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  1. I love the doom approach...
  2. Hi, is it possible in INTYBASIC to set a seed in the random number generator? I would like to generate a repeatable sequence of random numbers, but RND and RANDOM seem to have no initialization
  3. Btw, how to use those extensions in ASM? Do you have defined macros in your assembler? I would like to use them in ASM embedded in an intybasic program
  4. There are also atan and other math functions Awesome!!!
  5. LTO Flash is the future for any (serious) game development on cartridge....
  6. Now we need that Intybasic include those extensions 🙂
  7. Thanks! I've found here https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frequenze_dei_canali_televisivi_terrestri 3 61,25 MHz 4 67,25 MHz Tuning the correct TV channel allowed me to isolate the problem. The power cable was broken. I had one spare. The unit works again.
  8. Do you know which are the frequencies in MHz for those channels?
  9. In Italy channel 36 is 591,25 MHz http://www.elettro-scienza.it/freq.htm The system has to be broken, as I cannot wind anything in that range of frequencies...
  10. I have a PAL Intellivision (from Italy) I'm having problems to find the video output on my TV using the RF cable. Which are the channels I should expect on the TV (which frequency in MHz) ?
  11. The whole operation seemed just a (new) scam from the beginning but I am biased, you know...
  12. I was thinking to something like you use the drone to do certain actions in game areas where the man cannot go and unlock the passage to other game areas to be accessed by the man. I do not know Lost Vikings but probably it works like this.
  13. can't the 200h address be embedded in the asm generated by the compiler?
  14. I'm compiling this line of code A = PEEK($0200+(X-8)/8+ (Y+3 AND $F8)/2*5) and I get this MVI var_X,R1 SUBI #8,R1 SLR R1,2 SLR R1,1 ADDI #512,R1 MVI var_Y,R2 ADDI #3,R2 ANDI #248,R2 SLR R2,1 MULT R2,R4,5 ADDR R2,R1 [email protected] R1,R0 MVO R0,var_&A Later I compile this line: A = PEEKAT(X-8,Y+3) where I've defined DEF FN PEEKAT(x,y) = #backtab((x)/8+ ((y) AND $F8)/2*5) and I get this: MVI var_X,R1 SUBI #8,R1 SLR R1,2 SLR R1,1 MVI var_Y,R2 ADDI #3,R2 ANDI #248,R2 SLR R2,1 MULT R2,R4,5 ADDR R2,R1 MVII #Q2,R2 ADDR R2,R1 [email protected] R1,R0 MVO R0,var_&A It seems that this latter solution using backtab is slower and larger in ROM Is this correct? And if yes, why?
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