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  1. It's working just fine for me... so something else may be at play
  2. emkay, if the band tunes up to an out of tune instrument... mostly everything will sound fine to the untrained ear... but... certain instruments produce harmonics when improperly tuned and adding more frequencies as you put it only makes it hurt the ears... this may be why people hear dying cats for certain productions and they don't consider that music... but rather torture to their ears... you can become deaf to such things if you listen to it for a long time... but most of us can't last that long!
  3. look in the this and the take a gander in the schematics he provided, he did a good job. The same thing has been mentioned about other platforms such as coleco's and such.
  4. so what exactly is changed to make this a whole new 'version'?
  5. gotta love shipping too. fools and their money is a phrase, so is a sucker is born every moment... some such phrases echo through history, coming and going.
  6. part of releasing is the possibility for bugs to be found and features being asked about because it may improve the software (not always but sometimes), and great things (may/can) happen because of such things.
  7. per the mytek discussions... Changed Q2 to NPN darlington transistor (MPSA13) for the composite output, which gave additional isolation from S-Video luminance circuit. Also adjusted a few values to render a better picture. The MPSA13 is obsolete, although Jameco has over 3,000 of them in stock. However the currently manufactured BC517 should also make for a good substitute. darlingtons are the way to go in Atari devices for the most part...
  8. how hard would it be to relocate the buffer area as the last two extended ram banks... after all it is DOS XE !
  9. if they are in the video section, check out myteks choice of transistors and why.
  10. The 'standard' waitcall should be 850 and smartmodem (hayes)... the answer appears to be you didn't do it, you used whatever someone else had set up and it worked for the video... so that leaves everyone else to guess which one happened to worked. perhaps somebody will share their fujinet config, startup, batch and such stuff as well as what they used for the waitcall... saving others the frustration and duplication of effort. of course none of that will matter if wifi devices don't forward port correctly or do not provide a true dmz when requested.
  11. correct, the test calibration tape has to be an original, any duplication and you get the new recording devices tracks... there are calibration test tapes for/from most manufacturers and was something that audiophiles actually did and or had done every couple of years as part of maintenance and service or their decks.
  12. Bottom line, it's flexible... pick your pleasure! You've filled some needs and covered some wants. Win Win for the NUCC warriors.
  13. just list it and then enter it... no need to type LIST "C:" ENTER "C:" the results for MS BASIC 1 versus MSBASIC II shouldn't be exactly the same... might want to check the manual and see what options allow for better execution as well.
  14. hmmm 60k... interesting, our version is better looking, sounds better, and is more fluid.... it's all good
  15. and remember, baby fits next to keyboard on desks, photographic proof is in the old system photos threads!
  16. I don't think people understand that pressing a key on the Atari to start the load has always been how it's done... it's no different with any emulation device... you set up the tape to skip some of the leader on the tape itself and press play... then you use the applicable tape loading method as listed on the software... the Atari will make the sound and wait for you to smack a key... I always chose the return key or space bar... then the dual tone symphony starts...
  17. you are pressing down the play button like on a real cassette player maybe?
  18. looks like a reflection to me... nice set yourself free! maybe you will slay yourself in the mirrorverse
  19. if the same make and model try setting the switches in the non working one the same as the working one... Matthew Ratcliffs Antic program "Custom Print" (March, 1985) has an option for quadruple density dot graphics on the Gemini l0X printer. The Panasonic KX-P1091 also has a quadruple density dot graphics mode? To modify Matt's program for the Panasonic, change the lower case "z" in line 320 to an upper case "Z". https://www.atarimagazines.com/v4n12/ioboard.html shows how to modify the calender program to use the KX-P1091 in both draft(fast) mode, and Near letter quality mode...
  20. how much space? a microfeed, a pin, a line, a complete character height? did you adjust head gap if it's a small tiny fractional amount? how is the paper fed? is it slipping? would a cleaning or pressure adjustment help. does the problem exist with other graphics printings from other software?
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