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  1. Re post 2 again, Games Computing listings are all typed up and submitted here: http://forum.atarimania.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=18847 Enjoy...! Wes
  2. Re: post 2 in this thread - I typed up and submitted all the Home Computer Weekly listings back in 2016, in the MIA forum on Atari Mania. See http://forum.atarimania.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=18619 Hope that's useful, W.
  3. I got there with 208 scanlines in a display list with the three LMSes; forget about being contiguous, as the OS can't draw beyond 192 anyway... so a custom PLOT routine to poke the point directly to the screen (and also return whether there was already a pixel there, which was useful for part two of the puzzle). (github.com/weshinsley/advent-of-code-2016/tree/master/AtariBasic/d01). Thanks for the pointers again! My first proper display list and VBI in a couple of decades.
  4. Thanks everyone - that all makes total sense... (In case anyone is curious, I've been solving adventofcode 2016 in Atari Basic with some ASM routines where needed - nearly all done, so I'm revisiting a few that offer some prettier representation. Nearly all the 2016 puzzles are doable on an Atari - my current exceptions are that a few days need MD5, which I might eventually try and implement in assembler... and one part needs load of memory - although I suspect there is an analytical solution that I can't find. The GR8 tall display is for day 1, where it's really easy to calculate and print the answer, but an animated version would be fun... Going back to the figures - I only need PLOT actually, not DRAWTO, which helps a bit - and my answer fits in 205x205, so narrow playfield might do it. I hadn't thought of that. Otherwise, I guess a custom PLOT function to POKE rather than PLOT would be fine...
  5. Ok, having fixed that horrible typo, I think I now have a correct display list I can poke to, which is fine...! But continuing out of curiosity - at first, I couldn't PLOT or DRAWTO anything on the screen; they did nothing visible. After more Mapping the Atari reading, I added... 105 POKE 88,0:POKE 89,112:POKE 87,8 and now, when I do the corner-to-corner DRAWTO, I think it's looking good on the top part (first lms) correctly, but then something happens to it at the second LMS which must shift the display co-ordinates horizontally. I guess on a normal GRAPHICS 8 screen, BASIC gets round this somehow, as there's still a second lms in the middle... Anyway, sorry for my first post being a red herring - if anyone knows about how to get PLOT and DRAWTO working on such a display list, I'd still be interested in that... Thanks! Wes gr8big.lst
  6. Hi everyone, For various fun reasons, I am trying on an 800xl (in Altirra first) to create a GRAPHICS 8+16 kind of display list with a few extra rows - 208 total would be perfect. I'm not worried about either screen position, or VBI running out of time. Ideally, I would like to be able to then PLOT 319,207, (but poking into screen memory would be ok too) - but I've got something wrong before I get to that stage... My dodgy BASIC effort is attached - I'm moving RAMTOP to 112 first, calling GRAPHICS, and putting this DL into the top of page 6: 112,112,79,0,112 [two 8*blank lines instead of 3, then LMS to 112*256, with a graphics 8 (+15) line] 15 [* 99] - [99 graphics 8 lines. Hence, my total, 100 * 40 bytes, is less than 4k. 79, 0, 128 [Another graphics 8 with LMS, for the next chunk] 15 [* 99] - [another 99 graphics 8 lines - again, less than 4k.] 79, 0, 144 [And another graphics 8 LMS...] 15 [* 7] - 7 more graphics 8 lines makes 208 in total,. 65, 0, 6 [JUMP back to the start] I'm not quite sure what I'm getting in the end - probably about half a screen worth of GRAPHICS 8 that seems much higher than it should be, so I think I must be missing something fairly simple. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Learning display lists properly is probably about 30 years overdue... Thanks, Wes EDIT: Oh, there's a hideous and embarrassing typo - I've poked 561 twice, instead of 560 and 561... (groan) Let me fix that and see where things are! gr8big.lst
  7. Thanks Mathy, slx... it's not urgent in a sense - I'd just looked at his site over the years, and then after reading through this thread, I thought I'd try and support the guy with an order for some nostalgic bits for the collection.
  8. Yes, it sounds like perhaps he's having trouble shipping things at all. I asked whether shipping to someone in the US who could forward it might work - he suggested "How about someone come to me?" - in Portland Oregon... (If anyone does live in Portland, Oregon and would consider helping me with this, do PM me - I'd like to support Ben by making an order if that is somehow made possible...!)
  9. Hi all, I had a reply from Ben today about an order, which is good news. The less good news is that apparently, since "customs stopped using the short form and dropped the small packet rate, I have not and will not ship internationally." So ordering from UK might be a problem... W.
  10. Sorry I didn't get to the thread sooner to save you some work @Philsan - and also it's a wee bit frustrating that the files have mostly sat in the Atarimania MIA forum for most of 7 years now, and are still marked "MISSING" in the main database, or you might have found them more easily. AtariMania is my favourite website for browsing through such things, but how to be most helpful in filling in the gaps remains a mystery to me (as you'll see from all my forum messages...!) Some of the other zips I'd posted there were about the 600xl games book by @Rybags that you're talking about in the other thread - I remember including original versions, but also updating a couple to use PEEK(106)-x instead of constant memory addresses, to stop the code getting corrupted when you run it. (That worked for my 800xl, but I later wondered if that might have broken it on a 600xl, ironically, given the title of the book!) My method of testing the files was to type it up in a test editor, and then paste the text straight into Altirra (right click), having started it in Basic with no disk drive, but CharlieChaplin's methods sound much better.
  11. See also here (http://forum.atarimania.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17763) in the atarimania MIA forums - I submitted all of the programs missing from AtariMania some years ago, including some little rewrites to make them run on hardware with disk-drives. This includes the original Ski Run basic program - which only works without DOS present, otherwise the BASIC code sits in the memory which the Ski Run code gets poked into - I couldn't fix that one. Also: http://forum.atarimania.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17762 and various other single posts around that time.
  12. This looks really exciting...! Just an idea looking at it - I wondered what it would look like if you plotted the dots on alternate lines and plot odd/even line numbers in subsequent frames - or perhaps plot 1 in 3 and cycle. I'm not quite sure whether it would turn out how I imagine it - but I'm thinking of times like about 9 seconds into the latest movie, where the road is straight, and the colour bands are moving, but the dots are static - I wonder if just some sort of jiggle on the dots would improve the illusion slightly (in a non-costly way) Looking forward to how it turns out! Wes
  13. Bit of a long shot - but in the early-mid 90s, there was the "Programmer's Development Kit" series by Tiger Developments which I think had tools for creating character sets, combining characters into objects, then putting objects on multi-screen, or scrolling maps. Might have been used to make "Lizard" - I'm not sure. (Bob The Bug may know?). I can't find it online - I'll try and have a look through the boxes...
  14. This awakened a memory - around 1990/91, I visited my local computer shop in Tonbridge, who stocked a handful of Atari budget tapes, and they had some sort of catalogue of upcoming (expected) releases, which I'm sure contained Double Dragon on the Hit Squad label for Atari XL/XE. I think there was one other that I didn't recognise at the time, and didn't remember. Obviously they didn't happen, and the shop didn't last much longer either.
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