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  1. Sorry you had to go thru this...but glad you are doing better my old friend.
  2. Please stop feeding the Prosystemtroll, that is how you make them go away!

  3. There is no sqoon!

    1. jaybird3rd


      There was no monster!

    2. Fixitguy74


      There's a sale at Penney's.

    3. Master Phruby

      Master Phruby

      There is no Dana, only Zuul.

  4. loves the smell of troll-spray in the morning.

  5. Atlantis II was just sold to Gospeedde. Thank you for the sale. I am certain that you will be happy. DeusExMachina has just purchased Cubicolor. Thank you too for the easy sale. Thank you to everyone for your interest!
  6. Hey Cass, how have you been? Yes, it has been a very long time. How is that Asteroids machine?
  7. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...E:IT&ih=005 If someone from AA is interested, PM me and we can make a deal outside of EBay.
  8. I thought that Atlantis II was mine? I know I submitted my copy for the picture in a batch of stuff I sent over.
  9. LMAO I vouch for Ed 100%, known him for many years, top knotch. Thanks C, much appreciated. I do not have them handy but if you look at the cartridge scans of the games here on AA, both cartridge pictures as well as Cubicolor's instructions were taken from pics of my cartridges.
  10. Atlantis II was just sold to Gospeedde. Thank you for the sale. I am certain that you will be happy. DeusExMachina has just purchased Cubicolor. Thank you too for the easy sale. Thank you to everyone for your interest!
  11. I am actually going to be putting my Atlantis II as well as Cubicolor up for sale if anyone is interested. If anyone is, just send me a PM.
  12. Honestly and realistically... What would the worth of an authentic Atlantis II cartridge be worth, either via private sale or on Ebay?
  13. An addition to an old thread... The Atlantis II cart that I have was origionally won by my brother Joe in the contest. It has been sitting in a drawer for the last few years after I liquidated my collection. That and Cubicolor are the only two really rare games I have left.
  14. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but What is Wester's list? Is this a registration of the heavy sixer units?
  15. This seems to be a pattern with you brother.
  16. My God man...I see things haven't changed a bit while I was away. I see it is time for my triumphant return to AA.
  17. You have a holier than thou attitude (including posts that contain yelling), and it is painfully obvious that you can't take a hint about the fact that most everyone posting in this thread doesn't really want you around here. On this note, this thread has now left the building. As WIZ would say: "*click*" P.S. I can't believe that this B.S. made me stop lurking.
  18. And I'm actually not working that weekend, or at least not supposed to.
  19. Hello folks... The time of year should actually be a lot better weather-wise than in March. We rarely see snow that early, and the temperature is actually not that bad. There is actually one hotel renovation and a new construction one going up within a couple of miles of the convention center. Though Valley Forge is right around the corner, the convenience of Fort Washington is kinda nice.
  20. Ed Siegler

    Philly 6

    Agreed, although I didn't get to spend much time playing the games as I was busy manning the AtariAge booth most of the time. Fortunately I've been to a few arcade/pinball expos here in Texas since then, where I've had the opportunity to enjoy some rare games. Unfortunately, shows of this nature are becoming the only way to enjoy working arcade games and pinball machines. I'm really hoping to get to a California Extreme show some year.. ..Al WAAA...WAAA...WAAA! Never heard more crying or excuses in my life!
  21. Ed Siegler

    Philly 6

    I thought it would be nice to talk it up a bit, even if it does involve Stan. Hey, at least he was the one who called himself a bastard. Time flies, doesn't it? Neither can I. Thing is though, it is nice for a change of pace to have it in the fall. Agreed. I feel the same way. Stan is the idiot who made the assinine statement about missing a week of football. He's right, he is a bastard. Only bastards would blow off their friends (work reasons and sleep are excused) that he hasn't seen for over a year for a friggin' football game. Had I been a fly on the wall when "the bastard" actually wrote this post, the commentary would have gone like this... Stan: Crap, I didn't think about the Con being scheduled during football season. Siegler do you have Sunday Ticket? Ed (the voice of normalcy and reason): Stan, you are such a bastard. Why do you think of things like that. It's like looking at you thinking "Stan's mouth is opening up and his foot is moving in!". Do you need an ass whuppin' or something like that? For everyone else yes. For you, no (your wife is OK to join us though). Stan: I'm a bastard. I must see Titans game. Ed (the voice of normalcy and reason): Stan, stop talking like a caveman. You should have said "I must see a Titans game", not "I must see Titans game". Actually though, I think I am wrong. I continuously forget that you really are the fourth guy from the left on the evolution chart. But Stan, I feel pitty on you, and I am one who takes pitty on the poor and down-trodden. That's how it would have gone. Mike, you realize that. I realize that. Anyone who was born about 5 nano-seconds ago realizes that. Stan, well, I'll just leave it at that I, hell, why am I gonna be nice to Stan??? He must have been born 4 nano-seconds ago! Mike, you worry me. Have you been conversing with Stan? Has acid rain leeched into your brain? What are you smoking boy? I just can't believe you said that. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I just laughed so hard, I think I peed myself thinking I just read a Stan post. Get help my son. Get help.
  22. Ed Siegler

    Philly 6

    Well Stan, you really shouldn't put yourself down like that. Seriously, shouldn't be a problem at all. I don't have the plan, but I'll either do a one day pass or sign up for the service then cancel it the next day.
  23. Ed Siegler

    Philly 6

    I don't have Sunday Ticket, but if I am not mistaken, I can purchase games ala-carte. We'll figure something out, and yes, I'll even invite you too Stan. Looking forward to it. A tour of the Spaceship Dump???
  24. Ed Siegler

    Philly 6

    For everyone else yes. For you, no (your wife is OK to join us though).
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