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  1. The Atari pen keychain is a cool item
  2. Good topic, Kung Fu Master and Fight Night
  3. Good video, underrated game
  4. Back on topic , only 1 Speaker Hat on ebay for $150
  5. Ali Baba (never heard of this one) 8,200 Frogger 7,600 Grobda 7,400 Time Pilot 59,600 stage 3
  6. Yeah, i can't remember but it looks like a Miner II cart sold for $13 BIN a few days ago. Good deal for somebody. https://www.ebay.com/itm/383858209899
  7. Didn't a BBSB cart sell as a $25 bin around 10 years ago?
  8. Yeah, the theme is a bit harder to find if you change it.
  9. Sometimes a seller will send you a extra manual or two.
  10. It uses joysticks. I haven't played Dog Patch.
  11. Cool one of my picks Grobda game info here https://www.mobygames.com/game/arcade/grobda Review here https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/arcade/583988-grobda/reviews/163898
  12. Gordo 106 doesn't seem like a popular game, we had only 2 players for it 10 years ago. That's ok about the HSC mod , maybe next time
  13. Did you put the bios in the correct slots, did you try other parts of the emulator (800 emulation) Try these bios atari -- bios xf25.zip
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