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  1. 7 hours ago, Albert said:

    There are many people who sign up and never actually post.  Some just create an account so they can keep up with threads and be notified when there are new responses, as well as for using the PM system.


    The member list was removed in the last major revision of the software (we we upgraded to last summer).   There is a post leaders link, though, which carlsson linked to.



    That's why i couldn't find it, thanks


  2. 7 hours ago, carlsson said:

    You can find the top 48 here:



    I'm not sure a full member list is desired/available, and honestly most of those who barely or never posted probably only came here for a short while. I'd be rather surprised if there are regular lurkers who keep reading the forum for years upon years but never post anything themselves, in particular as the majority of the on-topic forums are visible for guests as well.


  3. 22 hours ago, unoclay said:

    I mean..nobody is replying.  I feel pressured to step up, but im not a "regular" around here.


    I am unclear on what it would entail, beyond:

    picking a game, moderating the High Score thread every week or so, posting winner, repeat?

    I would propose that any new moderator---especially someone new to the board or role--might benefit from suggestions as to the next games.  I have no idea what's been done, or what should be next?  


    I mean...if its "easy" i dont mind trying it out for a few months.  I am an adult professional, mid-40s, work from home, retro enthusiast.  i'm fair minded, have moderated competitions among friends, and responsible...for something like this, i'd want guidance to set up the first month or two (Esp the games and the type of challenge), and i'd prob set a calendar reminder to myself to check the forum each week.  Mainly because im sporadic in my interest in message board culture, and sometimes "fall off" in my devotion.  


    But i like the idea of a HS challenge and want to see it continue, if only so i can participate.


    Thoughts welcome. Feel weird that i'm brand new to the HSC.  Prob not the ideal choice but....any port in a storm?

    Thanks for replying. Did you look at any of the other high score clubs here at AA to see how other moderators run things.
    Pick a game or have a poll, point system, maybe a side challenge. how long each round and season are.
    I try to space the games out a bit, try not to play the same games more than once a year except if a game has a different game mode 
    or track like Checkered Flag. We play that game alot but use different tracks.


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