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  1. Never had an AtariMax flash cartridged erase itself on me since he first started producing them. Sounds mighty strange that it happens to you...If it will break I usually am the one to make it happen.... that goes for software... firmware and hardware.... I'm just that lucky! Just sticking with mostly the 1 mb size though.. as the 8mbit one hates my realtime clocks
  2. vaporware, real soon now light gun games...... I for one would love a game where you compete at the same time with someone.... should I put the light pen in port one or port 2 or the light gun in port one or port two... and how about those apps that use a drawing pad and a pen at the same time..... yeah I think we should keep support for at least two.. although I still love the 800 and 5200 for the 4 ports they offer and is one of the reason the family and some friends still find the old machines pretty cool. My one daughter thought it would be cool if the software allowed for 4 light pens so she could pick them up like real pens/tools to use... she wan't to be a graphics artist and dislikes the selection methods on most platforms just some thoughts
  3. just use pass thru carts, dropchecks extender, or ken jones pbi extender, or a cartridge break out board or... you get the idea... no need to murder your 1200XL and get all dremel mod crazy.
  4. using the three sector loaders, ape built in loader, or even picodos etc, you may find a great deal of exe(XEX) files will run on your machine. It will be trial and error since most of us haven't messed with the task too much, I think you will be pleasantly surprised don't forget some loaders let you change where they reside to let some software run that otherwise would not. Feel free to let us know your list of what worked or didn't I sure it will prove interesting!
  5. DOS XL 2.3 is not DOS 2.3 it's DOS XL ver. 2.3 although I remember it being command line and handling density to a degree in any event all of the suggestions so far are valid and will get the job done.
  6. why not post it here as well? lately I have been drawn in to a lot of discussions and been interested in them only to have the lets go to the competing forum/web site to continue or get whatever the thing is we are discussing. I like it here... and I may like some things elsewhere but I find it an uneasy thing as it becomes more and more frequent .... By all means send me to a git or personal site but leap frogging forums doesn't sit well with me. If and when I cross post I try to do a complete cross post... it's just me.. but I feel I owe it to the persons running each forum as they put their time effort and money into running and supporting us...
  7. wouldn't this do it? http://www.wudsn.com/index.php/productions-atari800/tools/atarirommaker or for other manipulations http://www.wudsn.com/productions/atari800/thecartstudio/help/TheCartStudio.html give em a try and let us know what you do and how it works out...
  8. this might work but it's not what I was talkin bout http://www.wudsn.com/index.php/productions-atari800/tools/atarirommaker this is also of use... http://www.wudsn.com/productions/atari800/thecartstudio/help/TheCartStudio.html play with each and see if you can use them all to achieve your goal.... then post up what you did etc.. I used thecarstudio a good deal at one time and gave it a thumbs up here on atari age..
  9. bump car to rom please or do you wish us to use http://www.wudsn.com/index.php/productions-atari800/tools/atarirommaker instead?
  10. hmmm it should already be an atarimax image then... but I have used the java based cartridge imager floating around here posted years ago to convert from one cart type banking scheme to another and stitch them together as well.... someone dig it up or at least remember the name of it for me please!
  11. atarimax sio2usb have lifetime warrenty just contact and arrange a swap
  12. could be a timing issue with the dos and the supplied bios... I had that problem with sparta dos and reading certain drive formats on XF551's. the xf's work fine with all other DOS but I am not sure people take into account 50/60 on alot of things these days and close enough means occasional glitches sadly
  13. are these all the PAL versions of the games or are they both PAL and NTSC or are they NTSC that happen to play on PAL.
  14. Can't wait for the scans and goodies to begin appearing on Atari Age when scooter83 begins the work he has been entrusted with doing.... It's a decent amount. Scooter when you get the chance could you make atr of the ABE's ACE's library disks... I know it could be slow work and it's not the ACE group from where you live but it's still nice to what you now have from the ABE natives of the users group.
  15. unfortunately everything lists the cart slots as the same between the 800 and the XL/XE series... this is incorrect and I wish they would obliterate and correct the dang pinouts on all the web sites... grrr You make the cartridge slot XL/XE compatible in the Atari 800 if you connect the PHI2 signal instead of RAS in the cart port. It is just that simple... and I can no longer count on my fingers and toes how this keeps popping up for all these things... MyIDE, The Cart, Ultimate cart, pbi mod,... etc etc etc.... I really wish it was a sticky! It makes just about everything work.. only a .000001 chance an old cart requires the old 800 timing to work... in fact I only ever ran across a 2 in my Roklan pile that use the old timing and I don't think they made production... I posted about it in the past....
  16. The behavior should be limited to 800's without the cartridge port fix.... you should not see the behavior on XL/XE though timing is tight and the 800 uses a different pin in its cart slot... I fixed all my 800's eon's ago
  17. Looks great if you want to take it further you can randomize the bits within the caverns fill characters and it will give it a more hi res look... a common thing to do. add a little distortion to the the plink maybe shorter duration and bobs your uncle... I think it's wonderful. fun little game.
  18. is this to be used as/with a rom/ram simulator through the pbi?
  19. yeah google isn't what it used to be.... even the official sites don't come up for many things any more.... I was in google maps and put in a chain restaurant name.... it found it and showed me the chain's picture location etc... but would not let me link out to it. I had to do a duck duck go search and what do you think the first thing I saw was.... the official site... but even when using duck duck it does not find stuff like it used to... it sends you sites that are tagged by advertisers etc and yelp and blah blah... What ever happened to the plain raw site search without all the meta tag steered crap.... You know the ones that searched by site name and actual content?
  20. I also avoid using maxflash 8 mb carts.... I stick with the 1mb versions.... the banking gets in the way of add-ons including the rtime8 carts
  21. replace the sio cord .... or remake the sio cord... then see if it's better. If it is then reflash them while it's behaving....
  22. If it's low ripple properly filtered and solidly close to the 5v... stay away from anything lower than 5 and nothing that is too far above either... shouldn't be a problem
  23. looks like it's ready for everybody to start rolling their own levels/etc... and posting...
  24. mine became f.u.b.a.r. all by themselves no other devices involved
  25. An intro, and outro, and some in game incidentals? I wonder what emkay could do with this? but I guess you just want note score and pokey values
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