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  1. Yeah, I know it's a chocking title but the fact is I can't bear this game... I'm a huge Jag fan and love a lot of games - Tempest, Atari Karts, Zero 5, etc. - but I have to recognize that I can't play to the famoust Jag game ever made: AlienVSPredator! And I have try several times to but... no matters, it's impossible for me! This game is only in my collection to show friends what's Jag is capable of... I know it's a terrific game from a technical point of view, but i really can't have any pleasure playing this game: I've always the feeling of trying to solve an enormous labyrinth without any fun and I don't like that! It's not a problem of the type of game because I looove Doom for example! Do you think have I to ask to my doctor? Is there somewhere some Jag players who don't like this game too?! I would feel less alone...
  2. Tempest 2000 Atari Karts Power Drive Rally Rayman Doom Iron Soldier Super Burnout Pinball Fantasies Zoop
  3. Worms is for me one of the Top 10 ever created video games. So i've purchased the Jag version (70€ **glups**) cause it's more easy to play with friends than on the PC. It's a "classic" conversion, nothing more than other versions, but some things less: no replay and the team names cannot be saved when you turn off the jag. I've just try Worms 4 Mayhem yesterday on my PC, it's horrible... No Fun my babe, no fun!
  4. anybody knows how many BS + BSG copies have been created?
  5. I just receive a ProController today and try it with Atari Karts: it's fantastic! I really enjoy using the L/R buttons and brake just before spin round!
  6. While you discuss about it, someone buy the "sweetstuff4u" one in ebay! I wonder for which price...
  7. Flashball

    Zero 5

    YEAH, I finally got the level 3! This game is fantastic, I loooove it! it reminds me Tempest 2000, the only difference is that you don't have much time to learn how to play! Pure arcade feelings! I think it's one of my favorite Jag games, perhaps the first one oooooh my god, the level 4 is so hard!!!
  8. Where can I find a review of the Jag version? Of perhaps someone can write a little one just here....
  9. If it's too risky for few fans to produce 500 carts, perhaps Infogrames - which owns the brand Atari now - can help?... I know I probably dream, but has anyone try to explain them the situation of the community and for a game like BattleSphere?... We could argue that this little invest (for a big society I mean) is very popular in the original Atari community, and I'm sure we can find some others arguments for Infogrames itself, don't you?
  10. Flashball

    Zero 5

    Yes it's hard, but I love this game! Found on Atari Times It remains me I have to start a topic about Jag & projector...
  11. the question is: what is the cost to produce 500 carts + boxes + ...? 500 carts at 100$ each = 50000$!
  12. impressive! If it possible to produce cart for a reasonnable price, how explain that a game like Battlesphere is so expensive (500$ on ebay)? why don't they produce about 500 carts for Jag fans?!
  13. Are you sure of the cart version? I know only the CD version, even in the Atari Age games listing. I understand it's easy to make a CD, but produce a cart would have to be more difficult, isn't it?
  14. Flashball

    Zero 5

    I've received the game 2 weeks ago: I find it very very fun... but incredibly hard too. I'm always stop in the level 2 (difficulty novice!) with theses asteroids everywhere... but i had to try again before trying some cheat codes (if they exist...). By the way, I bought this game because I've got a special offer from Telegames, and it worth the try! What do you think of this game?
  15. I would be happy with a spectacular 2D-shooter in the way of R-Type... hmm, did you say Native?
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