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  1. This looks really exciting...! Just an idea looking at it - I wondered what it would look like if you plotted the dots on alternate lines and plot odd/even line numbers in subsequent frames - or perhaps plot 1 in 3 and cycle. I'm not quite sure whether it would turn out how I imagine it - but I'm thinking of times like about 9 seconds into the latest movie, where the road is straight, and the colour bands are moving, but the dots are static - I wonder if just some sort of jiggle on the dots would improve the illusion slightly (in a non-costly way) Looking forward to how it turns out! Wes
  2. Bit of a long shot - but in the early-mid 90s, there was the "Programmer's Development Kit" series by Tiger Developments which I think had tools for creating character sets, combining characters into objects, then putting objects on multi-screen, or scrolling maps. Might have been used to make "Lizard" - I'm not sure. (Bob The Bug may know?). I can't find it online - I'll try and have a look through the boxes...
  3. This awakened a memory - around 1990/91, I visited my local computer shop in Tonbridge, who stocked a handful of Atari budget tapes, and they had some sort of catalogue of upcoming (expected) releases, which I'm sure contained Double Dragon on the Hit Squad label for Atari XL/XE. I think there was one other that I didn't recognise at the time, and didn't remember. Obviously they didn't happen, and the shop didn't last much longer either.
  4. Just in case anyone is interested... (it's not mine - just spotted it today, and had never heard of one before!) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rare-Vintage-Atari-PC3-8088-Computer/232950083535?hash=item363ce82fcf:g:tm4AAOSwGiRbmYFL
  5. (My Crazy Cobra is identical to AtariMania's scan here http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-crazy-cobra_1382.html) The Christmas pop-up shop was quite bizarre - basically all sorts of random clutter in it, including some tatty dusty little cardboard boxes with these sort of games for different platforms, although mostly Atari, surprisingly. They didn't have any of the usual Mastertronic/Firebird/Americana sort games I'd seen in the other shops at the time - so given the packaging similarities I think it's quite likely these, and the Dixon branded ones were somehow connected at their source. Perhaps mine were rejects because they forgot to print "LOADING:CLOAD" on some of them! Or leftovers that Dixon didn't sell...
  6. In case it's helpful... I've got a few tapes which are really similar to the ones in your images - but subtly different. Afraid I don't have any "Dixon" branded ones, but I'm pretty sure these all came from the same Christmas pop-up shop. I have a "Tutti Frutti" with "LOADING: CLOAD" printed on the tape, (whereas yours doesn't have that...) My "Bug Off" looks exactly the same as yours! My "Sunday Golf" doesn't have the "LOADING: CLOAD" on the tape, but is otherwise the same. I have an "Electric Starfish", where the tape has the black text and "LOADING: CLOAD" like your middle image, but the inlay card was the one on the left on your image. I have "Golden Baton", and "Waxworks"; the tapes have the same font as yours, but in the light blue colour, and are blank at the bottom - no "Dixon pack" or "Loading:" text. I have "Mr Dig" with the "LOADING: BOOT" just like yours. Separately from that, I have a "Danger Ranger" which I'm pretty sure I got elsewhere - it's the Microdeal version, with red text like the original Mr. Dig image you have. Happy to ->CAS any of these if you want them Fred.
  7. Couple of sort of related ideas - I got all 3 of the Tynesoft/MicroValue Four Great Games compilations on tape from Dixons. I don't think there was any Dixon branding on them though - will check tonight and report if different. It was surprising at the time because Dixons around me didn't sell computer games separately, and those were the only Atari things I ever got from Dixons. (My 800xl was from Currys, with the 5 Red tapes). Also, I got Sunday Golf, Bug Off and Tutti Frutti together from a random pop-up "Christmas shop" in about 1988. If that shop was actually selling old Dixons stuff, then "Crazy Cobra" by Illusion might be in the same batch.
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