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  1. Wow! Congratulations! What an awesome showing on the final stretch. Really looking forward to getting the cart and other swag.
  2. Grgak may be a first time poster however he isn't trying to sell something. We know it is not unusual for people to come here and post asking what something is worth for a rare or even not rare item. They then go off and put it on eBay for whatever amount of crazy money they can get. Good for them but please don't come back. Grgak did not create that type of post. I do not believe it is against AtariAge Forum rules to create a new account and then create a new topic saying that they would like to purchase something. Feedback from eBay or some other site should not be necessary when a person is offering their money for an item. They give the money BEFORE the item they purchase is given to them. Where in that transaction does feedback from anywhere actually come into play in regards to the person willing to lay down the money? As long as payment is made why do any of us care? Should a transaction between forum members have some kind of unwritten rule in place to protect the person that has had an account longer? No. Doing this type of thing puts this forum into an elitist category that we should all push against. AtariAge is not elitist or at least not intentionally. I've been a member in the background for years but that isn't because I feel unwelcome here. If the day came that I felt unwelcome, I would not shed a tear for never coming back. New members that feel shunned will shed less a tear than I would. Please, let us open our arms to new members without placing an undue burden on their membership. This forum is a special place with more knowledge than I, or most anyone else, could ever retain. Let's make sure this place is going to stay around for people that are just now embracing this hobby.
  3. I ordered replacement bearings from Console5 that should be here soon. https://console5.com/store/kits/trak-ball-kits.html The really nice thing is they make a 3D printed bearing press to remove the tapped in shaft on one of the bearings. Also, they have 3D printed replacement encoding wheels. When I get mine back up and running I will let you know how the new parts work out.
  4. Don't see an Intellivision Flashback controller there.
  5. Thanks for the info. Also, a thanks to swlovinis for starting this thread. If you don't mind I will hit you up in the near future in a PM about modding my 5200. I have no idea why I got to thinking that BBSB would not play on a 4 port. As for having the capability to play 2600 games on the 5200 I don't own the adapter and would probably never try to own one. Not having to deal with that damn switch box would be a true luxury.
  6. Very nice! Can't wait to try it out!
  7. I have a 4 port that was purchased from Best Electronics a few years ago. It is the version that was modified to be able to use the 2600 adapter and could play Bounty Bob Strikes Back. If I remember correctly these mods would break a 2 port model's ability to use the 2600 adapter. Does that apply to this 4 port as well?
  8. I'm mostly joking but it seems to me the 5200 will fry something, even itself, if you look at it the wrong way. Don't get me wrong. I do love my 5200 but it doesn't feel like it at least kinda likes me back. The info is here: https://atarimax.com/5200sd/documentation/index.html The Ultimate SD kit includes the following: Atarimax Ultimate SD Cartridge for Atari 5200 Surprise BONUS 5200 Homebrew! (See Below) Surprise BONUS Three NEW 5200 Conversion Titles! (See Below) 32MB or Larger SD Card (Pre-Orders shipping with 512MB Cards) Menu Software (Pre-loaded and ready to use on SD Card) Free Firmware Upgrades and Technical Support Real Lifetime Warranty
  9. Looking for a manual for Zaxxon for the Colecovision. It doesn't need to be perfect but I would prefer it to be in good condition. No major tears or water damage.
  10. The Atarimax cart has a lifetime warranty. Pretty sure it would be easy enough to have fixed/replaced.
  11. Looking for a Sega Genesis console case only. Preference is the original model design. It doesn't need to be in perfect condition because it will not be used as a gaming system. The reset, power switch and etc. are needed as well.
  12. Umm.....I want one. Maybe two:) Count me in. Also looking forward to the new Gradius. I have the first release and it is one of my favorites.
  13. Any idea when you will be taking orders again? Looks like you are waiting for cables. This last round I ordered the right stick version by mistake. By the time I realized what happened the left stick version was sold out. Would it be possible to purchase one without the cable? The two I already have came with the cables so that isn't going to be needed.
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