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  1. Right, since many browsers are now blocking FTP sites once and for all, so this is cool how you intend to move all these files from WHTECH. ~Ben
  2. I do believe there may be errors in the program code that result in all these sound-related interruptions. Something like, for example, an LDA instruction instead of an LDY or LDX. ~Ben
  3. How did you get those screenshots - what emulator were you using? ~Ben
  4. I really hope you guys blocked Chris Cardillo and his associates. ~Ben
  5. Speaking of The Beatles, they had a song called "Taxman" released in 1966 - it was penned by George Harrison. Its lyrics dealt with the oppressive British tax system implemented by Harold Wilson, the then-leader of the then-governing Labour Party, of which out of every pound sterling the group had earned at the time, 95 pence went into taxes, hence the lyric "there's one for you, nineteen for me," referring to when the pound sterling was pre-decimal and consisted of 20 shillings. Wilson is name-checked in the lyric "Don't ask me what I want it for" whereas Edward Heath (of the Conservative Party) is mentioned in "If you don't want to pay some more." "Weird" Al Yankovic wrote and recorded a parody of the song in 1981 called "Pac-Man," which was the same year Brian Fitzgerald's Apple II Pac-Man clone we're discussing here was released... "Weird" Al didn't commercially release his version at the time, due to the success of "Pac-Man Fever." Sample lyrics: ~Ben
  6. Can we please stop with this porn talk and get back to real issues with this case? ~Ben
  7. I hope this will not take 20+ years to resolve! We know we will win! ~Ben
  8. I am still hoping this drama will end in our favor... ~Ben
  9. I really hope these issues can be resolved! All the best to you ColecoVision fanatics and homebrewers! ~Ben
  10. This is what I do in the last room in the castle... Walk Smurf into near center of the room, then make him jump at the center of the floor, so he can do a long jump onto the skull's head and then another onto the throne where Smurfette is! The other thing that bothers me is this: why did the programmers not implement points for each unused energy unit? Since it is also how much "time" you have, each unused unit of energy could be 100 points added to your score. For example, if you have 14 bars of energy left upon saving Smurfette, that is 1,400 points added to your score! ~Ben
  11. Is it true that 20th Century-Fox Video Games had planned to release Spacemaster X7 for the ColecoVision in 1983-84, before the video game crash took hold? Whether or not that's true, I would love to see you program a ColecoVision version of this Atari 2600 game. Sample gameplay video: ~Ben
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