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  1. Sorry No, I have done it in the past and it turned out to be a big pain in the butt. The package got held up in customs for weeks.
  2. A user that said he wanted it before you and hadn't paid yet payed me today. I am sorry. That is also what I told you in a PM. I have sold more than just this on here and I try to be as fair as possible. Once again sorry. Brad
  3. Atari Lab with some probes and sensors and wires. $20 Plus shipping.
  4. Indus GT for Atari, works great $100 plus shipping OBO.
  5. Graphics AT for Atari Printer interface $9 plus $6 for shipping.
  6. Ape Face Printer interface for Atari $9 plus $6 for Shipping. I have 3 of them.
  7. @777ismynameI think it is rev c. No idea weather this is in a socket, I have not taking it apart. Thanks
  8. Atari 800XL Works Great $100 OBO plus shipping. Test and working great. Comes with power supply RF cable and composite cable. Thanks,
  9. Whole bunch of stuff, some originals some copies. Nothing really rare (I don't think). Heavy box will cost a lot to ship. If you near Ann Arbor Michigan we can arrange a pickup/drop off. To many to list.
  10. Atari 410 Program Recorder 20$ plus shipping
  11. Atari 1050 Drive works great $75 plus shipping.
  12. Atari CX85 keypad $20 plus shipping.
  13. Atari Tablet $25 plus shipping.
  14. Atari 800 good shape. Works great. Small case break by the spacebar (note images). $100 obo. Thanks
  15. There is a small hole in the rear of the case other than that it is perfect. The mem upgrade makes it a new machine. Comes with power supply. $100 obo. Thanks, 400_mem.mp4
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