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  1. Looks very beautiful I'll be happy to try it on my Lynx
  2. Thanks for sharing your source code. And it've been made with cc65. another thing to learn on lynx
  3. A very nice gift Thanks to Team Pixelboy and merry xmas / happy new year
  4. Nice work Your conversion on Atari is very good. Lovin these colors i don't have on my oric
  5. So, for an Assembled device - $50 shipping : $10 ____________________________ Total $60 Is it ok, what's the procedure to be on the waiting list for an order ?
  6. Dear all i'M from france and interested in one pack assembled with box. is it possible and what's the cost for France shipping
  7. ouch .. 30 pages for this marvelous card for lynx i'm late in the post but is it possible to had me on the waiting list ?
  8. Hello, i'll build my flashrom within a couple of weeks. I'll be interested in a case for this card. Do you know if there's a stl file somewhere to protect this card ; to 3d print it. Thanks
  9. Hello, please add me on the pre-order list It's a very big new for lynx fans. i hope that with this accessories we'll have more homebrew on the console.
  10. When i was younger, i started with Merlin then i used procode. Now, i'm looking about c cross-programming for apple2 e/c. I've some difficulties to understand how cc65 is running Can you describe your adaptation of visual studio for Apple2 ?
  11. Stormlord was wonderful. I'm sure that impossible mission will be another blockbuster of oric
  12. has not set their status

  13. has not set their status

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