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  1. My view has been that if it leverages the Atari Architecture with dual floating bus (or even the XL/XE BUS which isn't but could be modified to be), the personality card can change, the add ons can change, nearly anything can be added, just so long as the core remains and all of the original chipset is put to use and not forgotten. It will be an Atari, a Jay machine through and through. Of course much of this ends up looking like what became the Amiga. But that was backed by Atari and the original crew made that as well... sooo. Let's have fun. It was meant to be, just as some of the original adverts made clear, that is and was the spirit of the Atari computer.
  2. ah zero though E... got it.. no slash through the number zero and the font makes it look like an o. Makes sense now. Thanks for the venue change.
  3. you may have to update the .jed file first for the ultimate... then do the FJC update... I'd update everything that's update-able to honest... even if someone says you don't need to... because inevitably things get moved around and change. A thread of a bunch of troubleshooting follows, it ends with a simple fix and an update.
  4. extras manuals 0-E... possible that's A-E? Typo mayhaps. I will try again later... mega just told me it had a 'blob' error. 😮
  5. well, I guess you'd have to be old and on a fixed income... some may have cognitive decline, so to understand that- to an old timer nothing beats the real McCoy as that's where the brain may be locked. Others simply enjoy using their old equipment. Some folks do have even more restrictions where a laptop might be the only option... lack of space in the dwelling or space provided. If I can provide either to them I will. A low cost solution helps us to do so. Sometimes walking in another persons' shoes can change perceptions. The perspective can be mind altering. Younger kids just getting their feet wet don't always have the dinaro to go all out either... these items let them get a foot in and run with the retro gear, they are the future. As their station in life increases, I am sure they will look back on the device that got them started fondly.
  6. I think I will continue to donate to older folks on fixed incomes who love the Atari, they aren't in the wrong hobby... any and all low cost solutions can bring them joy and some happiness...
  7. heh, all kinds of issues trying download this... and then.. transfer quota this... buy this package... wait 6 hours to download... transfer quota that. really odd I'm sure it's a great collection... but sadly the nags, hassles, and hurdles are making it impossible to get.
  8. please consider why different caps are used in different applications
  9. I think I will give my stuff to people with the right to first refusal... ranked order... if person 1 doesn't want it then it goes to person 2 etc.. that way if family doesn't want it, it would continue on to person 3 who might be AtariAge member etc... they pay shipping it they can't afford the shipping or don't want it then it will fall into the auction method
  10. the links and page only ever showed links to other businesses... I'd suspect he'd done the work and it exists but we never really got to see it through the provided link might have been renamed or released under another name though
  11. Yes two different rev.s for key caps and two different mylar sheets versions as well.
  12. at least a replacement duino can be dirt cheap...
  13. https://github.com/kbr-net/sdrive-max https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=SDrive-MAX https://atari8bit.net/tutorials/de-re-sdrive-max/ below is the historical site http://www.kbrnet.de/projekte/sdrive-max/index.html
  14. https://ataritools.fr.gd/1-_-PHOENIX-PROJECT.htm https://ataritools.fr.gd/ATARITOOLS_800--k1-8_BIT-k2-.htm 1/9/2020 was the last time I see he did anything related to Phoenix.... as a test in AtariTools
  15. a good first push into it... 30 seconds to gametime
  16. thought he was doing 5200 and A8 in parallel. as was normally the case
  17. Reflash it, make sure everything is seated properly?
  18. It would hurt to try to read that again some other time or with a different reader or method... it wouldn't be the first time something was thought to be empty and wasn't... Don't sweat it.
  19. lol, oven, only if it went super low temp, my current oven might melt stuff, I used a ceramic heater and a cardboard box, slow even heat. Other stuff hair dryer and heat gun.
  20. Practice on cheep chinese throw away electronic/printed circuit boards first...etc.
  21. It was whispered to me that many an Atari item walked from factory floors to homes in Japan, there may be more Atari's floating around Tokyo than one might think. It is rumored that there could be much hardware stowed in different places and resting, to be found or awoken when such people and places rediscover their Atari nests. Maybe asking around could start such things to be uncovered/rediscovered. I'd suggest a syscheck from tf hh I'd check delay line, clock, and the 4050. can't hurt to check the electrolytic caps either. Make sure the Atari is the correct one for your video system in use.
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