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  1. but it would be nice to make the client relocatable, as more and more things are today...
  2. manual calibration of the timing window, maybe? include a slider to speed up or slow down the response time since it can vary based on usb chipset in the cable and pc. generic usb driver might need to replaced for use with respeqt with something a little more responsive? couldn't hurt.....the larger issue of automatically handling other speeders might be handled by not doing it automatically at all for the time being... make it a checkbox to force such a mode. Probably already considered...
  3. http://www.atarimagazines.com/atariclassics/v2n1/c_programming.php http://www.atarimagazines.com/atariclassics/v2n2/advanced_programming.php https://atariage.com/forums/topic/234300-c-compiler-for-a-6502/ http://atariage.com/forums/topic/217856-deep-blue-c-commercial-use/?p=2851371 http://atariage.com/forums/topic/205837-efficient-c-for-8-bits-a-whitepaper/ Lightspeed C is an improved ACE-C same guy wrote both.... so Paul makes the perfect suggestion if your moving up please read the first link, if you have a double sided double density drive... or any large storage solution, put it all together, what once was 'considered' huge by some is easily manageable on the Atari today and actually was back then as well just not for everyone... Please read the first two links then the white paper then the forum links
  4. some have hole punched through the DOS 3 label not sticker...
  5. Yes WIP= W.I.P.= Work In Progress
  6. Yeah all those titles are on the Warez House BBS anywayz... The dark underbelly of the interwebz on dah telnetz. Those secret decoders are workin' full time! Deflate/Inflate sales optimization rationale ... I think some people don't realize they lose money sometimes. By an estimate of comments here and on other 8 bit forums I think it costs upwards of 27 percent in sales. If I were to take them at their word. By reputation score and consistent posting I tend to think it's a fact that they will avoid the titles.... It is a shame as more money would mean a happier coder and crew. I once refused to sell a truck on principle but that was a one off, not policy. Is that far enough back on topic for you? Old Atari commercial.. do the math! in any event I await the post: Inflate/deflate was optimized by so and so on sucha date the optimization was the code snippet. blah blah The off topic video posting looks to help the topic with some much needed lightening of atmosphere and some good advice, if not just some uplifting ditties...
  7. Nah, just trying to help someone see we're here to help and make it all good. I work tirelessly to recall from my mind what answers I can to help out. If it were an issue on one of my old BBS's and it became a larger problem... I would lock the account with no privilege... add the all the info I could to the black lister and be done with it... Back in the old days that would also exclude such a nudge from a bunch of very good BBS's By your command, _C A__
  8. This video contains content from Eagle Rock. It is not available in your country.... better in all ways version... What's more is the song is not technically disco which is nice!
  9. W1K, I have never seen anything shipped from the USA to Slovakia ever arrive in the time frame your wishing for.... I would stress that whenever it ships, (at longest a week or so) That it will take at least that long plus Slovakian post to sort inspect deliver. I know there is a language barrier and also some forcefulness involved. Realize also that sometimes they return ship if the slightest thing is incorrect on the paperwork and then it's doubly long. Sometimes it requires the recipient to see(photo) the reason why it was refused to translate and help redo the shipment/document to get it there. This is the case often with overseas shipments coming and going. This has and always will be the case. Please offer help to your hobbyist vendor, he is trying to help you but may not know how to respond. This is a communications break down compounded by frustration on both parties as strongly worded emails tend to cause ill will among men. Any Slovak want to help W1K? He can use some effort on translation of thought to word. It starts out unintentional but ends up in spiral as both sides travel down that bumpy road.
  10. Sparta just sends the commands and by some extensions for the indus at one point, some code... this tells the drive to switch to it's high speed and then Sparta talks to it at that speed.... when SPARTA tells a Megaspeedy to go high speed... the speedy drive switched to it's flawed high speed timing per it's firmware and/or design... Sparta picks the speed and at NTSC the speedy will once again lose bits because of the timing... I do not fault SPARTA et al... I fault the Megaspeedy that needs it's timing fixed one way or another.. What you could try is using Sparta to cap the sio speed to one step slower index for that drive... this might fix a number of issues for normal operations. It however does not follow it will fix the formatter as last I knew it didn't work through that... and does things on it's own... an issue I might have made mention of at some point in the past.
