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  1. Your playing the Crownland preview right? I can't get the regular Crownland game to play correct. Right after the game starts theguy will drop to the bottom of the screen and die. This is what it looks like. Oh the humanity.
  2. 6,804 This game is alot different than the 2600 version.
  3. Tutankham I'm not sure if i get any bonus points, but i started on level 16 and got to level 20 final score 53,360
  4. I posted so many scores for this thread nobody wants to update it. LOL I did better at some of these games since i last posted scores in this thread. I'd like to update this thread. I guess i need permission from one of the Mods or something. I think this thread should be moved to the sub forums with the other high score threads. Or maybe a new Odyssey 2 high score thread should be started in the high score clubs forum.
  5. Now i see how to clear round 13. A little better 173,700
  6. I'm glad you're OK Darthkur! I didn't know if it would be OK for me to start the next round or not. I won't do it again.
  7. I'll start things off with 13,140 I hope you're doing alright Darthkur! We miss you
  8. After killing the two that are outside the heart, go on top of the heart and use the water bubbles to get the ones inside. Thanks for the tip! I'll have to try that out. You're not too far away from getting 1 million points.
  9. Until Mr. Darthkur gets back, Let's rock some Asteroids! Someone once said the the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately three thousand, seven hundred and twenty to one. Now is not the time to dwell upon the odds but of survival because you find yourself smack-dab in the center of an immense field of asteroids. The hyperdrive on your ship must be acting up again because, not having a death-wish, you didn't exactly want to be pulverized by gigantic space boulders. To make matters worse you're not alone. There's automated ships about which are firing blindly to clear the space rocks to make preparation for a new hyperspace express route and they will just as soon shoot you as another piece of cosmic detritus. You could attempt another jump but who knows where you'll end up. Better leave that as a last resort. If you want to live you better start firing and keep out of the way of those tumbling masses of minerals and stone. Emulators are fine as is whatever controller you feel the most comfortable with. Screenshots are great but not mandatory. Please do not use any cheat/hack options. These include auto-fire, unlimited lives, invincibility, etc. Also, no continues. Only games begun at the beginning count. Settings: Intermediate Contest ends on: 8-2-10 at 1:00am EST. Final High Scores: 1st: Mord - 44,520 +11 points 2nd: Atarian76 - 29,510 +10 points 3rd: gdement - 22,450 +9 points 4th: roadrunner - 17,950 +8 points 5th: atariksi - 17,310 +7 points Current Standings: 1st: roadrunner (192) (5) 2nd: thursday83 (177) (4) 3rd: atomickneedrop (121) (4) 4th: Armonigann (60) 5th: aftermac (59) (1) 6th: gdement (54) 7th: segasaturn (31) (1) 8th: xZanU (30) 9th: Atarifever (28) (1) 10th: mightymage (18) (1) 11th: kamakazi (16) (1) 12th: atariron82 (14) 13th: atariksi (11) (1) 14th: Shannon (10) 14th: Zoyx (10) 15th: chuckwalla (9) 15th: shadow460 (9) 16th: King_Salamon (8) 17th: Atardi (7) 18th: Preppie!! (4) Numbers in RED are accumulated points. Numbers in BLUE are number of rounds won. Link to the official manual: Asteroids Manual Goodluck everyone!
  10. Might be his computer too. I hope that it's Space Invaders Super Pacman Maybe. He could go to a public library or use a friends computer and log in to let us know he's OK.
  11. I think having a 5 game bonus round was a good idea. I'd like to see a bonus round every few months, maybe increase the amount of games to 6 or 7. And have one of the games be a pinball game.
  12. 162,190 I was doing good until i got to round 13.
  13. Yeah, eating them is unhealthy especially when they're radioactive. I was talking about the cigarettes, but yeah eating them would be unhealthy too. lol
  14. I think something might of happened to Mr. Darthkur. I raised this subject in the 7800 HSC a few days ago. He hasn't logged on since July 11th. I hope he's OK, his cyber buddies are worried about him.
  15. Yeah, Camels are bad for your health too. cough, cough
  16. Lost Tomb 7,560 I found it, i found it. A tisket, a tasket, that green and yellow basket. Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk
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