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  1. Thanks a lot for the insightfull answers I like learning those many subtleties ! Anyway, I'll go back silently studying VCS until my next brain bug
  2. Hi everyone ! I’m quite new to this list and been lurking around for a while, building little by little my own knowledge of the VCS programming art I would have a little question about the synchronization between 6507 and TIA : Why is the CPU clock divided by three from TIA clock ? Would have it been possible to “overclock” the 6507 (or maybe a 6502B) by providing full 3.58MHz ? By digging into Stella ML I’ve found an interesting post further on this topic, it’s about getting a WDC 65C02 @14.32MHz and have 4 machines cycles for one color clock ! Unfortunately I’ve haven’t found any follow-up on this topic. Anybody tried something similar ? does it sound feasible ? I like the idea of a Turbo2600
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