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  1. Everything I've purchased from Best has been solid from start to finish. His rebuilt 5200 controllers are the only way to go. Brad has always been responsive but I think he is a one man show.
  2. Looks like he played until he made it back to the start of the game.
  3. Is that......did you......go back to the first "screen"?
  4. Received the paddle and it works great with my 4 port. Played some Kaboom! and it was really smooth. Thanks Shawn!
  5. Don't forget Castle Crisis which is a homebrew of Warlords. Got 4 player there as well. Works with both controllers and paddles if you can get them.
  6. Best rebuilt controllers are a must. TrakBall because of Tempest. AtariMax cart in my opinion is required. Plan for the controller from Maker Matrix if you are serious about getting the system. https://www.maker-matrix.com/product/5200-controller-left I have a 4 port board that I picked up from Best that is modded to work with every game and the 2600 adapter. Had it for a few years now and it has been solid for me. No AV or power mod. A 2 port might be the way to go unless you want to play Castle Crisis with 4 players. The 4 port switch box is getting harder to find. Other than that I can say that eBay sucks for buying a 5200 unless you actually buy from someone that knows what they are talking about and can give you an honest description of the system and controllers. If they say they don't know if the controllers work then they don't work. If they say the system is untested don't even bother. It will likely be a waste of money. I love the 5200 and there have been some really nice conversions and homebrews over the last few years. This is not a cheap system to get up and going. For me this system is worth it since it was one growing up that I thought was just the coolest looking slap of high tech wizardry ever made.
  7. This happened to me as well. I thought I was in the upper right hand side but could be mistaken. Pretty sure it was the second or third stage in. Def not the fourth. I just disappeared. When pressing the fire button I could hear it firing but nothing else. Actually let it run for a few minutes to see if some find of collision happened but nothing. Had to reset the game. Wish I could give more info on what I was doing and all that but it was just one of those things that happened so quickly and then haven't seen it again. I will try and play the game some more to see if it can be replicated. I thought about doing a video but figured it was a one off thing. If it happens again I will take a video. This was running on a light sixer 2600. No Atarivox. Standard difficulty.
  8. I love my controller and it has made some 5200 games better than playing with my masterplay clone or the stock controller. Would it be difficult to make one that works with the ColecoVision or the CollectorVision Phoenix? I'm guessing the analog thumb stick would need to be changed? Having something like this that works with the DB9 connector and has a keypad would be very nice.
  9. Looking to do a trade for a working Atari 2600 Jr. with at least a power supply, decent controller or two and paddles. The important thing is everything works. If there are some common games to throw in that would be great. The Atari Video Cube game is in great condition overall. The box has a couple small creases in the corners front bottom left and right. The top flap has a small tear but still closes. Cart front label is excellent. End label has a small amount of lifting in the center but the edges are good. The label itself looks nice. Manual is excellent as well. This is a really nice collectors CIB game. I would consider a regular 4 switch but that isn't my first preference here. You ship yours and I ship mine.
  10. Nice review. Thanks for posting it. I have been playing with mine for a couple weeks now and can give it a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars. I can't knock the quality of the controller at all. While it doesn't have the feel of a Xbox controller it is still pretty solid feeling. For me the button placement has not been a problem up to this point. Also having the primary buttons with some sort of rubberized coating would be nice but again, for me, has not been a problem. This controller rocks with the new Moon Patrol redux that was posted here recently: Pac-Man Arcade, Bosconian and Scramble are three newer games that I have really enjoyed with this controller. I did have a problem with my extension cables. The two that I already own are a few years old and do not work the controller. Jarrod and Herb were great to work with. They verified that controller itself worked with all of the different methods for testing and I pretty much knew it wasn't my 5200. I went ahead and bought another cable from them and they sent the controller and cable out extremely fast. Everything works perfect. Overall I would recommend this for any 5200 owner. After the new year I will put an order in for a second one.
  11. I really like this version and would buy a boxed cart and manual as well.
  12. I was lucky and was able to get all three of these. The boxed Pro Golf and the Augusta and Desert carts. This is an easy game to start playing but it is not at all easy to master. The split screen play is really nice. Overall I think these games are a gem for the 2600 community. Thank you for creating these great games. I have the games on my Harmony cart but wanted to get the actual carts for my collection. Having the roms to play without dragging the actual carts out every time is awesome.
  13. Now that is awesome!! Thanks for that:)
  14. I vote for giving Tempest some love. I really don't have any photos for submission so not much use there.
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