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  1. They are really awesome, I also would be very interested in some of the models (and I already have an arcade joystick for my Coleco - with keyboard) In any case, I grew up using the typical Atari joystick with the button in the upper left corner, so right hand for the stick, left thumb for the button. When did we swith to left hand for the stick and right for the buttons? I'm not left handed and always had to cross my arms to play at the Arcades. If you have a "lefties" model I'd be all over it. Ideally for Atari also (Atari specs are good for a lot of systems) ...
  2. Same here, wanted only Intellivania but got curious about the comment from imstarryeyed and had to get H.E.L.I. too. btw, I've been unable to suscribe to the newsletter, but fortunately I could suscribe to this thread
  3. I don't know if I like Adventure II XE box more than the 5200's version Fortunately, I'll have both Will it have feelies (key, envelope, ...)?
  4. I joined the club a couple days ago and have not even received an acknowledge email, is that normal? Also I would like to change the name on the member card, as it is not the name of the shipping address, how can I proceed? Regards,
  5. Where will it be available for purchase? The AA Store?
  6. Look like a very funny game! Congrats Elektronite
  7. This is absolutely awesome 😳 When are you planning on distributing this? I would like a copy.
  8. I see some of the reserved copies are paid, some are not. Sorry if I missed the payment instructions, please let me know.
  9. I'm also in for one CIB when released, preorder is ok for me Is the rom playable with Cuttle Cart 3?
  10. It does not matter that it is for Genesis and not Atari norm? Megadrive / Genesis controllers can damage some Atari-compliant devices such as the Commodore 64 under some circumstances (like using the keyboard) I also tried my brand new Atarivox+ on my Vectrex and found I could not plug it
  11. I'm interested Shawn, I've sent you a pm.
  12. Very interesting thread, I want to give my two cents. I grew up with an Atari 2600, then a Commodore 64 and an Amiga 1000 afterwards. I buy both physical and digital releases for the 2600 and C64, and I would say they have a healthy homebrew production, where you see no less than 20 something new games or hacks per year, with quite a number of those of “commercial” quality and some gems like Draconius on the 2600. I recently bought an A800XL and have it modded with 1mb ram and dual SID, fixed composite output and SIO2SD. I wanted to try those Activision and Lucas games I love on the C64 that I had heard the Atari version is the best. And also Alternate Reality with music I found amazing being able to upgrade the memory, almost nobody uses hardware improvements in C64 besides selectable kernels. So I got hold of a games collection and, well, I enjoyed Dropzone, Rescue on Fractalus, Koronis Rift, ... but didn't find many "new" releases I truly enjoyed. It took me a while to find some european website with homebrew releases, some ports like Gunfright or Skool Daze but no recent release with quality similar to the commercial games of the 80s, something I can find for the 2600 and C64. While the C64 nowadays has a “second life” in terms of gaming, with programmers pushing the machine (the stock machine) to the limits with games like Galencia and Sams Journey and successful campaigns in Kickstarter like Galencia Khaos Sphere or Unknown Realms, the A8, with outstanding hardware capabilities, feels like a less interesting platform. Then again, maybe I'm terribly lame searching homebrew for Atari 8 bit
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