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  1. Here is my recollection of Solaris and the 2600. My brother and I grew up dirt ass poor which is not an exaggeration in the least. We didn't have any kind of video game system until about 1986 or 1987 when we put our birthday money together and bought a 2600 and big box of games for $10 at a yard sale. Our birthdays were 6 days apart by the calendar but we were 4 years apart in age. I do remember it was a 6 switch and had joysticks and paddles. Games that I remember we got with the system were Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Frogger, Stampede, Freeway, Pitfall, Breakout, Video Pinball, Night Driver, Combat and Air Sea Battle. There were more but I can't remember back that far. Most kids were starting to get an NES so the 2600 was a real bargain for kids like us. Not long after that Big Lots must have purchased a large lot of Atari overstock. I don't remember the exact year. They were selling a 7800 with a bundle of games for about $50. They also had a large number of 2600 games. Big bins full of games and more hanging on the wall. One of them was Solaris. It was $2.00 still sealed. The graphics on the back of the box looked amazing which we knew was BS. No game actually looked that good on the 2600. We bought it anyway. Can't beat $2 for a game. My brother and I were blown away by this game from the second we hit the power switch. We had friends that had an NES and the graphics and gameplay were almost as good. Who knew this old as hell system could do this. My brother and I moved on to more advanced systems as the years went on. I have the game in the original box in almost as good of shape as it was the day we bought it. Solaris is the reason I still love the 2600. For me I don't think I would still feel the way I do about the 2600 without Solaris.
  2. I have a 4 port 5200 and a 2600 light sixer hooked to a 27" CRT TV. Everything is plugged into a power strip. I turn everything off and the power strip when not in use. The 5200 uses the powered TV switch and I do not like to plug it in with power already connected to the TV. That spark isn't healthy. Best Electronics has it right. Plug in the switch and power supply before actually turning everything on. I blew out a TV switch by not doing this. Those things are getting more expensive all the time.
  3. I would love to see the game with the radar at the bottom. I will throw it on my Harmony cart and see the latest changes. Glad you ran with Jamcat's inspiration on this!
  4. I was actually telling a friend recently that I thought a beer pong Atari game would be sweet. He laughed and said that it would be a safe bet that most of the people that would play it on the Atari last played real beer pong 20+ years ago. Personally I love the concept you have written out. If someone drinks too much it won't be because of this game. They were going to drink too much anyway. Put me down for a boxed copy if you get to that point.
  5. I did a search and didn't find what I need. Hope someone here can point me in the right direction. Is there anyone that makes custom boxes for 5200 games? More than anything I'm looking for a box for my Adventure II game and a couple other loose homebrew games to put on the shelf with my other homebrew games. They don't need to be an actual reproduction box and this isn't going to be something for resale. Since a full on printed 5200 box is probably cost prohibitive I was thinking maybe something along the lines of a plastic VHS style clamshell case. My preference would be that the case be somewhere close to the same size as an original 5200 box. It would also need room for a manual. Any ideas?
  6. Played this demo on my Atarimax cart and it is amazing what has been done. I really hope someone takes this and runs with it. I would buy two copies.
  7. I hope I'm not too late. For some reason the email went to my SPAM folder. Sent in the pre-order anyway just in case.
  8. I purchased a Masterplay clone from Atariguy1021 with a modified paddle controller. The MP is a very nice piece of hardware. It can use a Genesis style controller. I wish I could have picked up another set before he stopped making them. There is no way I would play my 5200 near as much without it. If something like this were widely available the 5200 might get a little more love.
  9. Looks like it will be box, cart and manual. There is a picture of the box in this thread on the last page.
  10. I have Gradius and Penguin Adventure and love both games. The box and manual are really nice. Probably the best I've seen for any homebrew or large game company. When Gradius is available again I want to pick up another copy for my brother. Will Penguin Adventure get another release?
  11. On top of what Swami listed could we also get manuals or at least something that shows number pad and button functionality?
  12. Just to help to give someone an idea of when they might get their Phoenix. I ordered mine 1/6/19 and received on 11/1/19.
  13. I would absolutely rather have a real box with manual. The only reason for the clamshell style is for storage and that is where I am at this point. Never been a fan storing loose carts.
  14. Was anything ever decided on this? I would purchase a box if available.
  15. This game is sweet on the 5200. Played it with the regular 5200 controller and it does a great job. Haven't tried it with my Masterplay clone yet. As soon as it is available in the store I'm hitting the buy button. Really wish the 5200 would get more love.
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