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  1. Corona beer halts production in Mexico amid coronavirus pandemic

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    2. Zoyous


      Yup... I had a working title for a game called "Korona" and now I'm like, definitely gotta think of a different name!

    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Some people say it tastes like skunk piss because it's in a clear bottle. Other companies use a dark bottle to protect the 'flavor.'

    4. GoldLeader


      To each his own of course.  Myself, I don't care much for Corona,  Not if there's Dos Equis or Tecate nearby,  Hell even Modelo, though it tastes a bit watered down and overpriced to me...And yeah Brown bottles are best!  Somehow Dos Equis is still awesome, as is Newcastle if (and only if) it's absolutely Fresh, but has anyone ever had a Heineken, Moose Head, or Stella Artois that wasn't skunked?  (No!  They don't exist)...I never even knew what Heineken tasted like until they released those keg cans...

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