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  1. Yes: leave it to the OS, not least since the volume may not be hosted by a serial device (PBI hosted ATR, HDD partition, etc). Extended memory detection: http://atariki.krap.pl/index.php/Obsługa_standardowego_rozszerzenia_pamięci_RAM You might also want to check for SDX and branch to detection code which uses the SDX bank table if present in order not to nuke the DOS bank, RAMdisk, etc. See SDX programming manual.
  2. Yes: it's already in the U1MB SIO driver. You just need to call SIO.
  3. Thanks so much! As is my custom, you will find a thank-you email in your inbox. I really appreciate your sharing your experiences here, too. I'm certain the additional notes under the video will be helpful to others.
  4. Not at all... I'm just a little exasperated the one variable which could change and cause a moment's confusion did change and I had to hear this from an end user. I should have expected it. But your post is really useful and I'll add a note under the video explaining the colour mappings on Lotharek's cable. Thanks! Exactly so: I know this will throw some people and I emailed Lotharek about it immediately after I replied to your post. OK: Have added a pinned comment under the video which I'm sure only fifty per cent of viewers will complain is not there.
  5. This is excellent news. Sorry I haven't replied to your email yet but I had no time yesterday. I will test and provide feedback today. Many thanks! This is great timing, too, since I spent much of yesterday morning preparing the v.3.03 firmware update for release, and will hopefully finish that today.
  6. That's half-expected; the cable Lotharek supplies is probably an off-the-shelf part which pays no heed to the colouring system depicted in Candle's installation guide (of which my video is a fairly faithful representation). I am yet to have my hands on an Incognito as supplied by Lotharek, and was not advised that the wires would be different colours, nor what those colours would be. Lotharek seems happy to link my video at the bottom of the product page, however, and if you watch the video, you'll notice that the directions include pin numbers and signal names as well as colours, so hopefully anyone capable of counting should be able to figure out the wiring. I would consider this a minor inconvenience rather than a "problem", since I imagine the pin assignments and signal names have not changed. Again: an inconvenience, and not insurmountable. Try pressing the reverse video key (the Fuji logo). My firmware has a boot screen which tells you what to press, so I can only assume you're running the original firmware.
  7. There's a US-based reseller of Lotharek's stuff, so if he carries it, that'll take care of that problem.
  8. But I already know. It's Candle's reaction to stupid questions which I find entertaining.
  9. As the great man himself once said to me: 'Everyone wants their fifteen minutes'.
  10. Although I'm sure Lotharek will agree that the HDD activity LED is "not needed", it's really up to the individual performing or paying for the installation to decide what's necessary and what is not. What you are saying is that you personally don't need the HDD activity light. As for the modification being non-reversible: if you have the skill to perform the modification, you have the skill to undo it (tiny jumper wire across cut trace). The ATR button mod which you do appear to advocate does inflict irreversible changes to the plastic light conductor, meanwhile. The rest (wiring under the motherboard, etc) is entirely subjective: I already link to Candle's original installation instructions under the videos, which themselves closely follow said instructions (although I believe they improve on them slightly by doing away with extensive cutting of the plastic expansion slot frame as described in Candle's guide).
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