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  1. Long after tapes turn to goo, and disk lose their data, a record will still be playable and the data retrievable... turbo vinyl loader could help too!
  2. two keys at once without a re-code, shift or control key or combined scan code maybe. Don't lose heart. If you think think this was tough going- there is also twitter and the like with their comments etc. over every and anything - usually much more ruthless and terrible. This is the way of the internet and cooped up people. I still feel the love! I hope you do too!
  3. if your disk drive is not a happy drive, similar to happy, or possibly USDoubler drive... then you can't have high speed ticked also you can use RESCAN BUS or something like that to search for the device... make sure your drive is set as D1: to get started....
  4. It's all point of view for the most part. Facts? I thought we were in agreement that the word choice didn't fit the subject... wow... have some wordplay on AA. MrFish is not normally one to be testy. Did the change in avatar also change MrFish. I also thought we both pointed to what the better word choice might be.
  5. lol moar, I was laughing, as I expected the dictionary explanation, but it should be width, depth, and height. though if anyone chooses to do length, height, and width... what can one do? depth could also be below, so we can really end up in a deeper subject. It about position and placement as well as word... It's a win win, because we have some idea of what to use and why.
  6. adam242, this is the one time I completely don't get your secondary reference... I get the gist of what you are saying in the first part... but the second part completely looses me... there never was a palestine per se ... but there has been an Israel twice. The Philistines came from the North down to the South... the muddied waters makes a mess for all time.
  7. that link just shows a disk icon
  8. It's time to populate the empty bank, it's cheap, it's easy... it's the way it was designed and meant to be. Happy Atari, Happy you!
  9. There is more to uncover, antic is still a madman only a thing or two left to do... GTIA still has a couple things as well... and while some folks don't like undocumented op codes... they too have a part to play once that wall is hit as that will give a couple of precious cycles making things happen that otherwise might not. One can always make a version using newer opcodes on/for the advanced add on processors to keep things going in the compatibility realm. So many wonderful things are still possible. So buck up buttercup, enough with this negative no more can be done attitude! You're always surprised when the next thing happens.
  10. Practice and usage makes for better work, more capable offerings. I've seen people dust off their old code years later, adding those needed and missing ingredients that they've since learned... someone updates the graphics, and just like that, all of the nay sayers are like omg that's so nice thank you! They don't even realize what they love so much is the thing they ran the people down for in the first place. How about we support every effort and see what happens rather than poop all over stuff... suggestions and ideas are normally a good thing, but beating the folks who work so hard to a pulp never produces anything good.
  11. There is a way to delete the bad material within a quote. You can edit the post and only delete the quoted material... placing a note stating the quoted material broke forum rule or rules. the person who quoted or made the reply could have a PM dropped to them explaining the reason the quote or whatever was deleted. Such a thing might be helpful. The replying poster may also be given a chance to edit their reply so that they aren't left to look like they are responding to something that never took place... They could at least keep their good responses and just type a note that their post is edited to keep the bad post they responded to from continuing. More than one way to handle it that's for sure. It ain't easy, but it's possible. Just some ideas.
  12. RespeQT is my PCLINK server, APE is usually everything else(except some happy drive stuff)... I run them at the same time. APE serves one computer via the Atarimax SIO2PC usb version, another computer using the RS232 version, and then finally RespeQT to serve pclink to one or the other and some happy drive stuff. APE also acts as my internet modem in a pinch
  13. That's not only for the Pi Pico/PC, but for the XE series, as it gives the full 1200XL usage of the Keyboard for use in the XE's...
  14. this would be even better with the auxiliary choice to have the extra diagonal function keys continue all the way across. @MEtalGuy66 style.
  15. The clear cases turned out to be terrible... don't do it. There's a couple of threads explaining what happens with them over time. skip them
  16. He still had to ship it to you, so if needed your old address might help Might be an upgrade or shipping fee though.. won't be much
  17. your old registration is more than likely there... he had mine... just be prepared to give all the information you had at the time you originally registered it so he can find it (and verify it's really you).
  18. I'll try to help out via text, phone, or messages. Will require some specifics for your drives. Each are set up differently... make model etc etc embedded scsi/ or scsi controller etc.
  19. SDX allows to set extension for certain things too.
  20. It's still pretty cool and most people would never ever notice
  21. that's JIL in the middle is an i very close
  22. Now I need two more of these! Thanks guys... just one or two more 'magic' requests though... how to explain it to the wife! ... as well as an in budget source to make it all happen
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