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  1. okay giving this some thought while quickly skimming the data sheet, the chip needs to detect a transition to low for SOB... that means it had to be high at least once during startup, the datasheet suggest that it might be prudent to hold the sob high if it is not to be used. This may be why he connected it the way he did rather than just tying it to ground... so it transitions to low, if it stays low that's fine... if it's not to be used it gets held high according to the sheet... some slight differences in the chip over the years... but that's what I have as a thought. Give the sheet a once over and you see some notes added as well for the current differences for the differing forms.
  2. okay, what is the exact chip you are currently using that isn't behaving... if it implicitly states 2-14 it might be an issue... point us to the data sheet maybe.
  3. is your chip 1 Mhz chip? the Atari needs 2 Mhz or better... might be good to check
  4. it's understood the pinout will be different so I include this for those following along. edit for plcc
  5. If you have exchanged all chips and they are good as you say, that only leave socket and pcb pad trace problems... or a flaky ram chip that borderline works... possibly a timing issue... so make sure you exchanged ALL chips... pokey normally doesn't make ram fail... PIA can have some interaction though.. maybe you should have your friend talk with folks, the game of whisper down the ally never turns out too well.
  6. That's not what I see in the last posted schematic from mytek... am I confused, is there some sort of mix up? I took the image and enlarged it as well. Can you put all of you diagram/schema with just this section into a post for comparison... did a quick skim and didn't see each.
  7. even not for profit 501 c museums can end up having their contents auctioned off with proceeds going to the owners and bills.... You have to have a document indicating what and how your donated item must be handled even in the even the museum is closed, dissolved, bankrupted, or placed into estate status or otherwise if you wish to protect that which you offer to them
  8. yes but the cost to buy said cartridge is more than getting it from just about anywhere else...
  9. do your mean MMU changes? You may need to alter both the MMU and EMMU
  10. okay but we still do all of that counting by hand (in our head and design) and then can get an idea from there between the two. It's not that it matches up in the programming exact in that but we still can count the scanlines and frame it from there to what we are going to do on our target... if it's of no use to you it's understood and we can still use pencil and paper to do so... it's a matter of convenience and speed I guess, as it can give a hint to whats left to work with.
  11. None the less, it's useful to see the count during free form programming when working in/with multiple target and sources... 2600 to NTSC or PAL 8 bit etc...
  12. I am totally confused as to what is being done or requested... Atari BASIC allows for ml routines to be used, either by character strings method or pokes... back 1980 we were doing this... it's the reality of it's universe... you have a multitude of artifacted graphics choices in conjunction with those other choices as well as players and missiles to help in coloration as well, also use-able through BASIC
  13. Those two fix ups should be provided to SIKOR and he can include them in digital emails...
  14. depends on the DOS, some device are adaptive... and give data at the same speed as requests are made, some use a forced blanket setting and then there are problems.... Each DOS has it's own limit and SpartaDOS as well as SpartaDOS X have their one groups of filters and drivers... for instance a PClink driver can go all the way to ZERO... no problems at all.... some devices won't allow you to use both without switching it manually each time (a real PITA) ... others will do so happily or will do so within certain limits.
  15. the problem isn't in the casual request over time, it's in the barrage of them from the same persons that don't relent.... others see it and do the same carpeting of requests, again nothing wrong with a request for a single port of some kind... but when it's multiples across days or a week those time frames can be a bother.
  16. Yep the ingot is crap, any epoxy filled mess has been on any platform including the Atari... the commodore had a crap ton of their shit power supply shipped out with theirs as well, people put them in high air flow areas and had fans blow on them until they could be replaced. Thankfully we all know about them and keep vigil so it won't happen to anyone else if we can warn them quick enough
  17. If there are sockets. check that not are shorted by debris or conversely not making proper contact with pad/swipes/ or with chip legs. seen enough dodgy sockets over time with poor connection and weak/broken swipes and debris/flakes shorting boards and others have as well. also consider checking multiplexor/decoder chips for keyboard. The chips may be goog but sockets me be bad... DEOXIT everything with a contact. DO NOT deoxit the mylar traces etc. though!
  18. the computers hanging like that need restraining tethers, all trays/shelves/tethers should be affixed with anchor bolts an similar on solid wall, toggle bolts or similar on plaster / sheet-rock walls....
  19. The 800 was designed for that purpose, right on down to the personality board... Icognito wouldn't have come about more than likely if it weren't in the 800 DNA nor the Bit3 or Franklin Card Video Card, not to mention memory upgrades, I/O cards et al.
  20. Image slot density detection is flaky is what you are saying, I noticed on old flavors of it that selection of certain images would work sometime and other times not, same image, not changed a thing, but would miss a single bit here or there. missing sectors on load in so to speak.... eel curb for example load fine this time not the next or fail to load on cold boot another day and then load fine the next attempt... perhaps something is just slightly borked for image slot i/o and density detection in general? I will have to test if this is the case with the latest .0b version I suspect it would be working as he's got the cartridge issues and other fixes in it that were done since .08 further edit, you are testing and noticed it's still not quite right. I will try to verify... is it in all cases that copying a disk from a real sio drive to the MyIDE image slot can fail detection or just certain disks? Is this also with sio2pc cables or only with sio2pc cable etc... I ask in hopes to narrow down and make the issue easy for Mr. Atari to reproduce as well...
  21. if the software is written assemble for one other... as stated before their are equivalent codes or the speed of the newer processor makes up for it a bit... two slightly different versions of the same software or even a detection or choice at boot should sort it.
  22. Yes you can re order them... some methods were to sector copy with appropriate devices, others were command line tools industrious folks explained and provided on whatever website, forum, bbs .... it was at the time... pretty sure such things could be tracked down or done again..
  23. If using MyDOS, you access all of the drives and it will get the density, then you save the DOS, next time up it has the Density for each saved as defaults.... is there another issue as in MyDOS doesn't detect the density at all on access?
  24. get a 'pokey one' or similar replacement
  25. we replace mt rams as well, but we have another problem... arcade cabinet owners cannibalize our machines and toss the machines in the garbage... seems they covet our sound chips and a couple other bits and pieces and then waste the whole of perfectly good machines... it's criminal in some ways, but folks only think about their needs and no one else. Some of Atari's sturdiness was also because is was all designed to behind a massive shield and was used in industrial settings... rather than change everything later on the chips pretty much stayed the same even as the shielding was minimized again and again and hole appeared in them for air flow. The 800 had it's ram carts uncovered and eventually dropped for cost savings... people thought they did it due to overheating... I think in the long run that helped also as there was less heat as a result... however they could have used the metal backing on the ram carts as heat sinks if there were a problem like that... as a natural built in heat sink and spreader.
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