  11. Bellcom ACE-C wasn't too bad back int the day but you need to be aware of some of their implementations as well. Gotta read their docs thoroughly...
  12. for cheapness sake maybe, but again, firmware tweak or clock fix with firmware update would allow for proper operation, lowest common denominator of 52 isn't always the answer... quick and dirty is just that...
  13. I miss the complete web page that showed all former products you made as well, I liked reading about them and it also gave hope they may be revisited yet again. It also made identifying your fine work in the wild more fun. Please consider during the revamp.
  14. It won't even be eye candy, knowing they posses flakes/dust in a box will simply make them look silly, knowing that most shrink wrapping was either added by retailers or re wrapped to add identifiers or security tags/devices even more so.... preservation means backing it up and packing the original with desiccant in the box and re sealing it. You can use a new media copy and slide it in the original floppy. That will get you another 30 or so years. The value is in the pack ins and condition of the box manuals labels etc,
  15. I'm sorry but Seven of Nine is on Voyager.... As she is disconnected from the collective and far away, I am not certain the message will be received in time or at all. Building more than 9 units may require re-designation. We suggest classifying their designations still be x of nine under another matrix. Sincerely, The Borg Collective
  16. Just to be sure, while there may or may not be an issue as is being discovered on what's in PBI bios ... The MegaSpeedy itself has a timing issue with NTSC machines the firmware for the Megaspeedy needs to be repaired if possible else the timing circuits may need update and firmware adjusted accordingly for the megaspeedy in any event...
  17. offer a friend or two a beer to play the game, capture it and re-upload, problem solved.... no apology would then be necessary!
  18. thinking of the periscope was that the dither could have been tweaked to make the right and left edges appear darker and the central line brighter giving it a cylinder look... solid black not so much...
  19. As I fully understand why it happens, I normally process disks through desiccant to remove moisture.. even after low temperature 'baking' a disk needs to be moved to fresh media and archived in other forms, be it hard drive or solid state media. Magnetic media can naturally lose it's patterns over time (some call it bit rot), and of course disks improperly stored or defect of manufacture does not help. Some disks look fresh as the day they were born and the pattern is degraded less than a few percent, other disks have that tell tale haze about them, or that rusty dusty look... or in the case of the above disk... what appears to be material literally falling off the disk. Very pleased at the resulting image. I am moving on to the next disk. It is imperative that the community and collectors alike image their disks. I am pretty sure we have discussed why and how at some length, it's on an Atari Age thread somewhere It also helps to have brand new sealed floppies of decent manufacture to write images to. Of which being blessed to have a few is nice.
  20. Every once in a while it happens a disk is just that far gone. Luckily I got to it before there would be no hope at all! All media is not created equal, all disks need to be archived before too long. We are indeed lucky most of us are getting to them before their contents are lost forever. I am just taking a quick look thru and attacking some of the worst as I figured they might not make it. I am glad I revisited this. I get a strange sense of satisfaction when I succeed. I really like the interest in the work. as to the other, I am working in the confines that I promised all to many years ago.. While I have been fortunate in my affiliations. Here's hoping that in some small way I have helped answer questions and connect people getting some answers or treasures that might otherwise be forever lost to time. this proves the theory 'it never hurts to try' the squiggle to the right of the overlay that the blue arrow points to is damaged area.. enough material existed to extract the data
  21. Because they were developed to help children silly!
  22. And the RIchman's WP crack and dump became a reality... thanks to some serious baseball Kyle22 knocked it out of the park!
  23. Always nice to see new people offer to help fill in the Gaps!
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