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  1. Is anyone interested in being the new Lynx high score club moderator? I'm thinking of passing this off. Maybe someone else has new ideas or a different way of doing things. I can still help out a bit. pinning a thread and i think i'm the only one who can edit the all time records thread. Post if interested, Thanks
  2. Just about every high score club moderator has a slighty different way of doing things. how often to run a game, point system or a bonus/side challenge, how long a season is. Maybe i'll i should start a thread and see if anyone is interested.
  3. Game info here https://www.mobygames.com/game/atari-5200/robotron-2084 Review here https://www.freezenet.ca/review-robotron-2084-atari-5200/
  4. Records updated, added scores for Choplifter and Dungeon Stalker
  5. Congrats to Mangia-Boy And thanks to DamonicFury for running this HSC
  6. I updated the first post. If i made any mistakes or anything needs added, please post
  7. I was thinking of a 1 month break. I'm also thinking of passing this high score club off to someone else. Maybe someone else has a different way of doing things or fresh ideas for the HSC If anyone is interested please post here. I can still help out some. I think i'm the only one that can edit the all time records thread.
  8. Final season points, congrats to doctor_shred Thanks for playing , i hope everyone had fun doctor_shred 85 points ilmapo81 68 points jeremiahjt 56 points roadrunner 53 points Rick Dangerous 42 points jblenkle 36 points Peyo 22 points skr 16 points unoclay 14 points Any corrections please post
  9. This round is over, congrats to unoclay The season is over, i just have to add up the season points
  10. updated New record for Checkered Flag - Course Logan Speed
  11. You should look at his feedback left for others, Some interesting things Got a great deal due to there being boogers on the game. Boogers came off np! 😆 Seller: gameswift () More than a year ago Worst online shopping experience of my life. When I complained I was belittled. Seller: apparelsave () More than a year ago
  12. Game info here https://www.mobygames.com/game/colecovision/mountain-king Review here, i think this was a 5200 version review I couldn't find a Colecovision review https://www.ign.com/articles/2008/01/31/mountain-king-review
  13. This was a great site for looking up negative ebay feedback, Any other sites like this?
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