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  1. I wish some one would take on repairing and servicing drives for the Adam community. Milli has taken on Data Drives for us. Now we need a Disk Master
  2. LOL...forgot about that. Well get a dot matrix/laser patch for Jeopardy created to get up with the times. SAVE THE PRINTER and support MILLI POWER!!!!
  3. I think we should keep this Round & Round alive and build the module for next years big Anniversary!!!!
  4. Post your interest.He may may another batch!!! https://m.facebook.com/groups/115531017844/permalink/10159731398077845/
  5. Then you need a case to put them in 😀 maybe something retro.....
  6. Full catalog is on my website: http://www.diroccovision.com/
  7. Thought I'd share www.diroccovision.com Coleco_Early1984_Atari2600_Dealer.pdf
  8. Best I can enhance it...not much clearer... I swear that says Galaxian......Cart may have been sent back and then reused with Joust????
  9. THANK YOU for the links!!! Was an Atari guy who moved over to ColecoVision back in ‘84 and I’m just now digging backwards.
  10. I know this is a very old thread......So I just found this hidden in my collection. How can I tell if it’s unique and needs to be shared/sold?
  11. Now days the final box would have gotten them in to controversy over the rebel flag!!! Poor Dr. Seuss....
  12. Any suggestions on changing settings to get SmartFiler to run? Currently I can load either the DDP or DSK and get the same outcome. Jumps quickly from the ADAM Logo to SmartFiler title page then a black screen and hangs.
  13. Would be nice if all these games came alive SGM Wafer.pdf
  14. Hopefully you will share with all of us where you are selling off this "Huge" lot so we can be in on bidding
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