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  1. One person has 5 status updates on the updates as i type this. 5
  2. 558,500 Light gun The path i take is Green, Blue, Blue, Red
  3. Posted something i shouldn't have, i don't read about celebs too much anymore. If i was still able to post most of my updates would be about Married... With Children on Logo or what's on AMC or IFC Been a long time since i posted about so and so breaking up. ;) TMZ disabled comments so i can't post over there anymore.
  4. I don't think i can delete my old updates since i can't make any more.
  5. Interesting That's why i couldn't find it, thanks
  6. Is there any members who never made a post in 10 or more years? I can't find the atariage member list or all time post leaders.
  7. If you have a extra pic label i would hold onto it. Die hard collectors and resellers buy those up.
  8. So what happened to Doc's posts? Only 1 post in 10 years
  9. Looks like it had a option to make a bid but someone really wanted it.
  10. Thanks for replying. Did you look at any of the other high score clubs here at AA to see how other moderators run things. Pick a game or have a poll, point system, maybe a side challenge. how long each round and season are. I try to space the games out a bit, try not to play the same games more than once a year except if a game has a different game mode or track like Checkered Flag. We play that game alot but use different tracks.
  11. Vs Excitebike info and trivia here https://www.arcade-history.com/?n=vs.-excitebike&page=detail&id=3099
  12. Mobygames.com doesn't have a listing for this game review here
  13. Game info here https://www.mobygames.com/game/nes/gunsmoke Review here https://retrogameman.com/2016/11/14/nes-review-gun-smoke/
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