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  1. NML32


    Thank you for the explanation. I was trying to get Pengo Hi Scores to save on the MiSTer FPGA A7800 core. I'll try again with the next update. Thank you.
  2. NML32


    Do high scores save with the demo version?
  3. I recorded a video playing Game of the Bear RC1 (maybe you saw it) on the MiSTer FPGA A2600 core. It looks like there was a collision bug on the first level that I thought was a teleporter. I guess I haven't gotten far enough to see a teleporter. I'm enjoying the game.
  4. @tep392 I'd also like to have the ROM. Thank you.
  5. Ill take the red version with all the addons
  6. @Armscar Coder Great job, I had lots of fun playing Doggone It!
  7. Thank you!! I played it on my MiSTer FPGA.
  8. NML32


  9. Indcision is referring to the MiSTer FPGA. https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/Main_MiSTer/wiki I can confirm when trying to pass through the first opening you crash it's as if there is a wall where the opening is. I had fun playing your game on Stella, Thank you.
  10. Great game!! The game plays great on the MiSTer FPGA. Thank you!!
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