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  1. Seeking Italian, Spanish and German.
  2. Still Seeking a unit or any accessories/software.
  3. Seeking any and all options and accessories for sale.
  4. One of my hard drives. Micro Innovations.
  5. I know. I never have seen one up for sale, so I'm trying all my options.. THX
  6. Seeking unit and or adapters.
  7. Seeking 1 extender for my collection. Picture shown is with a supercharger.
  8. I've gotta get my CED to work before a Dreamcast....LOL
  9. I wish some one would take on repairing and servicing drives for the Adam community. Milli has taken on Data Drives for us. Now we need a Disk Master
  10. I think we should keep this Round & Round alive and build the module for next years big Anniversary!!!!
  11. Then you need a case to put them in 😀 maybe something retro.....
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