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  1. These are the 5 CD's in my changer right now. BRAID-'Frame and canvas' RAINER MARIA-'a better version of me' HOT WATER MUSIC-'No Division' FUGAZI-'THe argument' AT THE DRIVE IN-'Acrobatic Tenament'
  2. When i'm playin', it has to be something fruity or crazy that I listen to. It's just cause playing the 2600 now a days is so retro. Something like the B-52'S 'Rock lobster' and anything by 'The Aquabats'or 'Blue Meanies'.
  3. Hey, all. I'm looking for anyone who is interested in trading anything PAL for the 2600. I can't seem to find anything in the wild anymore, so I want to do as much trading as possible to get my collection going again!!!
  4. When I tell people about my Atari collection, they just laugh and don't think I'm serious. Probably cause I don't fit the typical 'nerd' stereotype. I'm Punk. I love Punk music. But I also like rap and other styles of music aswell. Punk isn't about being 'cool' and having to wear the right kind of clothes. It's about being yourself. Bragging about how 'Punk' you are is not very Punk. You seem to fit the 'Teeny Bopper Bubblegum Pop Punk' stereotype. I bet your favourite bands are Blink 182 and Good Charlotte. Live lightly. "Live your heart and never follow"-(Hot Water Music)
  5. I just picked up a couple of 'Video Gems' 2600 games. They are 'TREASURE BELOW' and 'SURFERS PARADISE'. They have got hell cool packaging and even come with high score patch/sticker things. I am from Australia so they would be PAL. Has any body seen or heard of these before.
  6. Just letting everyone know about this auction for my COMPUMATE by SPECTRAVIDEO!!! INSANELY RARE PIECE OF ATARI. Check it out on EBAY NOW!!!! Ends 19/7.
  7. I have had this problem a couple of times. My atari will not work in colour. It has happened with one of my Jnr's and just recently my all black(Darth Vader) model.GRRR. It's not the tuning or the black and white swith. Could someone PLEASE HELP!!!! THANKS
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