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  1. Short Space Canyon review here https://woodgrainwonderland.com/2018/02/11/atari-2600-game-reviews-space-canyon-through-space-robots/
  2. Resellers here at AA need to start buying Dr Seuss books 6 book lot sold for almost $5K https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-6-Out-of-Print-Dr-Seuss-Books-If-I-Ran-the-Zoo-Scrambled-Eggs-McElligot/303905907221
  3. First post updated New records - Oil's Well and Gyruss Autofire Hack
  4. The AtariAge Lynx High Score Club game for march is Viking Child Last played in 2011!! Settings - default Deadline to post scores is April 1st 2021 at 12PM EST Record is - zoltan (21,515) Bust it for a bonus point Current high scores - jblenkle 6,355 Current season point standings - unoclay 25 points Peyo 24 points ilmapo81 18 points doctor_shred 15 points roadrunner 13 points Rick Dangerous 12 points jblenkle 11 points jeremiahjt 5 points Link to manual - https://atariage.com/manual_thumbs.php?SoftwareLabelID=1876 Any corrections please post
  5. This round is over, congrats to unoclay Next round coming up.
  6. Someone should put together a pdf file of a bunch of old 1980's Atari magazine ads. Would be cool.
  7. What happened to Ms Pac Man and Mario Bros Thread? Topic was about video game characters and this is a video game forum. If and when they do go gender neutral are we gonna be able to talk about it?
  8. Here's a 1984 Joust Atari Ad
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