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  1. Maybe 3.2 xinit needs a slight tweak....
  2. what terminal program and what translation? if in atascii mode hold control key and press the j key to end the line or make sure it's in ascii mode
  3. oh wow he's right that error is reproducible! good catch!
  4. I support both Farb and Glowing Ghoul as I believe Farb said space was a big factor and time was secondary but tight at the moment in so many words.... Ghoul has offered free hosting with no space constraints.... now that's a wonderful thing, a proper repository to back up the torrent's atx files and the kryo flux or raw images sounds pretty cool.... We understand that none of them are perfect... the more of us that get involved the better off all of it will be... I personally know what getting hit by the bus is like.... when someone helps themselves to all you own and sells it for top dollar on ebay.... the whole valet seller thing is bs, they are basically fences ... sorry bout that... stay on topic stay on.... In any event, we need a checklist of what people need to help.... what types of hardware is required or acceptable.... is bit writer good enough? lots of questions like are vapi's good enough etc. If only the top of the page in the forum's thread could hold a quick checklist or how to link and the current titles.. Do we need a bonafide kryo system etc... I tried to get an up to date spread sheet idea but when it updates randomly or not at all what do we do? I love what Farb has done and I like to think earlier conversations lead to this wonderful thing we have... maybe we need a reliable constantly updated spread sheet with needed title high light so we can concentrate on each title in a more ordered way...so everyone looks for and sends a particular title at once....and any title that is not yet in the database be accepted at any time....all are welcome but slightly directed to help get it done. ijor probably knows what I am trying to say... as he has worked on the same projects for other platforms...
  5. does it play on a 65xe without issues? also about the floating issue for memory... wouldn't it be better to use +5 and or a limiting resistor to prevent strain if connecting to ground... I hated when memory upgrades first came out and no resistor was in the plans, only to see a year later everyone added them in (with good reason at that)
  6. How about having the the RAW as a separate torrent.. as many of us would like to preserve in the truest sense and the more of us that have the raw archive the less chance it all disappears one day!
  7. And yet the XF551 chokes on them as do a number of other drives I own, they also choke on them, and might I add so do the standard mechs are connected to the floppy board as well as not working with the atr8000, and so on and so on.... using hard sector disks is asking for it... but hey I only found this problem with handful of people and number of disks... I am sure it's all just fine, till it isn't....
  8. And that is why it would still fail on a 130XE......even if it is stock... You would have to mod the 130XE further and disable the extra Atari built 64K extended bank...
  9. If he burn the pbi bios with the os on an eprom and installs that, would that allow him to obtain the desired outcome?
  10. Merry Christmas to all, both here and moved on, your presence of mind, and carrying on. You are my friends, and this much is true, I have nothing but love and adulations for you! May the spirit of Christmas and the blessings it may bring be a source of happiness and success for you, my friends!
  11. which magicjack? there a number of units from the original that required computer to work to the standalone unit they sell now... I have 4 different magic jack units and as of today none of them allowed me to successfully complete a reliable fax or download via any modem I own... If one of them allows it we all need to know about it... and what kind of internet you have as well.... I could use cheaper modem/fax method
  12. Very confused. I did the peterson 320k mod and put a switch on it 192k/320k never had a problem, even did the antic mod with the switch.. is there a specific problem that the 320k had to go?
  13. only vonage, sometimes ooma, and net talk can get you modem /fax calls , magic jack's codec no longer supports anything other than voice...
  14. Thanks, that's better than getting stuck. Just thought it would be a nice touch if you were removing kettle completely to let it ask if you want to leave the game and perform a cold start if you say yes or return to game if you say no... or is it a case of no more memory... I haven't looked. My other thought was to let it load kettle of fish a separate game but warn you that you can't return to where you left off. I really love this game.... Thank you for excellent work. You are a master!
  15. Go by hayden is too easy... but it is ML needs a face lift and some incidental sounds... Stack Go is too darn slow.... same deal could use a face lift and soft incidental sounds maybe it should be moved to turbo basic, it is also os-b only... I will try Friedrich Go and abbuc Go ... maybe they already made it better...
  16. I better go back to the start of the thread.... what is wrong with me these days .... it's the third time I miss or forget something before the end of a thread.... but no I am even more confused... Tezz, may I persuade you to make the kettle of fish game a chain loaded event or a way out where it warns you that once you play kettle it will reboot the game to exit... it would also make it so one may leave the game without pressing reset or power cycling, just have it peform a cold start at exit... A whole nother kettle of fish so to speak!
  17. I really love what you did updating this game... but I have a question.... I put the xex in an ultimate sd cart and went in to play... just to take a break I wanted play the mini-game where you scoop up the fish with a kettle..... so I paused and pressed start select option, and the rainbows stopped, it started playing bach and screen went blue.....and it hung music kept playing but all else was locked up.... Is this a know issue or is it a side effect of xex on ult sd cart xex loader?
  18. Seen this before... it was limited release. My child hood dentist had it in the waiting room to play... by the looks of the label on this one it might have had lots of grubby little hands on it as well! Can you save that tooth? It says there are Eight but unless you act fast it's about to be Seven... that tooth needs care fast!
  19. Sorry I bought this at Charles and Second a month ago for $6.50 I don't know what your thinking!
  20. I have taken an interest in the game that gave our computers their name (check) Atari... Only two programs exist and they could be remade by our awesome coders, graphists, and genius musicians here on Atari Age. The problems with current fair.... the game piece stones look crappy A little sound for tight situations would be nice.... One of them is in basic and the AI is slow and quite simply lame! My requests, face lifts for the originals Maybe a turbo basic porting, or action porting of the game with improved AI or an awesome ML version.... with sparingly applied incidental ancient Chinese sounds in it.. I just find it hard to believe that one game that absolutely should shine on the Atari is GO and the only choices we have are simply dreadful in intelligence, lacking polish or bling! Help make Atari mean something to GO! Doing so will make GO meaningful on the ATARI!
  21. Ideas and thoughts, I was able to fish flat ribbon cable thru the slits in the bottom case no cutting problem there, there is enough room in the back to allow a decent two conductor cord to pass thru for power, so cutting the case isn't necessary the angled add on for the control and led will still fit nicely across the front bottom edge. Tight fit but putting the power switch on the bottom left like a 1050, led segment next to that, followed by switch/ push button and finishing with nob to the right. As far as cuts to the pcb, it only saves you a couple in terms of power etc. sheets of gun metal grey plastic sheets can be had at hobby shops for a couple to a few bucks. With as touchy as the XF pcb can be the less we diturb the better. I am a sick puppy, how about going whole hog and have a sector display as well, they look awesome watching them spin through the numbers! I am looking at the size of that segment display board and have a hard time seeing how the pcb would sit easily in any location.... smaller or having pcb same height as led segment display might help. the squareness is make it tough.. maybe it looks bigger than it is...
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