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  1. This the sync drifting out (of spec re: the sync voltage the monitor expects). I saw the exact same thing on my first VBXE machine a decade ago (a 130XE) and it was distracting as Hell. Only happened with the LG M227WD monitor, though; others had no issue with it. At the time, I used a variable resistor to attenuate the sync signal coming off the CD4050 a bit, but - since taking sync from composite is off the table in your situation - changing CD4050 is worth a shot as well (this makes sense, since not every VBXE machine here which takes sync from CD4050 pin 15 causes the LG monitor a problem). Failing that, try a variable resistor.
  2. Do all the 600XLs have 64K RAM upgrades? The SDrive loader won't work in 16K, as I recall.
  3. OK. I had an 800XL in recently which had jailbars on RGB with CSYNC taken from the bottom of the composite out pin. I switched to pin 15 of CD4050 and the improvement was marked. Switching power supplies - I have noticed - can sometimes have a bearing on the jailbars issue as well. Just some ideas if cable/display/etc come up empty.
  4. I had the same thing happen to a 1200XL here; I kept the remains of the label and intended to photograph it and print it out at the exact same size, having cleaned it up in editing. I guess you'd just need a hi-res photo of a 'good' 600XL label, and perhaps some editing of the serial #.
  5. Nice! And I just remembered why there's a problem with flashing from the command prompt of the older SDX ROM (which you just replaced, I guess). The SIDE.SYS driver provided is ancient and has relevant bugs.
  6. SIO2PC is hooked up here 100 per cent of the time, although in fairness I would wear out the CF slot if I was doing firmware updates off the card. Things will be easier once you have the update in place, anyway. The loader will then let you navigate the entire directory structure of the FAT volume from the UFLASH file selector (when UFLASH is launched straight from the loader).
  7. Oh. I forgot you still had the original loader on the cart. Do you have any SIO2xxx peripherals (SIO2PC, etc)? Alternately, you could put the files in a FAT16 partition on the CF card, then employ the FATFS.SYS driver in SDX and flash directly from the DOS prompt. Sorry for the jumping through hoops, but it appears things are going south with the original loader's FAT CIO file system driver when UFLASH tries to open the directory on D1:.
  8. Thanks - I suspected it existed but couldn't put my finger on it.
  9. That's a sound way to divine the number of rows, although a self-respecting 80 column driver should set RMARGIN to 79.
  10. It's perfectly possible to design software which works with an indeterminate number of screen columns and adjusts the display to fit. Or - if an 80-column display is mandatory - do like Sparta Commander and exploit both software 80 column drivers and hardware 80 column drivers (RC_GR8.SYS and S_VBXE.SYS in that particular case).
  11. Minor correction. The Last Word has had an integral driver which provides VBXE hardware 80 column support since about 2011. In addtion, any editor which outputs via standard CIO or SDX kernel device driver calls (FastBASIC, new SDX system text editor) can support hardware 80 column text by way of the S_VBXE driver.
  12. You need to disable the PBI HDD and on-board SDX and boot SDX off the SIDE2. Then run UFLASH and apply the OSS ROM to the external cart slot (or flash the full ROM to the chip entry). Nothing on the U1MB needs to be changed.
  13. If there's only one or two keys not working consistently, and if you already did Bob Woolley's Mylar fix (which tends to negate the need to replace said Mylar), sometimes hitting the problem keys repeatedly and quite firmly wakes them up.
  14. The loader turns off SDX when you hit return on an ATR. You have to mount the ATR in the old loader, go back to the setup menu, then hit C. Glad you got it working, anyway.
  15. Don't use the loader on the SIDE2. Enable 'SIDE hardware' and run the loader built into the U1MB. If the original loader has issues reading files directly from the FAT, just mount the ATR provided instead and then boot back into SDX before launching UFLASH from the disk image. Hopefully running the correct loader will resolve your ATR issue as well. Please let me know and we'll try to deal with any additional problems.
  16. Wow. I am learning so much here. I knew the built-in speakers in my monitor sucked, but now I know that 'high quality' speakers also exist.
  17. Sadly I'm a peasant and don't have a good quality amplified sound system, so can't tell the difference. I'll take your word for it, though.
  18. The sound quality is more an overriding objective than a 'benefit'. It is the express reason for disabling playfield DMA fetches, since we are trying to write to two POKEY registers every 37 machine cycles. If the CPU is constantly halted by DMA fetches, it'll sound like shit whether you listen through a high-power audio system or not.
  19. I'm just curious: what's the difference between the 'procedural needs' and the sound quality?
  20. If you're talking about the IDE player, you do realise the player disables playfield DMA regardless? Constant bitrate playback would otherwise be impossible.
  21. You can't flash the CPLD with a MaxFlash cart; you can use it to flash the PLCC ROM chip. To reprogram the CPLD, you need a Xilinx platform cable and a copy of Lab Tools (free download). As to whether the CPLD has actually gone bad: I'm not sure. I have indeed experienced one Incognito and one U1MB which went bad and recovered after reprogramming of the CPLD, and in one case, the symptom was the lower half of extended memory being mirrored in the upper banks in 1MB mode (and the net result was a UFLASH ROM update wiping out the main BIOS). The only other possible cause - since we have ruled out the host machine - is a dry joint on the CPLD itself, but I would have expected this to flag problems long before now on a ten year old board.
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