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  1. I'm interested Shawn, I've sent you a pm.
  2. Very interesting thread, I want to give my two cents. I grew up with an Atari 2600, then a Commodore 64 and an Amiga 1000 afterwards. I buy both physical and digital releases for the 2600 and C64, and I would say they have a healthy homebrew production, where you see no less than 20 something new games or hacks per year, with quite a number of those of “commercial” quality and some gems like Draconius on the 2600. I recently bought an A800XL and have it modded with 1mb ram and dual SID, fixed composite output and SIO2SD. I wanted to try those Activision and Lucas games I love on the C64 that I had heard the Atari version is the best. And also Alternate Reality with music I found amazing being able to upgrade the memory, almost nobody uses hardware improvements in C64 besides selectable kernels. So I got hold of a games collection and, well, I enjoyed Dropzone, Rescue on Fractalus, Koronis Rift, ... but didn't find many "new" releases I truly enjoyed. It took me a while to find some european website with homebrew releases, some ports like Gunfright or Skool Daze but no recent release with quality similar to the commercial games of the 80s, something I can find for the 2600 and C64. While the C64 nowadays has a “second life” in terms of gaming, with programmers pushing the machine (the stock machine) to the limits with games like Galencia and Sams Journey and successful campaigns in Kickstarter like Galencia Khaos Sphere or Unknown Realms, the A8, with outstanding hardware capabilities, feels like a less interesting platform. Then again, maybe I'm terribly lame searching homebrew for Atari 8 bit
  3. Regarding the Y cable: any Y cable should work or it has to be designed specially for the Coleco? I mean, can I make one with two port expanders? The "Coleco" ones are quite expensive, at least the ones I find in eBay
  4. I just received my SGM today I know designs have to improve but I can't avoid feeling that my brand new piece of hardware just got outdated (I felt the same with the PS4Pro so maybe it is just me) Will there be any way of upgrading the SGM to SGM Pro? I suppose the boards will be different but maybe a trade-in program?
  5. I'm a Commodore 64 guy but I'm thinking about buying an Atari 8 bit computer to try some of the games that were not released on the C64 I have absolutely no idea about the 8bit Atari models. There are many and I feel a little lost Which model is "more popular"? I'd like to have a computer to play most, if not all, of the released games if it is possible. Maybe using the Atari equivalent to 1541 Ultimate II or Easyflash I was thinking about an Atari 800XL (or maybe XE). I'd love to have a recommendation about which model suits me best. Also, I might be able to get NTSC or PAL models (PAL is easier for me). Is there any advantage of the NTSC model over its PAL counterpart? Thanks!
  6. Well I had the same problem with 3D games!! Blank screen. I'm going to try to reverse the wheel. I had like ten people wanting to try the 3D viewer Hope this works! Thanks for the tip!
  7. Best wishes for Oscar's wife and all his family. I wish I could get all 17 titles! I have sent an email for some of them Pixelboy, what you are doing is wonderful!
  8. I'm interested in a copy of the second run, please add me to the waiting list. EDIT: I will provide a local address if needed
  9. I checked and I bought this set on eBay on 2009. Try that and Amazon.
  10. Those are a set of Namco's dotgraphs that I had at hand It's a 3D scene of Xevious, Galaxians, Mappy, Rally-X, Dig-Dug and Tower of Druaga with sound. In fact you can rearrange the 3D models. Not shark related, but I'm moving to a new home so I have everything packed!
  11. Neo, if I send my photo by the end of next week, will I still be able to enter the contest? Is there a deadline, by the way?
  12. Sorry I didn't see this! Sending PM
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