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  1. 20 hours ago, widowsson said:

    Has anyone else become obsessed with Atari? Let me preface this by mentioning that purchases are not affecting any normal living expenses, and it's not affecting work or relationships, but I am literally buying anything I can get my hands on Atari related at a reasonable price.

    I buy up lots of systems, carts, you name it. It makes me immensely happy to see the items in my game room (it's a very large room with plenty of space to fill) and I have no desire to stop buying these. It doesn't matter if it's 100 carts of Combat, I just love Atari!!! 

    I even lately have been having dreams of Atari, and think about it a good majority of the day. 

    I feel I can never have enough Atari, and plan on continuing to buy indefinitely. 


    Has anyone else had this degree of obsession?

    Atari Fever! 
    So many carts to collect.
    This site has a good list of carts with pics.
    Good luck! 



  2. This month we play Lemmings

    Not played before here at the AtariAge Lynx HSC

    Game doesn't have a score so we'll try to score it by level reached

    Settings - default

    Deadline to post scores - May 1st 2021 at 12PM EST

    Record - none yet

    Game suggested by jeremiahjt

    Current high score/level reached -

    None yet

    Current season point standings -

    doctor_shred 30 points
    ilmapo81 28 points
    unoclay 25 points
    Peyo  24 points
    Rick Dangerous 20 points
    roadrunner 19 points
    jblenkle  16 points
    jgkspsx 9 points
    oyamafamily 7
    jeremiahjt  5 points

    Link to manual scan -


    Any corrections please post



  3. On 3/23/2021 at 5:47 PM, lushgirl_80 said:

    I know there's an old thread about this but I dont wanna spend time digging it up.. I've started watching live television again around a year ago,and been spotting some classic consoles on some of my favorite TV shows.


    A few hours ago I was watching Three's Company on my laptop,when I spotted what looks like an actual Atari VCS sitting on their coffee table! :-o


    I  couldn't help but copy the screen....




    Now I'm wondering what Jack Tripper's favorite games are lol. Blows my mind I don't think I remember seeing that episode either. Anyone else spot any consoles in TV shows and/or movies?






    Great show!

    I posted this at AA about a year ago 

    "Three's Company rerun on LOGO tonight, Jack and Janet were playing Atari 2600 Football"


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  4. On 3/19/2021 at 11:36 AM, INTVCruise said:

    Hello everyone, I've read that Pitfall I has some problems on 2 port 5200 consoles but wasn't sure about the second game. I have a copy of Pitfall II that has a glitched enemy on the second screen and glitched water and rocks on the 3rd screen. The rest of the game seems to be fine after that other than the game crashes quite a bit randomly to a black screen while the music keeps playing. It never happens in the same spot, sometimes a few seconds after turning the consoles on, sometimes after 1 minute. Does anyone know if the game has issues running on 2 port 5200's? I've tried two Atari 5200's and both have the exact same issue. Here are some pictures of what happens... 





    Maybe try folding up a piece of paper after you insert the cart and shove it between the cart and slot so the cart is tight.


  5. On 3/11/2021 at 2:30 PM, retrorussell said:

    This is through the internal recorder from Kega Fusion (Video/Log AVI File).  Whether you play it back immediately as a rather large file or scrunch it down with a compression program (like Format Factory) it has that "smeared color" look sometimes.  Maybe it depends on the game's color scheme?  I could use Bandicam to record instead but that would capture all sorts of blurbs on the screen I don't want it to ("Power On", framerate, etc.).  Thanks for the advice; I will keep that in mind!

    Have you tried Screencast O Matic?


    Capture, create and share.
    Our screen capture tools help you easily create, edit and communicate with videos and images. Simple and intuitive tools to share your ideas.


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