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  1. It should run off the XEL_CF.SYS SDX HDD driver as well, if you don't own U1MB but have access to a SpartaDOS X cart.
  2. As Wrathchild points out: please post in the appropriate thread, and instead of posting my terse response to your similarly abrupt PM enquiry without any context, please post your original queries so that the appropriate parties can attempt to address them. I already said that testing is valued and needed, but unfortunately it is not physically possible for me to singlehandedly channel all discourse on every aspect of this product via emails and personal messages. SIDE3 is a collaborative project, and I would hope that after sales support is no different.
  3. Thanks! It's still going strong, and still looks good. The catch still works as well. Good luck. Be sure to post photos if you do.
  4. Next U1MB SIDE3 plugin update runs the SIDE3 loader regardless of whether the PBI HDD is enabled or not. This seems a little less confusing and accounts for any situation where the PBI HDD needs to be disabled during normal operation. Only when SIDE3 isn't actually plugged into the machine will 'L' run the SIDE2 loader built into the U1MB.
  5. Ah - I see. Well, if the SDX clock driver doesn't work, it's a bug, but unfortunately I have no idea when it will be fixed since it's DLT's responsibility.
  6. Without any hyperbole, I can tell you that this comment has made my day.
  7. You mean the 'Z:' driver? As I explained: there is simply no room for it in the current implementation of the U1MB SIDE3 PBI BIOS.
  8. Great - thanks. That appears to work fine with the prior version of the loader. I'll leave the fix in for compatibility reasons, of course. Fixed. See the update in the SIDE3 preorder thread.
  9. Thanks to @TJ76 for pointing out an issue with '180' failing after the first round of play. This issue was caused by the game's odd reliance on the lower part of the stack area being set to $00, and the fix is common to the SIDE3 loader, SIDE loader and XEL Loader. Here's an update for SIDE3: s3loader.xex The updates for the other hardware targets will be released as part of the forthcoming U1MB/Incognito/SIDE firmware update, which largely addresses bug fixes.
  10. Hilarious... sort of. Simply clearing out the entire stack area with $00 before loading the executable allows the game to work properly. I mean, I despair at times.
  11. That Homesoft version fails even quicker for me, but thanks for those observations regarding the stack. I've already started looking at the title in Altirra and the data is getting completely out of sync at some point during the load. Since the XEX loader requires only $700-$9FF, there seems to be no address space conflict, but I have seen some very strange methods used in a few problem ATRs I've also been looking at (such as calling SIOV from code at the top of the stack and assuming there won't be any JSRs in the SIO handler... of course there are when the PBI handler is called, resulting in the calling code being totally wiped out). Quite an interesting one, this... it has my full attention.
  12. Peter copied me (as well as two of the most highly respected members of this community, bafflingly) in on an email last night, asking for help clarifying re: muh beta testing situation or some such. For the record and just in case he does that again: I told him to get f**ked and to stop bothering me with this tiresome, trivial bullshit.
  13. I can reproduce this on a 1088XEL without SIDE3 (loading the XEX via the XEL loader straight from the CF card). No idea what's causing it yet, but it's not specific to SIDE3.
  14. This is good practice, IMO. It's also a good idea to do this on U1MB/SIDE systems, since mounted (PBI-hosted) ATRs can then boot from D1: without affecting HDD partitions and you have D2: for two-disk volumes or other SIO devices.
  15. It does, to the best of my knowledge.
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