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    1. GoldLeader


      You mean all I had to do this whole time to keep these videos from autoplaying was turn on my adblocker?  Yay! No More Annoying videos!  Hurray!   ..  haha...


      Oh...You wanted the video?   That's a horse of a different color.  Just so YouTube doesn't do that I'll be OK...(So far I've not encountered that so please tell me you're somewhere else in this virtual world)...


      FWIW,  I don't have the adblocker on my little Netbook, (But do on my Desktop) and while I don't mind an occasional ad, many sites are damn near unusable/unreadable because the ads take so long to load I can barely read a paragraph, then sometimes the "Please subscribe" window pops up next...Those are annoying!...There should be some middle ground...

    2. roadrunner


      this happened on MSN but the next article the autoplay video worked. 

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