed for 4 light pens so she could pick them up like real pens/tools to use... she wan't to be a graphics artist and dislikes the selection methods on most platforms just some thoughts
  24. just use pass thru carts, dropchecks extender, or ken jones pbi extender, or a cartridge break out board or... you get the idea... no need to murder your 1200XL and get all dremel mod crazy.
  25. using the three sector loaders, ape built in loader, or even picodos etc, you may find a great deal of exe(XEX) files will run on your machine. It will be trial and error since most of us haven't messed with the task too much, I think you will be pleasantly surprised don't forget some loaders let you change where they reside to let some software run that otherwise would not. Feel free to let us know your list of what worked or didn't I sure it will prove interesting!
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