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  1. Bundy Burger 

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    2. Atarian7


      Made with the ashes of ??

      I just saw this episode last night and I can't remember the name.


    3. ClassicGMR


      Poor dead Aunt Tooney

    4. roadrunner


      Yes, this episode was on last nite

  2. TG-16 high score club, this months game is Bonk's Revenge

  3. Dr Phil ends every show walking offstage holding hands with his wife

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Well isn't that sickeningly sweet...

    2. Joe C.
  4. Is wii-records.com still active? Adguard blocks that site

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      If you Google it, the result says "No information is available for this page."

    2. roadrunner


      OK, thanks  

  5. Yahoo now has articles with comments disabled

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    2. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      Projection? You are great at that and appear to be a manufacturer of projectors...

      Your side? I see you are still dividing...proving the point further.

          You didn't do anything, the men and women of the Civil War took all of this long ago, including their sabre(sword). I wonder if that level of self importance fills your need to feel relevant. I think I will keep credit where the credit is due... to the honored dead who gave their lives for the freedom now enjoyed by myself and others. Those soldiers gave all for their brothers, those soldiers took the banners, those soldiers freed us, those are the heroes. The meaningless violent acts, misguided actions and words now used defiles all they gave their lives for. They took the battle flag for us with their lives. You just give lip service and divide.

      In closing,

      I am grateful for their sacrifice, and love my neighbor as brother.

    3. Zoyous


      Don't forget to flip those burgers, man, you're typing too much. Have a great cookout.

    4. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      You are welcome to come, it's going to be 5:30 'ish

      Typing is no effort, it takes very little time. When on a keyboard that is... when using a phone, well that's another story.

  6. Apple II high score club, this months game is Choplifter

  7. Lynx high score club , current game is Pinball Jam

  8. 3 huge crows outside, about 10 inches long. big birds

    1. carlsson


      The day you see three huge Andean condors outside, each with a wingspan of about 10 feet, I bet you prefer to stay indoors.

    2. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      Crows are ugly ass birds, but they are like natural street cleaners, eating road kill, even skunks.

    3. Master Phruby

      Master Phruby

      Those crows are wait for a certain Road Runner to come outside.

  9. Listening to The Village People and playing Candy Crush Saga

    1. Keatah


      Driving past the YMCA the other day with YMCA blasting!

    2. roadrunner


      Fox On The Box , great song



  10. Not too many posts in off topic any more, i guess everyone went to Twitter or Facebook?

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    2. Prosystemsearch


      I'm wondering that too.

    3. CPUWIZ


      Nobody likes TMZ or FOX posts.

    4. VectorGamer


      I've taken my act to Reddit where there are forums specific to the topic. Much more discussion over there.

  11. Can we log in using Myspace?

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    2. DuggerVideoGames


      Not 100% sure, though.  Ask Jeeves.

    3. Albert


      I'll work on adding that.  Also going to add logins for CompuServe, GEnie, and Prodigy.

    4. Swami


      I remember the first few times I used MySpace/Facebook when I posted private messages in the public space...:woozy:

  12. Wolfman Jack was in a episode of Married .. With Children in 1995

  13. I hear a woodpecker

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    2. joeatari1


      I'm surprised you don't hear a coyote!

    3. retrorussell


      I have one that bashes its beak against the metal walls surrounding my chimney.  I can hear it from my house.  SHUT UP!!!

    4. GoldLeader


      Does he have a woody?

  14. Traci Lords made two guest appearances on Married... with Children, first as the lovely dental assistant T.C. in the Season 4 episode titled "Tooth or Consequences", then as the equally beautiful Vanessa Van Pelt in the Season 6 episode titled "Al Bundy, Shoe Dick".  

    1. high voltage

      high voltage

      Ah nice, she is the Princess of Mars

    2. Master Phruby

      Master Phruby

      Is Vanessa Van Pelt, Linus and Lucy's mom?

  15. Jerry Springer was in a episode of Married.. With Children in 1993

    bring it come at me bro GIF

    1. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      I watched the bowling episode tonight

    2. ClassicGMR


      NO MA'AM!!

  16. X Æ A-12

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    2. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      The poor boy will never be able to use the Internet.



    3. Tickled_Pink


      I can't believe it's even legal. If anyone ever had any doubt that Elon's got one foot in the funny farm, this should erase it.

    4. atari2600land


      It's not. California law states that names can only use the 26 letters of the alphabet.

  17. Tompa Bay Gronkaneers

    1. Zoyous


      I've been a Bucs fan since I was a little kid, so ~ assuming there is a full season ~ this should be interesting.

    2. retrorussell


      I'm picturing the old style TB helmet but instead of a pirate logo, it's Tom Brady winking at you with a deflated football in his mouth instead of a dagger.

  18. Apple II High Score Club , this month's game Pitfall II Lost Caverns 

  19. Cooper Hill cheese roll for 2020 was cancelled, hopefully it will take place next year.

    1. roadrunner


      This is one of the best things ever, video



  20. OJ Simpson is on TikTok

    1. roadrunner


      The Juice is loose!

    2. Magmavision2000


      Finally, a GOOD reason to go on Tik Tok!

  21. Caddyshack on IFC , great movie

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    2. adam242


      Never got into that one. Never could stand Chevy Chase.

    3. GoldLeader


      Oh man,...Murray, Chevy Chase, plus Rodney Dangerfield  (Hey Honey,  How'd ya like to make 14 dollars the hard way?)...set against the mighty Ted Knight...What's not to love?


      I use this one as an example of the kind of movie where you feel more like you're just hanging out with the characters, not being shown a story..If that makes sense...Other examples of this, to me,  include The Office or M*A*S*H, or Dazed and Confused...


      Ya take drugs Danny?   Every day.   Good. 

    4. GoldLeader


      You're rather attractive for a beautiful girl with a great body. - Ty Webb

  22. WWE deemed a essential business in Flordia

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    2. Razzie.P


      Wonder how they justify that?  Nothing against rasslin' and I don't mean that to sound negative in any way, just curious to what explanation is given to explain why it's "essential."

    3. Laner



    4. slab0meat


      Casual golf is also considered essential, somehow


  23. Corona beer halts production in Mexico amid coronavirus pandemic

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    2. Zoyous


      Yup... I had a working title for a game called "Korona" and now I'm like, definitely gotta think of a different name!

    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Some people say it tastes like skunk piss because it's in a clear bottle. Other companies use a dark bottle to protect the 'flavor.'

    4. GoldLeader


      To each his own of course.  Myself, I don't care much for Corona,  Not if there's Dos Equis or Tecate nearby,  Hell even Modelo, though it tastes a bit watered down and overpriced to me...And yeah Brown bottles are best!  Somehow Dos Equis is still awesome, as is Newcastle if (and only if) it's absolutely Fresh, but has anyone ever had a Heineken, Moose Head, or Stella Artois that wasn't skunked?  (No!  They don't exist)...I never even knew what Heineken tasted like until they released those keg cans...

  24. Three's Company rerun on LOGO tonight, Jack and Janet were playing Atari 2600 Football

    1. retrorussell


      That's awesome, even if Atari 2600 Football is terrible.  Intellivision Football on the other hand is very good for its time!

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