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  1. Updated with SGM and 2 extra games Gradius and Penguin Adventure!
  2. Wow, I made this thread 5 years ago. I still have these 3 games on my shelf. They're still for sale.
  3. This bundle includes the Colecovision console, two controllers, power supply, Super Game Module, Donkey Kong, Bump n Jump, Gradius, and Penguin Adventure - This will be a package deal, so i will not split up the items. I accept only paypal. $400 + shipping SOLD Console is clean and working condition. One thing that is not fully working are the controllers. The left button on player1 and the down button on player2 don't always register. PLEASE READ. This console only outputs in RGB (not the same as component), and the RF out connector is disabled. This package does not include a RGB cable, so you will need to supply one yourself. It will require a 8pin mini din cable, the same kind used with the XRGB Mini. It even uses the same pinout.
  4. Large collection of homebrew games in near-mint condition. Some are great conversions of classic MSX and SG-1000 games. They all work on the Colecovision but most require the Super Game Module (SGM) to play. Not sure on pricing these days, so for now just send me you best offers. I'm only accepting payment through paypal. Thanks for looking SOLD
  5. My whole Neo Geo AES collection is up for sale now. All games come with their original boxes and manuals. Paypal only. Everyone have amazing day! Sengoku 2 (jP) = $595 + shipping 3 Count Bout = $50 + shipping SOLD Riding Hero = $50 + shipping SOLD Neo Geo AES system bundle: Two stick controllers, Universe Bios, RGB bypass mod 3-6 revision. I'm supplying the composite video cable and japanese PSU as well. RGB Scart cable is not included. Also included is two games: Samurai Showdown, Fatal Fury Special (jp) = $300 SOLD Samurai Spirits 2 (jp) = $45 SOLD Fatal Fury 3 (jP) = $65 SOLD Nam-1975 = $90 SOLD Mutation Nation = $310 SOLD Sengoku = $50 SOLD Crossed Swords = $90 SOLD Magician Lord = $55 SOLD The Super Spy = $45 SOLD Cyber Lip = $210 SOLD Ninja Combat = $70 SOLD
  6. That time to clean out the closet and make room for other games. I'm willing to part with some items separately but priority will be given to people that purchase multiple items. The computer and external 3.5" disk drive must be purchase together, and will not separate them. $300 + shipping for everything. Otherwise feel to make offers . Tandy 1000EX computer - unboxed but in excellent condition -7.16Mhz Intel 8088 CPU. Upgraded to NEC V20 CPU -RAM expanded to maximum of 640K -RS-232 25pin Serial Port for external modem, plotter/printer, or mouse -Internal 5.25" disk drive -Built-in speaker with volume pot and headphone jack -Composite video and RGBI output -XT-CF-Lite v4 with 32MB compact flash card. CF is treated just like a normal ide hard drive. Has MS-Dos v3.30 installed. Accessories -External 3.5" disk drive -(2) Tandy Deluxe Joysticks - both boxed and one with manual, and other without manual -Tandy Serial mouse - unboxed. works requires a 9pin male to 25pin female adapter -Original booklets and 5.25" diskettes that came with the 1000EX including MS-Dos v2.11, GW-Basic v2.02, and Personal DeskMate v1.01 -Copy of MS-Dos v3.30 on 3.5" diskette Games: -Zeliard: Comes complete in box with 3.5" and 5.25" diskettes, poster, and all paper documents -Sierra Action Five: Comes complete in box with paper documents and 3.5" diskettes. Has 5 games: Zeliard, Oil's Well, Thexder, Fire Hawk, and Silpheed. Everything is working. You will need a monitor with composite video input or vintage computer monitor with a RGBI input such as the Tandy CM-5 and Amiga 1080.
  7. I need a mouse for my Tandy 1000ex. Either boxed or loose its okay by me. I prefer to send payment through paypal. Thanks.
  8. Its backward compatible with all MSX1 and MSX2/2+ games. The only games it cannot play are the ones on cassette, since it doesn't have a cassette interface.
  9. On ebay now. Staring at $250.00 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Panasonic-Turbo-R-FS-A1GT-MSX-computer-1024RAM-and-192VRAM-/151560279113
  10. Yup. Panasonic Turbo-R computers are expensive. The lower end model Turbo-R ST, loosed & unmodified are going for $500 before shipping. A loose & unmodified Turbo-R GT is around $600. I up the price on mine because of all the memory upgrades and floppy drive. The total price also includes S&H. I'll be using USPS Priority shipping with tracking, insurance, signature required. The computer will be packed with tons of bubble wrap to ensure it'll survive being tossed around during shipment.
  11. I don't want to part with this but I really need a new car. For sale is my Panasonic Turbo-R FS-A1GT MSX computer. I bought it from the previous owner who upgraded the RAM to 1024K and VRAM to 192K. The floppy drive was replaced with an original Panasonic drive and belt too was also replaced. I will also include a spare belt. Make note of the last 2 pictures below. When I received this model the rubber along one spot of power cord was slightly melted. The inside wire is not exposed so I never had any problem, however I wrapped it in electrical tape as a precaution. Overall cosmetic is fair with scuff marks and logos fading, but the computer is 100% working. $725 shipped within United States. Paypal only please. 009 by jimxk, on Flickr 003 by jimxk, on Flickr 004 by jimxk, on Flickr 005 by jimxk, on Flickr 006 by jimxk, on Flickr 007 by jimxk, on Flickr 008 by jimxk, on Flickr010 by jimxk, on Flickr
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    Yay! I've been waiting for this game for long time. Subscribed. Hey Eduardo, I own the original japanese version on the MSX so if you need scans of the box art or manual let me know. I'd be happy to help out.
  13. Looking for the NTSC version. Also complete with box and manual. Thanks.
  14. Wow...that is just crazy. Anyone want to buy my SGM for $800? Completely mint including the original box that it was shipped in with Eduardo's name on the postage.
  15. The game comes with the original box, manual, reg card, 3x disks, and sound cartridge. The box cover is worn around the edges, but overall in good condition. Price is $180 shipped within the USA. I will accept paypal or money orders. I will update with pictures tonight or tomorrow.
  16. rolins


    DC Twin Stick is sold.
  17. rolins


    Just a couple things leftover. Just name your price. I removed the National RQ-8050 from the list. I'm receiving a game for it, so I'll be holding onto it until I can fully test it.
  18. rolins


    Add more Random stuff like old PC games, PS1 games, movies, and japanese Dezaemon 2 booklet. Up for limited time, after that they're getting donated to Goodwill.
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    LS-30 rotary and Ikari Warriors pcb is SOLD.
  20. rolins


    Stuff still available.
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    Removed all sold items. Wanna give a big thanks to the people who bought something from me. I'm able to payoff my monthly bills and buy something special for myself. Yay!
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