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  1. 👍👍👍😁😁😁 Awesome! ps do you have room to animate the sides of the road? On msx it has just a couple of frames IIRC
  2. I can hear the jumps, they are already there in my mind 🤩
  3. The new outpost animation is excellent. Would it be possible to make the flag in its penultimate frame a bit shorter ? It seems slightly too tall when compared to its last size when it is closest to the screen.
  4. ln the first frame of the outpost (at farthest distance) I would align the roof to the horizon (as in the other frames) and center to the right the building. Maybe a gray line done with sprites could mark the shadows of the snow on the roof in order to outline it with respect to the snow in the background. Great work !!
  5. Actually you don't need intellivoice to have voice during gameplay. Deep Zone has speech samples played on the AY8910. Quality is low but the technology is there
  6. A thread about the disappointment for quo vadis ...
  7. The ram for these algorithms is also a problem
  8. Inty-Home, the scammers of Gyruss, is releasing also Quo Vadis (buggy and dull the game, horrible even the shell of the cart) and other crappy shovelware using brands and names without any licence I do not expect that Ghostbusters is any better... in the end, you buy a cardbox I'm suprised Rev is going after this game.
  9. Hello poconojo, there is no progress to show, sorry. Just a couple of early tests My idea of a remake is still there anyway...
  10. Hi, is it possible in INTYBASIC to set a seed in the random number generator? I would like to generate a repeatable sequence of random numbers, but RND and RANDOM seem to have no initialization
  11. Btw, how to use those extensions in ASM? Do you have defined macros in your assembler? I would like to use them in ASM embedded in an intybasic program
  12. There are also atan and other math functions Awesome!!!
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