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  1. I have used it as both a stand alone and with an additional HD. It is looked at as if it is an HD no differently by MI Hard Disk Software. How do you create empty disks ? Using MI HD V3.9 I Partitioned the Zip as a 20meg, EOS 20, EOS Vol 10 and TDOS 2 then Init the directories. How hard is it to copy programs and files to the zip? Copying files is no different. Initially if Im duplicating I use FileManager 3.0
  2. Tell me what to pull up or take pictures of and I'll give it to you I hooked the drive up though I don't usually use it. I'll send you what I can.
  3. I think many of us would purchase the box w/wo styrofoam if a high quality reproduction was made.
  4. I have not used the SayGame SGM Module. Just one of those things I purchased for my collection. When I get everything unpacked and running I will give it a try and let you know. I was challenged that I don't really have all those cards pictured, so Im gonna try to get most of them in one photo except those inside the VD-MB and the Powermate.
  5. It is in working condition and its manual is on the attached link: http://diroccovision.com/Coleco/adam/Documents.htm
  6. Let me update my inventory and maybe ill sell any duplicate I have. Still unpacking
  7. It’s the 2017 page. I just had it hosted and will start updating soon.
  8. Site is on its way back up under a new name....... http://www.diroccovision.com
  9. Yes Sir!!! Be awhile and will take a bit to get it all in place. Even had to buy new shelves just for it today
  10. Will have it all unpacked and running again soon!!!!
  11. Unpacking and working to bring my website back up!!!!!
  12. My package arrived in Atlanta today. What a great surprise 🤪
  13. RGDiRocco


  14. If additional pictures of the card are needed I can provide them. Or you can find some at http://rich.dirocco.org/Coleco/adam/Expansion.htm
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