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  1. Hey guys, have some time off from work thanks to covid, so I decided to pull stuff out of the attic. Found a box for Atari and am trying to piece it together as best I can. Questions: 1. I'm assuming this box is for the "light sixer"? Date on box is 1980. 2. Which paddle box is more likely to have come with this? Plain text or the other? 3. Would either of these power supplies came with this? Did the power supply that came with systems even come with a box or were these retail? 4. Inserts look good? Anything to add, take away? I have other catalogs lying around 5. Anything go in that cardboard below the system, or is that just a spacer? 6. Looks like I'm missing at least a switch box/tv hook-up? Anything else? I really appreciate any help!!
  2. That's a huge help. Thanks for your expertise. I appreciate it. Dave
  3. Going through my old Colecovision stuff today and found this adapter packed in with my expansion module 1, however I'm not quite sure what it is or what it does? I don't think it came with the original package? Thanks in advance if anyone knows. http://imgur.com/a/EHTq3
  4. I am hoping someone can shed some light on this thing. Bootleg? PAL? Re-release? Here's a pic for anyone interested. Thanks! http://nintendoage.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=29&threadid=170757
  5. Yeah, this thing is a beast. It's not so much the weight but it would have to go into a pretty big box to ship it. Thanks for the info. Dave
  6. I apologize if this is the wrong forum for price checks. A mod can move it if need be. I'm trying to find a ballpark estimate on what one of these is worth. I can't find much info out there on them. Thanks! Dave http://imgur.com/a/EUBq0
  7. Would it have been fair to put the buyer of that Spider Kong in a bidding war against you? That would be easy to manipulate if one wanted to. I took the high road. He sent me an offer that worked for both of us. I'm not too concerned about squeezing every last penny out of someone, there's plenty of people here who can vouch for me on that. This sales thread has been a great success with over 60 items sold, many of which I didn't even list. Just friendly people asking if I have this or that. To call it anything but a success is laughable. Dave
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