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  1. (Bitwise OR) sets a bit to 1 if one or both of the corresponding bits in its operands are 1, and to 0 if both of the corresponding bits are 0. (Bitwise AND) sets a bit to 1 if and only if both of the corresponding bits in its operands are 1, and to 0 if the bits differ or both are 0. (Bitwise XOR) (exclusive OR) sets the bit to 1 where the corresponding bits in its operands are different, and to 0 if they are the same. Even 1 ^ 1 evaluates to 0 unlike the regular Bitwise OR. am I remembering things even close here? just curious as to how the cost in memory/cycles falls on these... I just don't remember if it's even close or the same, can you refresh my failing thoughts? just thinking about how it might have worked or how to fudge it is all...
  2. mouse at the end seems fitting... not a bad idea... prattling gibberish follows... you are using bitwise OR masking there? does AND masking work here at all... ifirc possibly adding the two lets the number fall into a darker range so it's more of a shadow and isn't as obvious.
  3. There are markings in and on the case and on the pcb's, there are sometimes stickers as well and sometimes on the cage etc. You might provide whatever photos you can... then we'll try to sort it out... but really no way to guess until it's seen. There isn't much other than that and the chips that are in it to establish a time frame. Other clues would be tabs, keyboard type and those stickers etc. Why would that be important to you?
  4. The AVG doesn't have to use the SIO cord and can run as a SIDE cart... it's pretty much the same in terms of loading in that configuration as any of the other cart solutions...
  5. so what we have is a stand alone DOS, but SIDEB provides some speed, but could run one whatever device provided said device has the interface for it? Or a client/appliance where it both? Or are we a PBI DOS serviced through the keyhole and PBI space/window? Or cart based like X and we are leveraging the rom slots like u1m/incognito/side? PBI DOS isn't unlike the systems and methods used for MIO/BlackBOX... so that would be interesting indeed. Many don't realize it's faster than internal ramdisks and their banking methods
  6. oh but wait, We want the mouse! OH BUT WAIT WE WANT Cinematic screeen! Another DISK and we have all the room we need to randomize both and no more searching for space on the disk... but - but .... ouch that hurt.... why it appears that daggers are coming through the interwebz... and another internet baddy is being slain... :) The Prince had no choice but to put that to an end! All of the assets from this epic production deserves a place and to be seen and enjoyed... Thanks for your perseverance and of course letting the world try your patience.
  7. you aren't saying you both obtained and then spent those bytes!!! oh my!!! next we will have a dissertation from an observer about the conservation of memory and what better use of such bytes could have meant !!! The if only! and shame of it! Seems the parts that will be missing would be... 'How' and exactly 'what' such a development would be, or even a snippet of code or an example of the passing idea. I think some folks drank 'one to many' of the 'potions' during the arc of this thread. I hope you continue to find, discover, crunch, and optimize things until every last byte you need is revealed and put to use. I can see a moment where just enough is available to excite your crew to do that one last thing you're hoping for. The only heart that need be won is that of the Princess in our story, all others get the blade!!!! Except the mouse, whom perhaps had a magical ability to help the Princess make it through another day until our Prince could rescue her!
  8. AVG cart is the most economical and capable multi-cartridge... it may be overkill, but the price is right
  9. looks good with the tweak, save the red billow of curtain. I did like that vibrant red, but on balance the rest of the screen is a lot more real estate. As a whole it's good either way. Liking the dungeon better with the tweak, but the princess room better without it ... it's the minds eye in all things. The Princess room tricks you into thinking there are more distinct colors in the original, but the dungeon looks better with the change of the tweak....
  10. 1.2MB solutions I believe use a different material for the disk... this was discussed previously, it's generally a bad idea
  11. You could hope, but generally they only assist in stuff for the specific machine or tuned to their specific machine...
  12. yep, act and hct are my preferred, used in the Atari(s) and vehicles forever... robust, fast enough, and provides good drive. The problem that sometimes would occur would be a lesser quality some other branded chip might not be quick enough and then I'd sub an F in there just to get the job done. Times change though...
  13. using the ape loader to handle an xex may require you to press tab key to select a different load address... give it a whirl
  14. They all need to be redone using the latest tools and modifications such as vinscool and company did on rmt and it's myriad of related softwares.
  15. Most of us have seen why very quickly indeed when using the real drives to back up our catalogs of disks to atr, atx, or breaking out our files to a folder. You would come to also greatly appreciate the ability when writing your disk images/folders of data back out to the actual drives onto new media. It makes these tasks so much more bearable/enjoyable. That precision is critical when attempting to doing such chores.
  16. tape deck, cd player, cassette... the idea is just about any audio source, yes?
  17. APE can work with FTDI cables utilizing VCP and software modes, this is both good and bad... as with all FTDI cables, you can't switch baud rate quickly enough to emulate an XF551 or iNdus drives properly! The AtariMax device cables in conjunction with APE can do so without issue handling the emulation and real drives correctly whereas FTDI and RespeQT can not. APE provides internet modem/serial port APE can drive more than on serial cable APE provides PC mirror across practically all DOS variants PCLINK on RespeQT is incredibly great used with SDX however.
  18. Then read the (hidden) thread in the ABBUC forum about it... is what was said in regard to lawsuit over said functions. Hope that clears some of the confusion...
  19. It reports it found the usb device and configured, there is no rs232 device to find and reports that as well... it should be working... APE can serve both a USB and an rs232 at the same time, just don't access the same disk at the same time... writing to the same image slot at the same time is a no no. Edit looks like you've got it figured out in your later post
  20. It isn't undocumented, it just within a number of documents other than the one or another you apparently are reading.
  21. Long after tapes turn to goo, and disk lose their data, a record will still be playable and the data retrievable... turbo vinyl loader could help too!
  22. two keys at once without a re-code, shift or control key or combined scan code maybe. Don't lose heart. If you think think this was tough going- there is also twitter and the like with their comments etc. over every and anything - usually much more ruthless and terrible. This is the way of the internet and cooped up people. I still feel the love! I hope you do too!
  23. if your disk drive is not a happy drive, similar to happy, or possibly USDoubler drive... then you can't have high speed ticked also you can use RESCAN BUS or something like that to search for the device... make sure your drive is set as D1: to get started....
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